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Angels Do Watch Over Us


I grew up in a dysfunctional family. I was the middle child with an older sister and a younger mentally and physically disabled brother. My mother was emotionally unstable and would have violent outbursts. I can not remember a day when there would not be yelling between my parents.

Still I loved my parents equally and never blamed either one for a ruff upbringing. I always tried to help with my younger brother as much as possible and loved him so dearly.

As the years went by the fights became even more common. When I was thirteen you could say my family was falling apart. My parents were considering having my brother put into a facility to care for him. This alone devastated me beyond comprehension. My father was unable to emotionally cope, he became withdrawn and started drinking heavily at night when my mother was at work. My mothers behavior became more unstable. My parents were beginning to argue about divorce.

One night I had been awaken by my parents loud argument. My father was hysterical and burst into my bedroom yelling about my mother and something she had done. I was terrified not knowing what was happening. My father left the room, shut the door, and my parents continued their screaming at each other.

I tried to go back to sleep, but sleep was not a possibility. I could still hear them fighting when suddenly there was a light in my room. I thought my father was coming back in so I pretended I was asleep. I then realized he was still in the other room fighting with my mother. I sat up and saw a bright light in the shape of a person standing at the foot of my bed. I was so scared I pulled the covers over my head shaking. I then lowered the blanket to see if it was gone. The figure was still there. I felt a calming effect and then the figure slowly faded away.

The next day I didn't say anything to anyone. My father said he was sick and was not going to work. This was very unusual for him. I went to school like any other normal day. Around 11am I was called into the principles office. I was told not to go home but to go to my aunts house instead.

When I arrived at my aunts house I found all my relatives there. My uncle told me my father had committed suicide that morning.

I didn't think about my experience with the figure until I was 35. My husband of 17 years just walked out on me and our two children. I lost my house, car, sense of security, pride and worthiness. I was alone and very depressed.

I sat in the tub one night unable to stop crying. I just wanted all the pain and sadness to end. I had a bottle of pills in my hand ready to swallow them all down and the figure returned.

The figure only stayed for a brief moment. All of a sudden I remembered this figure visited me the night before my father died.

this must be an angel watching over me. I no longer felt alone.

I now believe there are angels who watch over us.

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Libra1 (1 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-10)
Just read this story, it was one of the "random" stories. Great and wonderful experience for sure!
You are blessed to have been given such an amazing sign that we are indeed never alone~ ❤
Hope you always hold that vision close to your heart~
white (guest)
13 years ago (2010-04-15)
every time someone is angry at me or is about to say something bad, he always gets a phone call or is interupted by someone else, this has happened 5 times in a week and I can't think of it as a coincidence.
Joy (guest)
14 years ago (2009-05-22)
I have had several experiences with the supernatural. My experience is that they don't talk to us but they hover, stand behind us, watch us face to face, speak to our hearts, and always comfort us. They come in pillars of clouds, and song in the night, and beings of light. Whatever you are going through is worth the while to come in contact with the divine. God has our back. We are precious enough in His sight that He sends His angels to watch over us. I pray your strength in the Lord in whatever you are going through. My mother used to say that God will put no more on you than you can bear. Stay strong in the Lord and let Him work it out for you. When you have done all you can do, give the rest to God. Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. May the peace of God rest, rule and abide in you.
foreverhisandonlyhis (6 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-05)
I agree that angels do watch over us. My mom, sister, and I were almost in a head on colusion, but something stopped us...It's hard to explain, but you're right...
Taurusgirl10 (2 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-18)
I'm so sorry that so much has happened to you! But you know that you're not alone on this web site. You have so many people you can talk to here. 😊
ashurie (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-03)
I am sorry to hear about you loses. What an amazing story, however, it is sad that you have encountered your Angel in such horrible events. I hope everything is better now. Stay strong.
Lauren (guest)
14 years ago (2008-07-11)
Oh god must be watching over you baby. Stay strong and always remeber that the love of god is with you. Times can get rough and we all have to go through a rough patch sometimes. I am 15 and growing up was hell and sometimes still is but I learned that if you keep your head up you will be able to get through it. I have considered killing myself countless times and I count myself and have considered cutting my wrists but I learned that none of this would help and wouldn't solve anything. I feel that you are agood person and you are also hurt and that you have a lot of healing that needs to be done. Your kids keep you strong and keeps you focused on the future ahead just remeber when in doubt look to jesus.

God bless
partisan (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-21)
It seems to me that your 'Angel' or guardian- your radiant friend- is aware that your life is something worth living and completing. Although it has been sometimes awfully hard for you, you have come to a precious appreciation that we are not alone! Many people believe we can be "alone" but they are mistaken. I am glad you have recalled the first experience. I was 26 before I remembered the 'man in the basement' experience I had. It's funny how these miraculous events can be hidden for so long, but their truth, I believe, insures their eventual recollection.
GhostFaerie (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-11)
OH! I am so sorry! You are an amazing person, with amazing talent (psychic ability, angels, being able to see spirits) and you DO have someone there for you! When I was reading your story and I was on the verge of crying, and of course for you! I will pray to God and I don't even know you but I feel God has marked you as a precious one. ❤ If there is anything youd like me to do, (although I do not know you) Please feel free to let me no.
Oh, and that scared feeling you felt when you saw the angel the first time, it will be completely different than that feeling if it were a demon.
If you have any questions and you need help, let me know and I will try my hardest to help!

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