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Love Is LOL


JIMMY JOE: God, what is love? What is it that ticks these clocks of magnificent ambition? Do we really need not but mystery in this life? I assure you; the mere fragrance through love's nostrils should invoke my pursuit of this entire body.

BRUSSELTROUT: Fear not for your idea of love. I know that you consider yourselves of mysterious psyche but you must remember that you DO already understand yourselves. You do hold the emotion of "happiness" and this neighbours many self-speculated thoughts including those of sorrow and pain which all result in loneliness. Remember, you define your own complexities to yourselves so much that you linger in their ups and downs. Begin a new path pertaining to methodology of thought which may seem daunting to your life now - but will end when you dismiss that feeling of paranoia. Ironically - LOL. Yes I am using your own terms. I do in fact, through writing and other mystical means, use your own created slang just to communicate with you. So remember that you remain in a box only due to the misunderstanding of anything besides your own art and your own sciences. Your own definitions of emotion and artifact.

So indeed I speak it, answer it, with 100% clarity - the term "LOL", you know, is used to contain certain moments of existence in which one feels the need to explain experiences of lucid happiness. Perhaps you call this laughing, but indeed it is in representation of the mind being perfectly happy. The laugh is simply the physical dramatization of this clarity due to a means of expression not understood for those thoughts. Indeed you neglect laughs to others as you say that they looks silly or embarrassing. In fact, it is true to be just what you do when you feel, at most, like yourself,happy, and loose control of your body. This "love" can be understood for one but never paved for all because it will result in the explanation of itself (a viciously beautiful scent) along with a blueprint of realization and never the actual feeling.

Indeed you may see exactly what you want to see in this world either physically or emotionally - like many artist attempt to convey. However they fail, at times, when they produce visualization, audio, sound, textures and scents in the portrayal of love. This method produces two aspects painting the picture of an infinite, disconnected reality termed by you art and science. Both brilliant documentations of our beauty, true; but be sure not to forget the overall emotion you long - happiness. You have discovered ways to discover this bliss but you do not know it yet. You know what you need in times of trouble and you know exactly how to feel it - you even produce with your own technologies; stimulants of joy.

You cannot become the emotion of love, however, if you fear its risks exceed its value. So now you know that the only reason happiness can seem unattainable is because a direct method cannot be built in a single direction. Everyone is different - but we have that in common. I am not God, I am a person called Brusseltrout who also has his own ideas of happiness, beauty and love - none of us have matching definitions of 'love' which disallows definition - only insight. I can tell you this though; we are not in heaven, we are among you - we are you. We have only been able to communicate through our own dialect (because WE ARE YOU) and not that of a more universal language called love.

This is simply the reason emotions pertaining to love are given "freely" in your world but remain non-purchasable by your means. Nothing can defeat the power of love because it understand more than the individual experiencing it. Love captivates the emotion of loved ones, the desire, and causes the body to act in ways of filling those wants. The main differentiation here indicates that "wants" are in fact, more needed than "needs" themselves BUT with regards to the oppose recipients - all else but one. This is the idea of "love" and the reason it seems risky to us seeps from the cracks of our own scientific statements that claim fulfilling your own needs as an organism are of vital importance - which they are. You miss one truth - you are not meant to fill these needs. We are in fact put together as a species to become a team in our own survival. Had we been lonely, we would be single, discreet and unique such as all physically "dead" matter. The beauty is that you are not dead and in fact you are ALIVE!

The only time you do feel alive, however, comes at times random to you because you cannot explain how or why they are felt. Instead you blame these powerful, divine emotions, for better or worse, on your own faults. You tell yourself what it takes to laugh rather than laughing. You tell yourself what it means to cry without crying. You throw hatred in the fire without realizing a healthy and productive form of discrimination that does not cause offence or isolation.

In other therms; you explain how to recreate feeling rather than literally experiencing it but you know that everyone has differences in opinion/ fantasy. Check your math because you are providing and average or equilibrium of both heaven and hell through the statistical approach to advertisement. Through this equation - happiness cannot be reach by everyone nor can sorrow. There will be always those of us in between, fortunately, who choose to create art or science whilst displaying their own passions through actual creation of emotion - not instruction or building blocks of emotion.

Soon you will be able to visualize and construct your emotion along with reading or viewing, smelling, touching, tasting or hearing that of others'. This mentality allows needs to be filled for everyone because the entire species are providing themselves with joy and satisfaction because that capability exists in all - not one. We are not silly philosophers talking mojo about being "one" and wise, enlightened etc. We are calling you "one" because you call yourselves one. You call yourselves lonely. We are always here for you and continue to build manuscripts of your personal health and rewards that relate to pleasure. I tell you what makes you feel and I can do so because I know you. I know what makes you tick because you were told, by people like us, how to act when emotion is felt. Conversely - I can tell you what to do in the case of felt emotion because I am not an artist of the mind as I am an artist of the body. I create my own emotion in ways more legible to those whom I love so that they know me and can then provide for those needs that came from my deepest level of being. This notion comes with the guidelines, however, that the creation of dreams must not hope to help as be helped - not to be loved but to love; seriously. In the action of any kind, respectful deed no physical manipulations were to be set-in-stone or planned. Rather, the selflessness came through selfishness of passion - performing a physical act in "dead time" (time that remains unrewarded in physical benefit) can simply not go unnoticed by others because it is in direct sacrifice of one's own securities in the giving to others.

Careful please, because giving too much at once can catch people off-guard. This would overwhelm them with their own emotion so much that they would not know how to repay it but to themselves - remember that they think self-happiness is felt through working for the self. When reward is given without work, it will not bounce back in appreciation. Rather than that, the ease of the world will blind them from the ease of the world because in their books still remains the ideal; "nothing is free without conspiracy".

Anyway, "LOL!", you even think you use it at the dumbest of times because you do! You laugh at dumb things that you did or are going to do. YOU plan yourselves and KNOW how everything will make you feel when you do it. You KNOW how violence/conflict makes you feel but you don't hesitate to plan for it. You KNOW what makes you happy and you plan for less of those moments.

I am just you, not talking to myself when I say "you" as it is assumed people like me are. We are talking to you, seemingly 3rd person, not because we speak to anyone, we are SPEAKING TO YOU! THE PERSON READING THIS! And providing you with aspirations and knowledge or a world you remain blind to in your joy. So I ask god a question not for me, for others. I pray for them because it helps my life directly to fulfil those needs and I KNOW THAT I CAN. I begin to speak as "god" at first but soon meld into the realm of my human self as I try to communicate that it is me in this writing. It is an answer that I created that will perhaps help myself calm the nerve and redirect my actions in the hopes to solve real problems that exist within the ones I love.

I got to go to sleep though. To answer your question: "love" is the conservation of life - explained in the way of result. Love is simply a path or an actual portal into the lingo of "family". I have realized this for my whole life because I had love shown to me from the start. Therefore nothing is more important in education of youth than LOVE! SERIOUSLY! We need to learn to work together. Know that it cannot be explained by those immersed in it because they are stuck and have become incoherent and hence represent the detriment of love - generating paranoia and create the illusion of love possessing risks. Remain respected though otherwise you directly cause the paranoia invoked by kindness. Just live it, it's all good. Ask me anything you want, anytime - I am not god unless you think I am. I am a person named Brusseltrout, I know that.

That is all


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