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You Never Know Where You Will Find the Truth


You never know where you will find the "truth"! The truth for me is a feeling that pierces through my personal mind and touches my soul. It's a moment when God is purely reflected. The truth is always formless, it's simply a feeling. Sydney Banks, a great philosopher says the "truth" can be anywhere. I have learned that is very true, as long as you are open to seeing or feeling it. That's the key! Staying open!

The following are moments when I saw the truth and was so grateful:

You Never Know Where You Will Find the Truth

Speaking of Syd: One day I was chuckling to myself as I walked into Safeway; I was thinking about what Syd had said that you can even find the truth at the supermarket! I went about my shopping and forgot about Syd's comment. When I was done I looked for a short check-out line and cued up. I noticed something about the young man, checking customers out. He was maybe eighteen years old and very focused in his task. It was the way he was focused that caught my attention. It was obvious he loved his job. I felt a gratitude for the job coming off of him. There was no conversation going on in his head while he worked. He was totally present in what he was doing. He went from one moment to the next moment, one step at a time. I just saw it suddenly and was blown away. This young man was reflecting the "truth". He was without thought and only doing and enjoying the doing. It was inspiring and fanned my wisdom. A wave of joy swept over me as I walked out of the store.

Many years ago in South Dakota, as I was pulling into a parking space in front of Denny's, I saw in my rear-view mirror a car stop behind me. I watched as a man in his sixties get out of the driver's side and hustle around to the passenger side of his car. He took a metal walker carefully out of the back seat and then opened the passenger door and positioned the walker so his wife could grab onto it. I was watching all this closely in the mirror, it was something about his mood. It reflected this beautiful humility and giving. I imagined they had gone through this routine many times but their faces didn't appear weary of it or put out. It was though it was the first time and they were grateful for each other.

Time seemed to slow down as I sat in my car. I watched as he gently guided her past my window and around the curb and onto the sidewalk in front of my bumper. Then he hurried back to the car and I guess looked for a space. As subtly as I could I watched her for a moment. She was in an awkward position on the narrow sidewalk, in that her walker filled up the space, and you couldn't walk around her. She stood there very straight; her spirit looked so strong to me. I looked in her eyes and saw this incredible dignity. My eyes began to fill. I remember my girlfriend looking at me and asked what was wrong. I understood so much in that moment about humanness and courage and devotion

There is a mobile home on the corner of my street. The front yard is mostly driveway. The only grass is a small patch of earth about 7 feet by 7 feet. A few months ago, as I was making the turn into my street past the mobile home, I noticed this little boy about ten years old, planting flowers and creating a beautiful little garden in that small patch. Something about it struck me and I slowed down. I didn't see any parent supervising. I didn't feel he was doing something he didn't want to do. He was digging in earnest and with great care laying each flower in the hole then filling it in. His spirit looked so involved in these small tasks. He was simply--happy. An incredible gratitude rushed through me that I got to witness this.

These are a few of the powerful and moving moments in my life where I felt I saw the truth, saw God and thus felt the God in me. I was suddenly in the place of no thought and felt my Divinity. I pray for many more of them, brothers and sisters. And I pray you are also blessed with many moments when you see the beauty of this life we were given. Stay open!

A Ho,


Gregory Drambour is the author of The Woodstock Bridge, the well-acclaimed book about Native American Spirituality. He is the owner of a Sedona Sacred Journeys, a spiritual retreat center in Sedona, Arizona

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Tonith (guest)
16 years ago (2008-06-15)
Stories like this make me realize all the more in spirituality versus religion. Nothing wrong with religion until it begins to make you think you are the one with all the answers and have nothing more to learn. This is usually what I see with people who are religious and have closed their minds to any other form of belief besides their own. They only see law and do not reflect the fruits of the spirit but they do keep all the rules of ritual and doctrine and dogma. What they lack is love the greatest of all gifts of the spirit. What they preach is usually fear based, biased and bigoted if you don't believe as they do. I feel sorry for them. They would never see what this person can see because they are too busy being superior. How sad.It's the little things that we witness that fill our hearts with joy if we are open to seeing them. Wonderful story Greg. You are enlightened and full of love.
David (guest)
16 years ago (2008-06-05)
I have seen the good and bad in Life, as you have and know that there's a good in the worst of humanity and bad in the best. And everyone has their moments... When and where, is when the holy spirit interviens in and through us. I think it's always important to take advantage when we feel that, "spirit", which motivates us. It's too easy to give in to a negative spirit.
I too have learned much from life's experiences and just being aware and perceptive towards situations and others.

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