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This is a two-part story because one part is totally dependent upon the other. 9 years ago, I met a psychic (Mary) whom had given me such a precise reading that it ran me off, and I never wanted to speak to her again; I was frightened. 2-3 years later, our paths crossed again, and she let me know that she had good news for me, and not to be terrified because there were messages that God in Heaven above needed her to deliver to me.

To call her a psychic undermines all that she did (in collaboration with God) in my life. I refer to her as everything from my Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Mother, to Sister-Auntie-Momma.

We developed a very special bond. Although we lived in separate cities, we'd spend several hours on the phone discussing spirituality. She helped me tap into things that always existed, but I was ignorant to them, and too young to understand the gift. She helped me to understand why I had such a strong urge to deliver messages to complete strangers, and why God, and the Angels in the Heaven's were always speaking to me, and working through me.

I re-call Mary and I having one of our conversations and she told me she'd gotten a spirit visit from one of my 7 year old daughter's (at the time). It was freaky because I'd never experienced this, only with ancestors that had passed over to the other side, so naturally I panicked. Mary carefully explained the history about our Spirits traveling at night, and her own experiences with traveling.

The next few years my Spiritual awareness deepened, awakened, and continued to grow. In March of 2010, sadly I lost Mary; she'd died in her sleep after one of our long talks; we called them Slumber Parties. I was the last person that she spoke to. I took this loss very hard, and felt as though I'd lost the only person on earth that fully understood who I was. I felt like I lost a piece of me: a mother.

After overcoming feeling lost, as well as lots of pain, and a whirlwind of traumatizing events, I took my pain and experience and did positive things with them. I began to study spirituality. Everything I read and watched had to do with Spirituality. I began to speak to God, My Angels, and Ancestors even more. In fact, I wouldn't even switch a lane while driving without their consent.

Of course, as I read and studied, more and more books and DVD's made their way along my path.

Perhaps 6 months later, I was sent out of state to work a project, which was perfect because the anniversary of Mary's death was nearing, and I needed to keep busy fast. I'd gotten a tattoo in honor of her right before I left. The get away for work was perfect because I'd be in my own Hotel room filming for 5 weeks. I took some books with me, my Bible, and right before I'd gotten on my flight I was educated on Deepak Chopra. My plans were to work, read, study, and simply focus on my life by reflecting. Well, while working I met a very unique, spiritual individual. Mind you, at this time as well I'd just learned about Twin Souls and was obsessed with the contrast between Twin Souls and Soul Mates.

This guy and I were very drawn to each other. We'd small talk and smile, and say little playful things to each other here and there until one day we decided to finally spend some one-on-one time together. This day turned into two weeks. To give you a bit about our connection we did all of the cliché things that you read about in books: finishing each other's sentences, surprisingly comfortable around one another, long walks while holding hands, shopping, hanging out, just having a grand time and feeling all knowing with a person who I had no clue existed a month prior to this.

Well... The time for me to leave came so we decided to make the best of the day since my flight didn't leave until the night. We took a nice train ride, went out for lunch, and took a nice walk, and just talked. As my flight departure got closer and closer, un-happy feelings surfaced my heart, and he started lashing out and being a bit mean, so I called him out on it. He admitted that he was sad that I was leaving, and that he wished that I could stay. I assured him that the feelings were mutual and that hopefully one day we'd be able to visit one another.

We kept in touch when I left, but I felt like I'd left a piece of me behind. I felt empty, and incomplete, and then I was angry with myself for falling so fast, so soon. We were so connected that we spoke about him moving out to where I lived, and we were always just excited to speak and hear from each other. The way I was thinking about him constantly was plain ridiculous. It began to frustrate me, and the sad feelings just wouldn't go away because I just wanted to feel what I felt when we were together, again.

Perhaps a week or two after being home I began to feel his presence in places like my car, walking beside me in my mother's neighborhood, and in my bed. What I'd studied in all of my Spiritual discoveries was that if you had a vision or feeling more than once, then it was normally confirmation. So, after I experienced feeling him in my car all of the time, and sitting outside on my balcony with me, I began to question what was going on. For a minute, I thought that I was imagining this because I just missed him so much.

But, things changed between us physically. He'd stopped calling, stopped texting as much as he used to, and I slowly felt us drifting apart. This hurt my feelings because it felt like the bond and connection we'd made must have been phony. I remember going to bed one night thinking to myself that I wasn't going to reach out to him any longer, and that I was done with the situation. On this night two things happened: 1) While asleep I dreamt that he and I were on the phone trying to discuss us starting a relationship, but during our phone call someone kept interrupting us, but I couldn't tell if it were a male figure in my life, or a female. Nevertheless I was growing very upset (in the dream) because I really had been waiting to have this talk, and now that the moment was here, someone was blocking it.

More interesting, while I was having this dream I got a spirit visit from my distant lover. I normally wake up in the middle of the night and either check the house, check on my daughter's, or to get something to drink, but on this particular night, it was him that woke me up. My distant lover kneeled down on the side of my bed whispered my name a few times until I turned or lifted my head, and then he crawled into bed with me, and simply cuddled close, and went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning I was so confused as to what had happened, but I knew that I had to wake up and journal although I'd never forget this story. It freaked me out so much that I sent him an email while I was at work to let him know that I'd gotten a spirit visit from him, and asking him if he were aware of his travels. Well, I never got a response, and although we'd spoke on more than one occasion, he never brought it up, and neither did I.

A few months passed, and a friend of mine traveled to New York to visit family. While she was there she spent some time with a cousin of hers that did Tarot Card Readings. She wanted her cousin to speak to me. We're on the phone, and she has me tell her a little about myself so that she can start to fill me out. Once I'd said enough she took over the conversation and began to talk about my life. When she got to the part about describing my mate, she said that he was extremely in love with me, and that he couldn't stop thinking about me, and that I always felt him with me, especially in my bed. Quickly, chills covered my arms and I felt tingles all over my body because I hadn't voiced these things to another soul - they were my own sweet secrets.

Fast forward a few more months, he'd come up in two separate readings: one telling me to simply be careful and take my time with him, and the other telling me the things that I'd been experiencing were real.

Shortly after this, he and I got into an argument about him acting different, having this wall up, and just seeming like a completely different person than who I'd grown to know. Well, I failed to mention that when he and I had met, he'd just gotten out of a relationship. In this conversation he admitted to me that his ex was still at the back of his heart, and that he wasn't ready to start anything new. I wished him well and got off of the phone.

Well... One evening when I was sitting on the couch journaling, a portion of me was broken, and I'm not sure if it had something to do with him, what I was going through, or a little bit of both. He came about in this particular journal entry, and so I decided to "Tweet" about it: He makes cameos in my journal and doesn't even know it. 5 minutes later he Tweeted: I do know it though. It caught my eye, but it took me awhile to figure out what was going on, and that he was talking to me. Well, during this entry I got a visit from him. I then went on to Tweet: He downplays his psychic abilities and my knowledge. Less than 5 minutes later his response was: No I don't.

In this particular visit he came to embrace me, he gave me a really big hug, and told me that he couldn't be with me right now. I was in such awe and at a lost for words for what I'd just witnessed and experienced.

These visits went on for a week straight, and I'd just been calling them Spirit Visits until I found out that they're called Astral Projection. As I'm new to this, my question is, when someone makes the choice to travel, are others supposed to be able to see and interact with the person? Last week I was so overwhelmed and confused by his actions that I feel as though we had an argument when he astral projected his way right into my home. He's told me that he isn't ready for a relationship, but he keeps visiting me and spends a lot of time popping in and out of my environment. I mean a lot of time; he keeps me company a lot. He hasn't come in a few days because the last time that he was here I asked him to go away. This isn't something that I'd want to have an over the phone conversation about because he isn't able to lie to me well when we're face-to-face, mainly because we read each other.

And just to let him know that I know he's visiting me, just to re-confirm, I contacted him and asked if he minded me going out of state to visit him, since he was never going to physically come visit me. He responded yes, it's a good idea, but never once questioned what I meant about visiting me physically.

Does anyone have experience with dealing with others that Astral Project? Maybe you can shed some light or point me to some good books. Also, when reading about Twin Souls I read that the Spirits often meet up (as we do). I've felt on more than one occasion that he is my twin, based on the millions of things that we have in common, and the Spirit visits, and the scariest part for me is, him having my eyes. I remember often looking into his eyes and freaking out because it felt as though I was looking at myself.

Anyone have any insight whatsoever on this?

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-26)
Follow your heart, and continue to give thousands of dollars to psychic mediums and tarot card readers, who knows! You might get lucky, and end up with old Beelzebub in your bed, disguised as your former lover, the posibilities are endless...! Continue to live in sin...and, as newagers put it: 'Open up yourself to the universe, and let it take you where it will!'... There's no danger in that whatsoever! Is there? Aren't we our own gods? Didn't we make the universe?... I say: 'WHATEVER TICKLES YOUR FANCY!' Timfaraos [at]
DragonSpirit (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-16)
I will be happy to assist you in anyway I can as you continue your journey. Just let me know. Blessings today, tomorrow & always. ❤
DragonSpirit (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-16)
Greetings ARIES777
As I read your experience, I became filled with an awe, as it is very similar to something that happened to me a few years ago. Only the ending that I had was a bit devastating for me yet exactly what I needed to continue my spiritual growth as I buried myself in meditation, reading anything I could get my hands on, doing more Tarot readings for myself & others, anything & everything that led me to the Light & Love in the purest sense.
My advice to you. Follow your heart, it will always be true. From what I see & feel from your writing, you have found your Twin Soul and Yes, we can interact with astral travelers. You have many gifts, enjoy the blessings.

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