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The Flu


April 8, 2013I had been sick for about 5 days according to my wife to me it seemed like two days I had no concept of time. Earlier I had been on vacation with my Wife and Daughter to Santa Barbara Ca. Thing just seem to not be going right and I began to blame God for all of my problems. After returning home our family car broke down owning a Hybrid I had to take it to the Dealership for repairs and while there they discovered more problems totaling $1700.00 dollars I didn't have it was at this point I cursed God for letting this happen to me that is when I became ill.

On the 8th of April after some nagging on my wifes part she took me to the Doctor first thing was the nurse going through the standard procedure blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature. After taking my blood pressure the nurse changed the pressure machine and re took my pressure concerned I wasnt put in the exam room and moments later the Doctor rushed in and proceeded to take my blood pressure again the reading were consistent 65/43 the Doctor asked how I arrived at his office I said I had walked. He stated his concern and wanted me to go to the hospital as IT was very sick with a very low blood pressure and a fever of 105 degrees. Arriving at the hospital I was taken into the emergency room and had a central IV line put into my neck then I was taken up to the critical care unit while being prepped into a bed and signing paper work the ccu Doctor came in blood was drawn and the doctor started taking my temp and blood pressure at this point I could feel things starting to go wrong my eyesight was going away my chest began to hurt I could no longer breath I knew I was dying II called ou for help. As I began to pass out I could hear the Doctor asking for the paddles and at that moment I felt myself being moved out of life like being sucked into a vacuum. There I was in a place that was love it was peace I was part of something that I could only say was Heaven I stood there in great awe I could hear wings fluttering I could hear praises and singing of praises then before me was God I could not make out a face but my soul knew. There I was in front of God the one I cursed a week earlier for my problems now he was there with words of love for me giving me forgiveness wanting nothing but love the God gave me a greater gift he gave me messages for people at my Church then God said I had to come back it was hard to hear that I had to leave. After 5 days on a ventilator I was told that IS had no heart or brain activity for two minutes and the as the tried to ventilate me I put up such a fight that they put me in a coma I spent a total of 14 days in the hospital even though they said it would be a month when leaving the hospital I went home instead of a care facility had passed my physical assessments after three visits instead of the fifteen plus they had scheduled for me there are no lasting affects that they said I would have to live with. I know that only God could perform the miracles I have seen in my life I now know for sure God that God loves me and that I should give my problems to him and not blame him for them. God wants you to know that he loves you.

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