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Proof That I Have A Spirit Guide


For several months I have been working on turning my life around, I now have better mental and physical health. The next step in this 'change' was to work on relaxation through meditation and this has introducd sprituality into my life, which has surprised me.

I tried several times to contact my Spirit Guide without success, so I decided to get some advice. I told my advisor that maybe I have no spirt guide, of which she told me to act on my gut instinct more as this is my spirit guide guiding me. Shortly after this conversation I was driving my van along a quiet country road and suddenly I felt a message come to me which said "You are not wearing your seatbelt", I often drive without a belt as I travel short distances door to door. I put my belt on and continued driving only to become face to face with a police patrol car. I have not seen police on this road for 23 years and I drive it everyday.

This is only a small event but from that point on, I decided to act more on my gut instinct.

3 weeks later I was a little bit unhappy with a situation at work and I was kept awake at night worrying about it. I just decided to resign out of the blue. The next day I gave my boss a 30 day written notice and since then I have felt so much better. I am still trying to contact my guide but without success. Then this happened... Last night I was at band practice in a pub which is about a 15 minute walk from my home. As usual, I left at 23. 30 and began to walk home, I have done this weekly for 3 years. I turned into my road which is a dead end and I realised that the street light behind me went off which I have never known to happen in the past. Then the next light along the road went off. At this point I unnexplainably rested by a bush for about 2 minutes and I kind of felt it was a bit odd.

I continued walking along the now pitch black road and in the distance I could hear a vehicle, I could not work out where it was coming from but in the sky I could see its lights were coming down the road behind me. At this point on the very narrow road I found myself at an open gateway which I decided to wait in until the vehicle had past.

The car came into view, it shot past me at rocket speed and as I watched it dissapear down the road it seemed to be bouncing off of the hedges and then I heard a long screach and a smash. I knew exactly what had happened so I telephoned the emergency services. Strangely, I then held back and did not continue to reach the car, normally I would run down to see if anyone was hurt. Within 15 minutes the fire brigade arrived and I followed the engine down the road. The driver was unhurt, he was 3 times over the drink drive limit and was violent toward the police. I was then questioned, issued my statement and went home to bed.

On reflection I realised that the street lights going off when they did meant I could see the car lights in the sky and the unexplainable delay by the bush was exactly the same amount of time that it would have taken me to walk from the place I stopped to where the accident happened. If I had not stopped in the gateway I would have been at the place where the car smashed into the wall.

There is no doubt that last night I was guided to safety by my sprit guide. I have much to thank him/her for when we eventually meet. As yet, I have not found a reason for my sudden resigning from my job, but I did unexpectedly receive double wages in my pay this month gving me a while longer to look for another job. I wonder what the outcome will be. I feel very lucky to have opened up myself to my spritual side and I am looking forward to living with him/her in my life from now on.

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Loulou66 (guest)
7 years ago (2017-12-16)
Hi, hope your life turned out more positive for you. I had a similar thing happen to me a couple of years ago, I was driving to work one day and stopped at some traffic lights waiting for them to turn green, when they eventually turned green, a voice in my head shouted 'Don't move!', and I was shocked by this sudden voice, that I didn't move my car forward and waited for a minute, just as I thought about moving, a car suddenly appeared coming from the other direction and shot through the red lights at high speed! It occurred to me then that if I had not been told to not move at that exact moment, that car that went through the red lights would have crashed into mine and there would have been an awful accident! I think that we do have a spirit guide with us and maybe we don't always 'hear' them, but they make themselves heard when we really need guidance.

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