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A Throned Wreath


It was a beautiful summer day in 2004, It was a hot day as I sat in front of my fan staying cool drawing a house. As I was drawing this home design I started thinking to myself that this is God house as I drew this picture. Then I felt like going outside to finish my drawing it was such a beautiful day anyway.

As I sat there drawing, I noticed what a pristine day it was. The air seemed to have so much light in it. Then a few minutes later, I looked up to notice the air seemed to have a golden glow in it. I thought wow what a nice day this is as I am drawing. Then I noticed out of my peripheral vision something was different. I looked over at my right arm and seen that my arm was chocolate brown and it looked like I had something black on my arm. I stopped drawing and took a good look at my arm. I wondered what happened to my arm, and what was the dark stuff on my arm, is it dirt? I touched the dark area with my finger and moved it around looking at it. It was dark hair in a patch on my arm just like a dark skinned person would have. And how did my arm get so dark? My arm even looked smaller than my own but still looking like my arm. I was completely awe-struck in seeing my arm that now looks like an arm of another person. But I was connected to it.

Next thing I heard a voice tell me that I was holding somebody up. I thought how could that be I am sitting here all alone in a rural area. There is nobody else around. So I started drawing again when I heard this voice again saying that I was holding somebody up again. What in the heck is going on I thought. Then at that very second I had an over-whelming feeling came over my body that yes I was holding somebody up. I got up and walked over to a clearing away from the trees. To an area where I have seen things in the sky before. I walked past my car into the clearing and when I got there I had quite a surprise.

I was holding somebody up, it was Jesus Christ without a doubt. Who else wore the thorn wreath? I don't know? But I do know that Jesus Christ was put to death by the Jews and the Romans with the thorn wreath that was put on his head. This was the first thing that I noticed when I seen him in the sky about 2:00pm. The thorn wreath was in such definition that it was no mistake it was a thorn wreath. Jesus did not show a face, where the face should have been. I could see a brighter blue sky than the one that was here that day. His chin and the jaw line, up to the corners of the mouth glowed white, with different colors of white making it look like the white was moving.

In side of his face area I could see some layered clouds. He sat in a straight back chair with his hands on his lap. He wore a long robe that looked dark to me. This long robe covered his feet as he sat there.

I just stood there overwhelmed in seeing him. There was no mistake that this image in the sky wanted me to know he was Christ wearing the thorn wreath. We just looked at each other, that was all I could do. Then the Lord slowly turned his head away from me, then slowly turned back looking at me again. By this time I was spiritually overwhelmed. I turn and walked back to my house and laid down. I don't remember much after laying down.

You could imagine what you would feel like if you have experienced the same. Maybe you could have stood there and talked with him, I don't know what someone else would do. It was a lot more than I could handle at the time.

Now the lord and I are one, he was my savior as he will be to all that seek him.

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Nancy (guest)
15 years ago (2009-09-20)
Love your story, I've had experences as well and shall never forget them as long as I live! GOD is good! GOD BLESS keep the faith
Ben (guest)
16 years ago (2008-10-10)
I can remember one time when I was feeling particularly stressed out to the limits with school assignments and 4 hours of sleep every nigh or less for 3 weeks in a row, and the stress of assignments... I felt so overwhelmed, that I lay on the floor and fell asleep, I then woke up feeling a lot better, and after having a dream, where I felt as though I saw a Godly Figure sitting upon a Throne that was white, and there were angels around him I believe, on either side, and there were steps going up in front of him.
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-10)
That is an amazing experience. The Lord Jesus must have some special mission for you to single you out and give you such an experience. Jesus is wonderful and He is the only solution for the world. We can try all sorts of substitutes and they seem to work for a time but they always pale and we are left empty. Only with Jesus does every day get better than the day before. God bless you for sharing this with us.

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