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The Darkness Was Crushing Me


After having a deep conversation about Christianity with my boyfriend I found myself alone downstairs doing work because I had a deadline today and had a lot of work to do. But I was quite upset because he was asking me these questions and I feel like I've missed out on something everyone should be able to learn and decide about because I didn't know about sinning, I feel like I've got no chance of being righteous I have sinned so much already... I recently had a couple of piercings too and now this has happened. I kind of feel like they are burdens for my sins.

About 20 past 3 I turned everything off and went to go upstairs. As soon as everything went pitch black I suddenly felt freezing cold. I felt a tremendous pressure around me and inside me. I was so shocked, I stood there for about 10 minutes just too scared to move, but then I just thought get to my room and turn on a light. It was so horrible I felt like a million things were staring at me and following me up the stairs. I ran into my room and threw the door to shut it and it stopped, leaving a tiny gap which my cat ran through all big and angry looking. So I just sat on my bed for about 20 minutes feeling the pressure. It was kind of like the darkness was crushing me, so I prayed.

I've never really been taught about Christianity but it felt like the right thing to do, and suddenly I felt warm like I'd just got out a bath the pressure went and I suddenly could not keep my eyes open.

I need to know what happened to me, and can you please tell me when you began to believe? Or is everyone unsure to some extent? All I know is I want to believe and I have asked for signs but I have nothing.

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miszivy (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-10)
Hello Munchie,

It is incredibly interesting that I've stumbled upon this because it reminds me of a dream I had a couple nights ago where there was a demon who was attacking me and it was like a force of darkness surrounding me and putting pressure on me and in my dream I rebuked the demon in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I even awakened to myself repeating the same words and the scariest part was that when I first heard myself, in that state in between completely waking up and sleep, my voice sounded completely different it was as if my throat was even different it sounded like a deep and mocking voice but I kept repeating those words and sure enough the feeling subsided and I was safe. And this is not my first encounter either. Demonic entities are very real and they are terrified of our Lord Jesus Christ and at the mention of his name they flee. All you've got to do is call upon his wonderful name and believe that he will save/help you. Trust me my friend, He has never left your side and he is waiting for you to call upon him. I am happy to hear that you prayed and trusted in our Heavenly Father, for only He knows what could have happened. These happenings aren't very common. Please do keep praying and searching for the truth. You are very close!

Ivy ❤
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-09)

Hello "Uncertain One" do not fear or worry these are not unusal feelings or experiences. We all experience faith, belief, religion, spirituality, call it whatever you like in our own ways and yes it is different for everyone.

THe key is to "let it flow" be yourself and let whatever or whomever you pray to help you and guide you. Ask what you need to ask and look for the answers. SOme experience them as a spoken word, others a song on the radio or a conversation of a passer-by talking on their phone, or perhaps a bird landing next to you.

The feeling of warmth is the internal essence (or energy if you like) flowing I response to your realizing that "hey there is something wonderful within me!"

THat divinity that is within ALL OF US, is denied by a lot of people because you cannot see it or measure it quantitativley and yet it exists. Your fears brought about the cold and the pressure, your re-wawakening divinity brought about the love and warmth that removed the problem.

You may think I am smoking some good stuff here, but it has happenind to many of us at one point or another and you are not alone, never have been nor ever will be.

THere are many changes happening around ol' Mother Earth right now and these "feelings" and issues are becoming common place with more and more people.

If you find the fear is getting a grip again, simply sit back in a chair or lie down. Concentrate on your breathing, now envision every breath of air going into and out of your heart. Concentrate on that action, do this slowly and deeply and allow your body to become relaxed and feel yourelf reaching a point of inner peace. Contimue this "heart breathing" unitl you feel you have vanquished the fear, stress or anxiety of the moment. Try it for longer periods each time and enjoy!

Try this breathing technique out and you may be surprised as to what happens within your body and your mind!

Sorry for babbling on a bit, but you are not alone in this experience and certainly do not have anything to fear, for fear is a human thing buried within us, the Soul knows what is real and it knows the fear is not real.

" peace I leave with you..."


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