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Could there be a document so perfect in its realization of the truth that within a few minutes we would obtain liberation, the true path to enlightenment, happiness and paradise? I am a thirty-three year old mystic seeker; I'm truly half eastern and half western. I exist at the border of world consciousness. Since I was five years old, I have slowly plotted my course through the "real world" and the "spiritual world," trying to find the simplest truth that will set us all free. I have endured tortures of the damned, I have experienced miracles, and seen true wonders. I have looked in every religion, every mystical tradition, every magical practice, every real world school of thought and discipline. I have found "it..." by chance, I have found the common-thread of all existence.

To see "it" we must first ask, "are we our bodies?"; "are we our minds?"; "are we our body's mind?"; "are we our mind's body?"; "are we our mind's 'I'?"; "are we our 'I'?"; no. We are just as the cosmos; we are selfless, but only in love. To love selflessly, and to become totally heart-centered in our consciousness will transform our society and justice will be perfectly balanced. To love will also allow us to escape space and time, to live in paradise within the heart center of cosmic consciousness. We must dwell in love whole heartedly.

We can actually become love, such that we can say, "I will love" and "I love therefore I am..." once we become identified fully with love, all our actions will naturally be lawful. Then we can say, "We are the cosmos. We are selfless. We have no self. We will love selflessly. May perfect justice flow from our next deed..." we cannot break any law when we love, because we become totally selfless.

There are traditions that say "God is love..." jesus taught that to love is the source of the law. He said, "the truth will set you free..." he said, "seek and ye shall find..." he promised miracles; he promised paradise, if we dwell in the body of christ. To dwell in the body of christ we first must love. Law breakers should simply be made to cry without the use of any violence, and then we must immediately love. We deem kindness to be the best medicine for all of us. We should enjoy games of risk where by flowing from the heart of selfless love, we must win. Then we will celebrate with every victory.

Buddha promised escape from the cyclic bonds and the inevitable destructive outcome caused by time. Selfless love destroys the karmic fetters which have caused us to be born. History persists in recurrent cycles, endless recurrent nightmares for all intelligent life. Our dream has endured since the dawn of language. Even dna is a language. Selfless love withdraws our senses from the dualities, like attraction and repulsion. It empowers us literally to save the world. Selfless love makes us the cosmos.

We can accomplish heart consciousness through music. If we listen to the harmonic sounds of the cosmos, for example, we can harmonize our mind and body with the heart of the cosmos. Sound waves actually cause a meditative state where we go beyond our minds, and travel into a more primitive heart level of consciousness. It's like the shivers, chills, tears and light. We sense pressure in our heart and mind. When we awaken within our heart, we also awaken within the heart of the cosmos; we awaken in paradise. The entire universe is a harmony of waves; we are a harmony of waves.

Modern science has concluded that there are no basic particles, that there are only waves. Sounds are waves, and sounds can be harmonized. Harmoniously overlapping waves are a basic state from which the laws of geometry, math, physics, chemistry, and life mushrooms. When we love, we harmonize our vibrational frequency with the edges of a geometric flower called our cosmos. This geometry flowers because love preceded the big bang.

The shape of the cosmos extends to multiple dimensions, and involves many universes other than our own. We don't have the capacity to chart these dimensions. It takes the shape of a fractal cast upon a non-dimensional holographic surface. The best we can do is "to see it," within us. Since we cannot see without our mind, the actual experience is more akin to a blind person "seeing" a face by touching it. The contours, the lines of the fractal traverse inwardly, beyond our minds and into our hearts. Thus, when we awaken within our heart's consciousness, we blend with the actual patterns, shapes, images, and movements of our creation, and the cosmos.

From this shape life mushrooms; our consciousness can travel along its edges because we are alive. There is a wonderful opportunity today for us to awaken within our heart centers, to join the great mystics of old, and to transform our society into one which is inherently just, lawful and filled with love. We can also ensure that we will escape the destructive passage of time and space, to travel to another dimension and reside with incredibly advanced beings who love us.

For now, so long as we love, we can attain the intuitions and insights of free beings, and paradise will manifest here. All religions agree: love with all our mind, strength and heart, and love one another as we would be loved. We can never break a law if we love. Love will allow us to become truly selfless, and merge with the cosmic consciousness that created us. Science agrees that everything in this universe arose from a singularity, that time will end, that waves are the most basic "stuff," that there are innumerable universes, and that there are unknown "n" number of dimensions in the cosmos. Some of these dimensions may exist outside of our experience of space and time. Waves which harmonize like a song, harmonize us with the cosmos.

We can also spray our body with perfume after bathing in water, to blend with the cosmos. We harmonize with the source of life, the source which traverses unknown dimensions, dimensions beyond time. We join the citizens of the celestial city, to build paradise here on this planet.

Let our next deed be just. We must first understand that love sits at the top of a great trait matrix which describes all personalities and intelligent beings. We can connect through sound to the physical heart center of cosmic consciousness, through our physical heart center. We can connect through song. When we understand love's true nature, that it is selfless, we connect with the true nature of all things, and thereby connect to all top level traits the cosmos calls its own. Once we connect with the cosmos, we attain its traits. We become harmonized with a true geometric wave pattern that is a fractal flower and is projected from emptiness upon a non dimensional surface, a mere image, a gloriously deep lush image.

Once these traits: (to love, to love selflessly, to love the cosmos with all our hearts our entire mind and all our strength, to love one another as we would be loved), combine with the cosmos, we understand the true nature of selflessness, thereby blending our consciousness with the imagined cosmos, the mind of the cosmos. We believe ourselves to be the same as the cosmos, as we love selflessly and are selfless, indeed we are selfless and we love; we are the cosmos.

We will love. We are the means by which a society of perfect justice and peace may flourish. We see as the cosmos does. May our next deed be just. Please, share this message with love.

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wisdom (guest)
14 years ago (2008-07-30)
This reminds me of a quote:
"...I was supremely happy, for I had seen. Nothing could ever be the same. I have drunk at the clear and pure waters and my thirst was appeased... I have seen the Light. I have touched compassion which heals all sorrow and suffering; it is not for myself, but for the world... Love in all its glory has intoxicated my heart; my heart can never be closed. I have drunk at the fountain of Joy and eternal Beauty. I am God-intoxicated..."

Judu Krishnamurti

Very nicely written, Mystic Seeker. I think you have sought and you have found. Thank you.

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