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The Brighter Truth of Darkness


It was late in the night. I lay calmly on my bed half asleep. Darkness surrounded me from all around. The vision remained indistinguishable whether my eyes were closed or open. I could hear the knocking sound of the ceiling fan, whose existence my eyes could not establish. The haunting blackout fueled the waywardness of my thoughts. Gradually I began to develop familiarity with the hollow ambience. I felt a compulsive drift in my attention. I started finding bliss in the air of uncertainty. The burden of the daily fatigue started to wear off. The worries of the traffic jams, workplace, family obligations washed away. No more was I answerable to anyone, nor did I have to justify for my doings. I felt a rebirth into a dimension totally oblivion to me.

The deeper I fell into it, the more ignorant I became of the material surroundings around me. One by one I let go of the worldly affairs as I flew into a cloud of bewilderment. Suddenly, the brightness of the light seemed more frightening than the emptiness of the shadows. I felt a calmness in an unexpected state. I welcomed the darkness and ran away from the glow. I could only feel the luminosity raiding me from behind as I innocently ran away from it. I was caught bemused differentiating between good and bad. The darkness seemed a friend to me, contradictory to what I had always believed. The white was frightening to take me over. I felt protected in the arms of darkness.

Suddenly the memory banks involuntarily cashed a check of mom's scary stories of the childhood. The flashbacks showed the heroics of the charming princess putting all his magical traits to use, and eventually rescuing the beautiful princess from the dark evil. The fables of such sorts created a fear of the darkness into us and labeled it as evil. It was associated with an untoward feeling. The thoughts were maneuvered to believe darkness as the residence of the unholy species, whose motives are to slaughter every bit of life. A fear of darkness has been embossed in our thinking. The reason of which we never dared to ask.

Despite this invented fear, it is in man's nature to long for quietness in a lonesome dark place to drop his despairs. The daytime light is filled with fuss and loudness. Man is caught running from here and there in attempts to fill the worldly desires. He longs for comforts and peace with all his energies. Yet the effort to bring about these desires nothing but destroys whatever serenity he has. The soul is burdened with pressures from family, work, friends. He runs the errands under the scorching light totally blinded in a life of confusions.

Soon he begs to ask questions to himself, if this was the peace of mind he was running after. Tired and dejected from the day which treated him like a dog, he seeks a place of loneliness. Some place far away from the nuisance and lights of the world. A place where he can just sit alone and sink deep into his own soul. He closes his eyes and let go of the connection with the exterior. He descends deeper and deeper as he feels himself free falling with no ground to touch. A weird sense of pleasure strikes him which he is unable to recognize at first. Soon he becomes addicted to this feeling of bliss. The breathing goes slow and a gentle smile starts to appear . He feels as though coming back to home after a tiring ordeal. He no longer wants to believe in the fear of darkness fed into him by the others. He wants to keep going in to the sea of blackout and explore the inside. He is so caught up by this trance that he does not wish to come out of this reverie.

The fear of dark is a made-up notion. If we really search ourselves, it would not be difficult to reveal darkness is in fact an essential part of our inner self. It is a catalyst to finding tranquility in our lives that are decorated with stress. A few minutes spent alone there can help us release our worries and day to day apprehensions. It helps us gain insight to the doings of the unconscious minds and let's us dig into the true desires of ourselves. It is a misconception to be feared of it; rather it's a friend that needs to be welcomed.

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Nickr2 (2 stories) (18 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-30)
Quote of soulsearcher:
*i love this artical. It is so true. The light can blind you from the truth and illuminate the lies. Alone in darkness we only have ourselves to find.*

And our friends 😉
Ai (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-23)
Ah, my friend of darkliness. I love both light and dark, and the bliss of darkness you describe is the exact reason I love and accept darkness. Yet remember the light, for action and excitement and more knowledge lies there as well. Appreciate both elements, for the world is incomplete without one of them, and so is the living creatures of the world.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-05)
Most of us don't take the time, to explore our world we live in, let alone our minds. Or the inner self either. I have become more aware of my inner self, more these days then I have ever even thought of it.
soulsearcher (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-29)
i love this artical. It is so true. The light can blind you from the truth and illuminate the lies. Alone in darkness we only have ourselves to find.

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