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Spiritually Touched... Ummm Yes


Spiritually touched?... Ummm yes, you could say that... I have felt the presence of god and the power that binds us all together. I have also had a few encounters with I guess you could call them angels or demons but spirits definitely. Most make me feel full of the most joyful feeling and others that freak me out!

I grew up very anti-religious to say the least. Over the years I gave way to the idea if god wants me to believe he will show me. Well I had an experience that changed my life forever. I felt the presence of god and he answered all the questions I had. He somehow gave me the power/ability to feel... Life force... (Almost similar to the "FORCE" featured in Star Wars) and the universe together and somehow he told me that god and space are somehow connected.

He gave me the idea that he created the big bang. I know it's out in left field... BUT he did. We know the big bang was caused by gravity right. So does that mean god is somehow connected to or is gravity? Without it nothing would be anything basically... Whether right or wrong, I don't know. But if we "humans" are connected to the earth by gravity and gravity binds earth to sun and sun to galaxy and galaxy to the big bang itself... Then maybe it's possible.

I left the encounter with a feeling of a higher power or reason for things. I felt important in some religious way like... A prophet I guess or something I don't know. But it changed me, my mind, my soul, beliefs. It put everything in perspective and answered the questions I always asked. And all this happened on Christmas Eve, praying beside an angel toped Christmas. Ow and my brother was born on Christmas day 1970 if any relevance...

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James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-02)
Hello Bill

Interesting experience to say the least, I guess God gave you exactly what you asked for.

The connection with everything around you is a powerful one and yes I do believe the Big Bang comes from God wanting to experience "God" yes a very New Age way to look at it, but if you think about it, life is an experience and if God wanted to experience God how else would God go about it!?

For me it was the Snow Leopards that I awoken to, for you it was as you described, in the end it means you have awakened to God and your Divinity has been re-discovered. Too many people have no idea what is inside them, however many are remembering "who they are" and that is a good thing, the more the merrier I believe is the saying.

Enjoy everything in your life to the fullest and have a great day


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