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Foggy Morning At Sand Rock


I was climbing in Alabama at a place called Sand Rock. A labyrinth of high stone formations, people have made their mark with graffiti and cut their lovers' initials into its trees.

A young teenager in a boy scout troop, I awoke at sunrise. Opening my eyes to a dewy and wet tent wall, I felt unusually restless. I had to get out and move, so I stepped into a dense fog as I slide from the tent. Scanning the camp, I realized even the leaders were asleep. I couldn't believe I woke up before the early bird adults, but I had a strange positive and content energy that I only get during sunrise.

Walking to relieve myself at wood's edge, I find an overgrown trail covered by branches. A natural born explorer, I follow it a short way through trees and arrived to a rock bluff, flat and at least 200 square feet. It drops off at a cliff, into a thick fog. Across this grey sea, another bluff mysteriously stands separated from my formation, a coupe yards across the fog. Then I realize a bald eagle is perched on that rock, not more than 300 feet away watching me all this time. I was shocked. It was my first sighting of a wild eagle, and meant a great deal as boy scout. I slowly sat down on the rock and returned the birds keen gaze.

The eagle stares, continuously at me, motionless. It reminded me of the staring contests I'd have with my 8 years older brother. I knew eagles were large, but it wasn't just large. It looked strong. I begin to realize this eagle not only looks - but feels strong. It simply wasn't going to break eye contact - and made me respect its presence. Never looking away, I took it as a challenge. I wasn't going to lose this contest.

After at least five minutes of this, the eagle breaks contact. It looks around, slightly spreads its wings, and dives down - entering the crevasse between the bluffs to disappear in the sea of fog. Quieter than a mouse, it reminded me of the great horned owls around my home. Friends around the campfire have always said the owls are my spirit animal...

I sit stunned and begin to question if I just experienced a spiritual moment. The day begins to warm as the sun rises higher. The backdrop of grey fog begins to clear and gradually - an entire valley is revealed before my eyes. The foot of the mountain gave way to a lake and forests hundreds of feet below and I stand silent.

I lead my leaders to the spot and we had our regular Sunday morning chapel there. (BSA is very Christian oriented, god is even in the scout oath)

Having questioned my faith for a few years, I sat at chapel half believing the lesson. It's all things I've heard twenty times before back in my southern home in Georgia. I realize that this sense of individuality identified with the eagle... And begin to feel like the eagle staring - outside of this manufactured religion that others have manifested and welded to their lives. (if you disagree, to each his own)

I've always viewed the eagle as a symbol of power as probably most US citizens do. Its something engrained in us from birth. Yet, I feel egotistical to claim a powerful symbol as your spirit animal. Should I see this as a sign and use it somehow, or do you think it was just a coincidence?

I found a picture of the location - take a look if you like and thanks for reading!

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dreamer01 (6 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-12)
a lovely story and well written. Thank you for sharing. To me personally it would have been a sign, be strong and independent, look at the big picture and let no thing stop you from soaring to great heights and accomplishing your dreams.

love& peace...dreamer.
TreeToucher (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-16)
You already have the answer to your question. You Feel it is true and you Know that it feels right. You have the key now, to open that door and start your own personal Spiritual journey. My personal journey started when I was six years old. I Knew, that something I was being taught (religiously), was not true - I could Feel it was incorrect. I do not practice a set religion, even though I was raised in one. I am very Spiritual though; have a strong faith in God, and Feel the love of God through all living things. I have had experiences with several species of birds, which were not chance encounters. One amazing event was actually a 'sign' that answered a question I was contemplating/talking to The Holy Spirit about, while sitting in a meadow. Spending time in/with nature is a 'religious' experience for me. I am filled with the pure essence of God - which is love - when I am with the air that touches my face, the grass between my toes, the birds telling their stories, the smell of the earth, and the hum of the tree to my touch. I have been blessed to have seen an eagle twice, but I did not have an encounter with one - that is a wonderful experience for you. I would personally go with what you Felt from the eagle, contemplate the meaning/message, and see where it leads you.
Wishing you Friendship, Love, and Health, Treetoucher
lassieprovedincarnation (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-14)
Thanks for the comment and interesting fact. Much appreciated.
anneke8 (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
I think the eagle could have been a sign yes.
In the Bible the eagale is mentioned more than once.
Only today I read an interresting article about eagles.
When it rains, most birds head for shelter, but the eagle is the only bird that, in order to avoid the rain, starts flying above the clouds.
- No wonder God wants us to spread our wings and soar with eagles!

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