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What Comes After Life


Dec 24th, 2007, 1:42pm. One early morning while all was still dark I awoke in that state between sleep and wake and the boundaries between my physical self and everything physical around me began to dissolve. Quietness like a soft warm comforting peaceful blanket descended on my sleeping body and mind. I could hear in the background the sweet song of birds softly singing birds and somehow knew their wonderful beautiful voices were in absolute harmony and somehow were reflected the electrons darting in the mind of the Infinite One. Outside leaves rustled in the autumn night and although still indoors on my bed, I could somehow feel the breeze against my skin and the wonderful scent of grass and flowers that permeated the earth.

I then arose above the earth to where the blue became black and looked with wonder of the glory of the infinite night. Suddenly everything vanished and I was no longer aware of where I was until a warm golden light encompassed me about and I knew I was in that eternal place outside time or space. Indeed, I now dwelt in the everlasting infinite moment. Marvelous extraordinary insights flashed into my mind and I was able with a new godlike understanding to comprehend. All the mysteries of existence. It was clear to me then that the universe was mostly good and that evil will never prevail against the light. Beautifully interconnected in one glorious harmony of all things seem to be. I seemed to be an intense intelligent point of light.

I could see an eternal fire within the spirit of my being and was filled by it with a sustained sense of exultation, immense joy, peace, rapture and sublime bliss, an intellectual illumination beyond any description overflowed my mind and I knew then that all humanity was immortal and possessed eternal life and the ultimate plan of the universe was for the good of all that dwelt within its brilliant unimaginable beautiful wonderful and vast golden glorious boarders. The concept of time vanished and I seem to exist in an everlasting moment. The physical universe was indeed a most precious jewel in the mind of God.

The greatest emotion there was the feeling of unconditional all encompassing eternal love by our creator and all the joyful beings in this everlasting blinding pure domain of light and life, all life was of prime importance and the souls of animals were loved by the creator God. We sang there all together in perfect harmony the creation song of Gods existence and eternal mystery.

This timeless reality was so very much more real than the three-dimensional reality we experience on earth. In this state, my mind was clear and I could feel an incredible energy and power coursing through me in this new wonderful indescribable time place. There seem to be nothing but a sense of knowing, being and loving. A strange thing was that in this dimension one could alternate between the subjective and objective anytime at will. Oh! How my soul did delight then and how reluctant I was to return to the bleak mundane existence of my earthly life. Reflecting back on my early life I wondered how many moments or days of subjoin on earth in my mortal body had being truly happy.

I was now experiencing a continual sustained happiness beyond description together with unimaginable joy, peace and glory.

During my sojourn in this other realm, I went amongst the stars, saw their mighty glory and glorious multi-colored planets, and observed great beings than were countless million kilometers high, which sailed on radiant light in the dark space that makes up most of the universe. I asked the infinite one if there was life in the universe and knew it was awash with life. Wave after wave of revelation swept through my whole being and the wonder and joy of it all was almost too much for me stand or comprehend. It was revealed to me then that our prime purpose for existing was to ever progress upwards through many dimensions towards the light of the ultimate absolute reality (which is God) while always retaining our blessed uniqueness. In the end we will all merge with all things, restore harmony to creative existence. We would then still be ourselves but also have access to the infinite knowledge power and presence of the creator God as we finally withdraw once again into ourselves.

Some of the future events coming to planet earth were revealed and shown to me. Humanity would have to migrate from planet earth into the universe, as the earth's resources were finite. No nuclear holocaust would obliterate earth and the greatest threat was the population explosion. In addition, the future was not set in stone and the divisions taken by a person or a nation could alter the outcome of the future.

The future only needs one good person to make a colossal difference towards the ultimate good of humanity. The reverse is unfortunately also the case and this might be the explanation for the enigma for the existence of evil. Although our heritage is very important to us all it is much more important to leave a positive legacy. The loss of moral absolutes was sadness to the divine and the restoration of these was of paramount important if humankind was to escape extinction. All persons should not only believe but also know that all will ultimately have to account to the divine for what they have done while on their journey of life, as mere mortal beings while on planet earth. In the end, however, good will prevail in the universe and evil banished into outer darkness forever. The mystery of evil was an inscrutable mystery beyond the understanding of any person. All things process in cycles of spiritual metamorphosis towards the light.

I also enquired as to whether we similar experienced pleasures exist in the spiritual realm as we do with our mortal bodies while on earth such as, good food, mortal love touch, taste, smell, sight, sex, would this all be lost when we took on ethereal or spiritual bodies... What about our friends, family, lovers, soul mates? Travel, homes etc, etc, etc what about boundaries of conduct was anything forbidden if sin was abolished? As there would no longer be evil or sin in heaven, everything would be permissible and we would be able to experience ecstasy, bliss and sublime joy as we mingle and merge completely with any one we wish. Everything there is much much more intense, sustained and beautiful complete and wonderful than anything we could remotely liken to on the earthly plane. It is indeed very very exciting! Totally beyond the imagination of any mortal, There a total mystical union with the divine will become the norm and unions between spirits, Perhaps the greatest intense ecstasy known to humanity was sex and something like this continues in the next life, but is much more glorious, intense euphoria, sublime and sustained for as long a moment as the parties desired. We would be free to please each other and ourselves by totally giving of our souls, spirits and minds in a merging of such unimaginable pleasure that our present minds and bodies could not comprehend. However the union with the Divine is something so wonderful, unimaginable beautiful, sublimely, blessed, happy, glorious that no words yet formed in any earthly language could come remotely near describing this eternal bliss.

A process of continual learning takes place and an instant access and pooling of all knowledge by telepathy between all the minds in the universe is possible. In addition, it is possible to communicate in this manner with the simple innocent minds of our passed over beloved pets and all creatures big and small. We would have instant access to all our beloved ones, throughout creation, no matter how far they are from us, by this exiting means. Wonderful is it not? Therefore, there is no such thing as separation, loneliness, tears, sorrow, and sickness and finally there is victory over death itself. Would all humanity no matter how depraved and evil in life on death go to this wonderful dimension life? No, absolutely not! We would be constantly bombarded by evil thoughts (as the means of communication was telepathy) and heaven would become a most unheavenly place. So it is logical and obviously that God cannot permit this to happen. Yes evil monstrous beings such as Hitler and his type are cast into outer darkness, as the darkness of true evil can never ever penetrate the light of God. The book of life, which is contained as memories in the temporal lobe of our brain, are played off, like a video recording on death before God. This is called the life review by near death experiences. Each person will have to face judgment for what was done by them done while on earth. We all unlike Hitler have some light and goodness within us and this will enable us to perpetrate the light of God. One candle dispels the darkness. Anyone reading this testimony will definitely not be going into outer darkness but will inherit the kingdom of God. The spirits of all animals will return to God from whence they had came God loves them dearly. The abuse of children will face the full wrath of God and it would be better for this type of person to have never been born

It is awesome to think that the dimension discussed in this testimony is only the first of many that the spirit has to travel before finally merging and submerging with the infinite almighty. We would then have the unbelievable of direct access to the infinite mind of God (Jacobs Ladder).

Indeed the creation of our glorious universe was an intelligent act of omnificent unimaginable indescribable beauty.

Alan McDougall

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Aros (8 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-24)
I agree with Patrick... I was just going to write to say I agreed with much of your words Alan but you lost me somewhat on having to face God's judgement when we pass over. God never judges, God simply IS LOVE. Eternal, unconditional love. Therefore it is not possible for God to judge. WE are the judges of our own actions. We will face our actions in our life review, not only our words and actions but the feelings of those we affected. As for Hitler, his Soul too comes from Source and will return to Source. We all have life contracts we "sign" of sorts, before an incarnation. Who are we to say that his life contract didn't involve the atrocities history witnessed for some reason or another far beyond the scope of our limited understanding while in human form?

All-in-all I think most of what you wrote was Truth, just with some slight misunderstandings about judgement and evil.
PATRICK (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-27)
Your views are interesting in the sense of reality, yet have Orthodox overtones of "God Judging" and "wrath of God" over those whom are Hitler like.
I do not view "God" as judgmental as it is contrary to all I have learned about reality.
What I have learned is one meets ones full expectations upon a physical death and the transition is made this way. I have learned God sits not in judgement as one judges oneself on deeds spritual and non-spritual; in fact the very concept of God in my view is not a Being in the strict sense but is above the individual ideoloy of One Being as "he" is All. The very concept staggars the mind. It is written Jesus Loved Hitler (or Manson) as he was aware of Why they acted and possessed the ability to look beyond hate or Judgments of any kind. Which brings us back to Orthodox Gods judging Hitler (s) and placing them in a purgatory; no doubt such dark realms exist for this too is written but the ralms are self made as a natural separation by ones limited spritual vision as such darkness is the haert one inhabits.
As Orthodox views place Jesus the Christ as a man, son of God, these views hold no spritual truths as the Christ depicted by Jesus the man was a metaphoric model for mankinds spritual truths, Christs truths was a non-physical event later described as a physical event; for the orthodox viewers whom scream blashphemy I remind them their "God" of Abraham is a non-phyiscal entity based on Jewish values as by no-coinicidence "Gods" enemies were the same enemies of Israel. All cultures interpret "God" differently.
david (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-19)
i entertain myself in trying to think to reason why for us all to exist anyhow at this moment in time given our limited knowledge to think that a higher state of mind can take us further then this world that is our home that there is another plane of existence that can be ours that a different life of a kind so at odds with this one can be thought that has us thinking that this life is far from being over and is maybe part of a journey that ends us as human beings and takes us to places that we simply can't imagine yet. I find it amusing yet perplexed.
jessica (guest)
16 years ago (2008-07-01)
this testimony has answered a lot of wandering questions that have been in my mind for quite some time. I recently lost my best friend in february and since then I have been very interested in the afterlife as I have had many "coincidences" and dreams that could not be described any other way than God. In a way I do look forward to the afterlife bacuse like was described, it will be something so magnifacent we cannot comprehend.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-05)
I never really thought to much what comes after life. But I know that some people when they die, they don't leave. They are in spirit form now, not in their human bodies. And they are entities that are usually not harmful, but can frighten you at times.
So I do know there is life after death, so in a way we really never die compeletly.
secrets_within (guest)
17 years ago (2007-12-31)
I think, in order to truly live and appreciate life, you must understand death and come to terms with dying.

To me life is too short to let our egos control our lives and prevent us from being the person we are truly meant to be.

I grew up with domestic violence in the home and even married a man very much like both my parents. I have since rectified that situation and we divorced 5 years ago. I don't believe in coincidence, for me everything happens for a reason.

When its all said and done, we're all trying to get to the same place, its just that we all start the journey at different ages and stages of our lives, some choose religion, some choose the spiritual path, the end result is the same, becoming one with or connecting with the higher power, depending on your beliefs. There is no right or wrong path or way to get there because the journey is different for everyone.

I consider myself to be a spiritual person however I would not in anyway say that I am religious. I don't put God above me, so to speak, I consider myself to be created in his divine image and that is why he gave us the gift of higher self.

Everybody has their own beliefs when it comes to God and nobody has the right to force their beliefs onto another or to dictate that what somebody else believes is wrong.

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