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This all happened about 1998. My brother and I were living together in my parents house. They had passed away in 1992 and 1996. There is a difference in our ages. I was 43 at the time and he was 19. He was out with his friends doing drugs as I had when I was his age. I went to bed knowing he was young and stupid. I was laying there and started feeling so scared.

I started shaking and felt that he was in trouble. I believed in God at times but always felt that things just didn't add up, with Adam and all. I was on the ground crying and preying for God to take me. I had this overwhelming feeling my brother was dying. As I cried and was out of control, the feeling subsided. I was taken into the most peaceful feeling I have ever seen. Everything was okay. I also had this incredible knowledge that everything I knew before was so lame because I could not understand God's ways. I realized we could be from Adam and Eve, but we do not have the ability to see.

He showed me that if my brother died it would be okay. He did arrive home the next day. I have only met a couple of people that understood how profound this experience is. My other brother does not believe it is real, that it is in my imagination. I know that when this happened, there is no longer any question in my mind. God is real and I am so glad to have seen and be able to tell this experience.

I guess what convinced me the most as I said before was that we could all be from two people but we could not understand. And then realize it and see how profound it is. Thanks for listening. I hope this has meaning for others as it did me. Dale

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