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The Truth About Enlightenment


I was thrown into this state of not knowing after asking myself a question that had no answer. Enlightenment isn't a state of bliss or oneness that you're lead to believe. It's a state of not knowing. It's purely physical. When you're back in this state (I say back because it's your natural state) there is no one there to say this is "bliss or ecstasy". You really don't know what it is. It's no longer important to know what anything is. A table cannot be a table because it is a table. I've been in states of happiness, positivity, melting away into nothingness etc. But these are all states of mind. "Enlightenment" is purely physical. The mind is not quiet or empty as some may say but it no longer burdens you and it's in the background. When needed you can quickly make use of it and you're thinking and actions are more sharp and precise. Perfect self expression comes to mind. Sensory perceptions are functioning at their peak. I can't tell if other sounds and voices are coming from inside of me or are on the outside. Never does it come into my consciousness that I'm different from you. I move with grace and ease probably because they're is no cause to effect. There is only action.

Sometimes I'll stand with my girlfriend in line to buy food and people will come up to me and say "what do you do different than i?". "How do I get into that state?" I hear from my closest friends who say that my presence is explosive. You are in this state but you're burdened by this illusion of the self. It's our state. It's like someone asking how do I get to the starbucks on sunset and la brea and I say you're already there. If you knew who I was you'd see that success in the outer world begins from within. I know that nothing or no one on the outside can add to what I already have on the inside. I can go for hours without blinking. My vision is so high def and perfect it seems as if though there were a cameraman in my head. It might be that the screen of thought filters things out to perceive them the way you have them in your sub conscience mind. Less philosophically stated, you've lost the interest in judging and labeling things.

That said, I can't watch TV. There's nothing there. Dots and Pixels are all that's there. They can't form an image for me. I wonder if it's the mind that forms the picture. When I listen to music all I can hear is the spaces between the notes. Real silence is explosive. Nothing really matters. That was the first realization which lead to gratitude for the miracle of life on earth. When I say something, I can have people spellbound, laughing and charm them to death for an hour straight. I think they're mad. All words are dead. Everything anyone says that is not in line with what I'm going for is completely meaningless. Like a dog barking. There is no action there. All words are dead. Alright later.

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alakeshwar (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-04)
Hi Olly,

I read your experience with great interest. How did this happen? Were you into any type of religious practice before this happening? I feel there is more than a ring of truth to your story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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