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The Illusion of Burn Out


It has been an insightful few weeks for me. For three months now, I have been feeling like I am working on burn-out. But when I looked at my schedule, it didn't make sense. I work between 120-160 hours a month on the average and I am very responsible about giving myself plenty of rest between appointments.

I finally got why I feel a little burned out! It was during an appointment with my endodontist, this is the same superhero I have mentioned in another column. He is a world class dentist and highly respected by other dentists in my area. I was sitting in the dentist chair as he was finishing up with a patient in the next chair. I just sat quietly and watched as he took off his gloves and gave the patient the summary of the procedure.

The Illusion of Burn Out

Then he walked over to me, put on a new pair of gloves and was ready to work on me. I was little stunned. I said, "Aren't you going to take a little break? Catch your breath?" He said, "No, I'm fine..." I asked, don't you get burned out going from one patient to the next. He said, "No, he's use it. He loves what he does..." It was like a diamond bullet piercing through me. I got in that moment that the only difference between him and me is that he has a different set of thoughts than I do!

I saw in a deeper way that when I get tired or emotionally exhausted, I have a thought that I must be burning out and then guess what? I feel like I'm burned out and that thought gets anchored in me and I continue to feel that way. Instead of not making any assessment of judgment and just taking it as signal to rest.

I spoke to of one my mentors a few days ago about this. Every time I speak to him, he's on the road working. I asked him how he did it. Isn't he getting burned out? He says, "Greg, I don't think about it! If I did I would go insane!" I got it again! He's not having thought or judgments about how he's on the road all the time. I know he takes breaks and vacations, so he is taking care of himself.

Since I had this realization, I've had more energy and no emotional stress and the work with clients has gone to a deeper level. There have been some amazing vortex experiences lately-truly awesome!

As the great philosopher, Syd Banks says, "It's all thought..." Thank you, Syd. One of the luckiest days on this earth walk was being introduced to Syd's work-truly. A Ho, Brother.

Gregory Drambour is the author of The Woodstock Bridge. The well-acclaimed book about Native American Spirituality. He is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys, a spiritual retreat center in Sedona, Az. He writes two columns: Sedona Vortex Stories and Sedona Retreat Stories.

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acoya (guest)
14 years ago (2009-03-05)
I agree with you. It is all about your state of mind and even tho I know this sometimes I forget. Thank you for reminding me! I really needed to see this
Thank you...
homospiritus (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-06)
The Buddha said we are the sum total of our thoughts. You are what you think you are. Stay positive friend.
tonith (guest)
14 years ago (2008-06-15)
So a man thinks so he is. The bible says it. Philosophers say it. Enlightened people say it so there has to be something to it. Figured I would give it a try as well. It is true. My mantra if you can call it that is an attitude of gratitude in which I say many times a day "Thankyou Lord for all and everything;I love You Dearest One".May not sound like much but believe me it has worked wonders for my mental health. I can relate to this story because we all have times that seem overwhelming. I am amazed at what some people can accomplish in a lifetime while I seemed to struggle through so much.It's all attitude. It's all thought. We are what we think.

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