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Lessons From A Bumblebee


I have heard once that the secrets of the universe can be observed in even the tiniest parts of itself. A bumblebee demonstrated this lesson well for me and although I don't have any questions really, I felt like sharing.

I have been working the last several months since my living in Utah as a house framer. Meaning I have been building the wooden frame of houses from the foundation on up. On the first house that I built I did not yet have a car and I was not socially great with any of my fellow coworkers so instead of bugging one of them to let me join them at some restaurant I went ahead and packed a bag lunch and ate it on site in beautiful silence and would usually read a book.

One such day I was eating lunch while seated in this giant forklift/crane type machine. I had gone through most of my food, I always save the fruit or vegetable I pack as a desert and try to focus on the energy of the living food while I eat to get some good energy from it. Its not much but it was something.

On this particular day I was eating an apple when a little yellow/black bumblebee came to visit. I have long since known that if I do not fear a creature than it will not fear me. As the bee landed on the steering wheel I marveled at how beautiful the bee was and relished in this rare opportunity to view a bee so close, and again relished in how my studies had lead me to a point of fearlessness that I could enjoy this experience at all, having once been afraid of bees.

Because I wanted to test out my interspecies communication aptitude, feeling that every theory no matter how ridiculous it might seem must be first earnestly tested before I come to a conclusion on what I believe on the matter, I started mentally speaking to the bee. At first I said words like "how do you do bee?" and "are you enjoying the weather?" Then I tried considering the perspective of a bee and felt that a bee would not understand english even if it could feel the emotions attached to my words also a bee is rather busy flying all the time, it might be hungry.

So mentally I formed a video image of the bee landing on my apple to eat of it. To my utter amazement it did! It first spent maybe thirty seconds on the apple while I was reading but I hadn't really come close to finishing the apple so I started to want another bite but did not want to disturb the bee. Soon enough though the bee flew up and landed on the steering wheel once again, allowing me another bite.

The bee and I shared the apple until its completion, or at least I was done eating the apple. I left it inside of the machine and went over to the porta-pottie and marveled at this wonderful experience of having shared my apple with a bee.

When I was ready to get out I wondered if the bee would have stuck around. I opened the door and the bee was hovering right around the door. I was greatly happy. I walked with the bee back to the vehicle making sure to produce another video of the bee following me there, which it did. Well I knew that I could not leave the apple there in the vehicle because eventually either the apple would be removed as inconsiderate waste on my part OR the starting up of the engine would greatly frighten the bee. So I grabbed the core and projected another image of the bee following me to somewhere I could set the core and the bee would be undisturbed.

At first the bee followed me about twenty feet but then retreated back to the vehicle. I attempted about two more times to lead the bee to the right place with the apple in hand but the bee kept going back to the same machine.

So I set down the apple where it needed to be and started thinking bee. I soon realized that to a bee time was very fast paced. The length of its life was not very long compared to mine and so every second could feel like hours of time where the bee was following me to a destination it could not guarantee had any benefit. It wanted the apple and already had a memory of where the apple was but could not find it when it looked there. A mixture of fear and lack of faith in me would not let the bee follow me long enough.

So I changed my approach. I went over by the bee and mentally projected the movie of the bee coming and landing on my hand. The bee did so! I am not making this up! The bee landed on my hand and so I began walking with it over to where I had placed the apple. The entire time I focused on projecting an image of the bee staying on my hand until I could show it where the apple was. I never took my eyes of the bee for a moment focusing very hard on keeping this image.

I carried that bee 200ft to where the apple core was waiting.

I then lowered my hand and the bee walked right back onto the apple and resumed eating. I walked away with a smile!

I believe in a God, what exactly is God I do not know, I have many ideas others have presented me and also many times where particular views of God have moved me in the way that pure truth does.

I felt this bee taught me a lesson. In life I feel sometimes like that bee. I am a lesser creature who is sharing God's food. Lets call God's food Knowledge pure and beautiful knowledge, more than I could ever consume is just an apple core to God. Now God finds happiness in allowing me to receive of his food and He admires my beauty and is glad to be with me when we are sharing. But sometimes for reasons beyond the bees understanding, the food must be moved.

The bee did not know that it would be rude to leave an apple core in my bosses rig, but nonetheless the food needed to be moved and I still wanted to share it with the bee because I had no need of it and would be glad if it partook.

But the bee was afraid of the change. And sometimes I am afraid of the change and I don't listen to the messages coming from God like my little videos to the bee. The bee followed for a while but then retreated in fear. And sometimes I do really good to do what I know to be right but somehow lose it.

I knew that bee was making a mistake and I tried desperately to get it to follow me, selflessly. God tries desperately to reach out but I don't listen either. But sometimes a hand is given to us and when God's hand reaches out so that we can trust in his judgment He will lead us to the food of the Gods like I lead that little bee to the apple.

When I walked away from that apple I knew there was more to the core than that bee could ever consume. I had hoped that the bee would somehow share his knowledge of the bounty and bring many other bees to feast on it. When I returned to the core after the day was over, there were no bees or any other insects on it for that matter and it was plain that nothing much had really changed with it.

I have been personally lead to a great deal of fruit of the Gods. Much great and profound knowledge has come my way and I reflect on how well I did to get to the point of receiving the knowledge but a lot of times I forget that next step, the step I took when leaving that bee. I do not share the food of the Gods, sometimes I do but not often and that fact is that God knows that there is more food than I could ever eat and so to repay the kindness given, I and the bee should have shared what we were blessed to receive

This is my thought

Peace out


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Spydro (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
your story is awesome I like the communication with nature
This is spydro eyes low
Consiousness (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-06)
I love this story, I can only ever dream of such a thing happening to me... This is awesome.
Fran (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-06)
I feel the love. For some time I've felt the importance of the bee, but was not sure of what it was... I left it alone for a few years and then began reading, and reading and reading... The bee comes up, today I started to google bee spirit, and many things came up, this story is one of them, and I am ever so grateful that I had the opportunity to read your story. It's magical, as magical as I've felt they were, they are.

Love and Peace, thank you for your story, it was amazing.
Truth_Seeker (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-27)
thats a really fascinating story and also a very good lesson. I enjoyed reading about it.
faibaby42 (guest)
15 years ago (2008-11-13)
this was an amazing story. I loved it. Thank you for such a spirit lifting story! You are blessed.


Peace love light

Jadwiga (guest)
15 years ago (2008-10-01)
Devin,I was echanted by your story.Tthere's no doubt you are an extremly sensitive and subtle person. You said the bee taught you a lesson and I would dare to say that your attitude towards this little creature is so wonderful that it is even better than the greatest sermon of all.
wisdom (guest)
15 years ago (2008-10-01)
Devin, I really enjoyed this experience as well. Thanks for sharing! My brother once had a giant bumblebee land on his ice cream cone at a baseball game. He shared it with him and showed no signs of fear. Today he writes a web site called the God touches us in so many ways. I was always amazed by his story of the bee and now yours. I've been humbled once again by God's wonderful and inspiring means of communication through everything that surrounds us.
friend of truth (guest)
15 years ago (2008-10-01)
Dear Devin,

I have really enjoyed reading this wonderful experience of yours. I pray you continue in your way of treating each and everything in this life with such gentleness and kindness and respect.
I am a muslim by religion and in our holy book 'The Quran' there is a chapter specifically mentioning the Bee. May Allah (God) guide you and continue to bless you with beauty in your life, as I see it this is something that already exists within you... Inshallah (god willing).

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