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My First Astral Projection


Around 2 am I was frustrated because I wasn't able to fall asleep. Mostly due to my cold that made my crest feel severely sore. I knew if I had any chance of going to school tomorrow I needed to fall asleep soon. I kept wishing that my body was at full strength, then an idea occurred, if I were to enter my etheric form I would no longer feel the symptoms of a cold which was only applicable to my physical body. But I realized that couldn't be achieved until my physical body was asleep. So as I a last resort I place my hands on my chest and began healing through the hands.

Shortly afterwards if not immediately I was asleep and in a dream. At this point I was unaware I was having a dream, I was at school walking through the top right hallway heading towards the media production room. But as I was heading there I saw Mr. Golden at the left corner of this railing, eating an apple and it occurred to me that I had seen it before; it was a feeling of déjà vu. As I was passing him about to head into the media production room I took a left instead away from the room. The dream was so vivid but I was beginning to realize it was a dream; I sat on the railing and fell back off the railing into the agora. But I was falling extremely slowly and the further I fell the more distorted and unreal the dream world was becoming. It was deteriorating before me and I awoke in my bed in the exact position I fallen asleep.

But I was in Sleep paralysis, It hadn't occurred to me until now but I now realize I had performed a "kick" similar to the movie inception. I wasn't completely in the sleep paralysis apparently I continued to have thoughts so I was suddenly in another dream. But I could feel my body dreaming and the body sleeping; what is referred to as dual perception. I was sitting directly on the arc of my roof inside the dream. This presented the perfect opportunity to perform another "kick." And again was in sleep paralysis and I was looking around calmly neither afraid nor eager. Just presently at peace. Then I looked toward my feet and there she or he was.

There was an entity of pure energy that had the same transparent energy form that I had experienced prior to this one. I thought this could be the guardian angel that I have until now only seen as an orb. But now it had a human form transparent like an invisible cloak. I communicated through thought I said "Hey, will you help me astral project? I want to be where you are" No word were returned but I felt it say " I will but you must remember your training" once again it was a feeling so much more than those words can express in fact if I were to interpret what it "said" it would be pages of text I am only paraphrasing.

Suddenly I felt an incredible intense vibration throughout my body, I had remembered in a video about astral projection I was supposed to concentrate on this and not be afraid. I do exactly so and the energy was burning throughout my back and whole circulatory system. It felt as though I was thrown into a pool of scorching hot lava. But so intensely, incredibly wonderful, the energy and vibration was now bubbling become more and more intense. "Soon" I thought to myself, but remained patient I didn't want to rush myself or the entity.

Then seamlessly my body rose from the futon, but it wasn't my body. It was my etheric form, burning of pure energy, at first just from the waist up and I allowed my legs to stay put because they were not at the same level as the rest of my body. I thought maybe that had to be worked out separately. So I again waited for my legs to reach that point but I felt the entity pushing me from behind, saying "get up" and so I stood. But when I looked down there were no legs, I was floating. I was thrilled to see this but instantly looked forward in order to insure I didn't think of my body as that would have returned me to it. And I was just floating and enjoying the powerful energy that was me. I forgot about the entity because I was more excited about the experience itself and I floated back and forth throughout the room familiarizing myself with the movement, and I dared not look toward the futon because I didn't wanted to see my body.

I felt comfortable at this point, well about as comfortable as a new born calf test driving its new legs. So I decided I wanted to go outside and proceeded to move my curtain and I thought about see my reflection in the window and I thought about my physical body. And I was pulled back into it instantly, I awoke in the same exact position I had fallen asleep. My hands crossed against my chest and I was shocked at what had just happened and looked at the clock. The time was 3 am. It had only been an hour, yet it felt like several hours.

In retrospect I could've probably just floated through the wall outside, but I didn't think of it at the time. Returning to my physical body felt very different, so limited, I long for the feeling of oneness with all energy again and floating as another entity. And many questions arise about the entity, was it my guardian angel? Was it myself somehow leaving a phase put into the past to help myself? A past friend or lover who has achieved this state and desires to be with me again? Or perhaps a random astral projector similar to me who wishes to help others; and be a guide to join the rest of the community. I feel as though I deeply knew the entity because I trusted it or him/her so dearly. I can only conclude it is the orb I continue to see throughout my day, and who I will refer to now as my spiritual guide.

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JAndrew (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-26)

Your experience resembles mine in many aspects.
The pure and transparent energy field you describe sounds much like the one that I encountered. I have wondered if it is God in the form of the Holy Ghost, but I am unable to conclude that with certainty. No words were said but communication was clear and unmistakable. The vibration you describe is also similar to what I experienced, as is the indescribable feeling of oneness with everyone and everything.

I noticed that you are from WA as well as I. If you are willing and able, I would like to meet up with you some time to share stories and local contacts, if that interests you. I met a Reikki Master this last weekend and have plans to meet a Shaman Monk next month when he gets into town. I am looking to explore astral projection and possibly have a repeat or similar experience as I had before a couple of months ago. Perhaps we can help each other. I live in Seattle-Magnolia, and my email is j.gustavel [at] Please drop me a line.

IwanttoHelp (32 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-18)
I think it was your spirit guide, I think the other site Psychic Experience has more people to help you with this subject.

I hope I helped somehow.

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