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What Is My True Purpose?


I am thirty one years old now, and all of this started when I was nineteen. When I was nineteen my father was diagnosed with cancer and it took his life within nine months. Now growing up I wasn't much in going to church, just my choice, but I have always felt a sense of a higher power. The night my father died, my mother woke me up to help him back to bed as he was not mobile. After I laid him bed I went back to sleep, and during my sleep a figure, my perception of Jesus, came to me and told me that my father was in a better place and for me not to worry as he is not suffering anymore. And at that moment my mom came screaming saying my father had past, I had no emotion and told her that I already know. It took me a long time to tell my mom this story, I thought she would think I was crazy.

Since then my awareness level keeps growing and feel like I have some sort of close connection with a higher power. Years past and things seemed pretty normal, then in my twenties I have had at least five older, wiser, men, some I have never known tell me that I am the one. Well it kind of scared me, felt confused, but it seems that when I looked in their eyes I could feel that they were being a channel to send me this message. So this year my grandmother had past. My mother's mom. My mom called me one day and said "will you come see your grandmother before she goes?" and I did, the whole time I was traveling to go see her I felt that I would be the last person she got to see or hear. Well it was true, I saw her and told her that I loved her and she will be in a better place.

After that I left and within one hour my mom called me and told me she past, well I already knew. So with that I feel confused on my purpose here, please send feedback, would be appreciated. -Alex

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Dannydjmoore (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-31)
I think most of the comments are correct in saying you are not the one but Jesus is the one. I too have experienced supernatural things as a child. It scared me. I am older now and now I am humbled and thankful that I know for sure there is a God who loves me and that there is life after death. I think what you experienced was an angel comforting you and preparing you for the death of your loved one. My dad passed away from brain cancer so my heart goes out to you because the pain never goes away completely. Thats why I wanted to comment on to you since we are so similar with our experiences. I can see how it would make you feel like you are the one or feel special. Just no that's not it. You are loved and as a added bonus you know just like me. God is real. Thanks for letting me comment on this and I hope this helps my friend.
Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-26)
Don't believe in a spirit that tells you: ' you are the one!' NO! Jesus is the ONE! And we humans are just dust in the wind without His protection and guidance! ASHES TO ASHES, DUST TO DUST...timfaraos [at]
ladyjuniversalcitizen (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-04)
Your Purpose is to find the greater Intelligence you have within, Your divine connection to the Creator. You come here from a Spiritual Reality, to a Physical Reality, we live in the physcial but we also are a Spiritual Being. You are here at this time to find your Knowledge, and to give your specific gift unique to you, to others. Knowledge, Holy Spirit is the most powerful force in the Universe,

It can not be corrupted, misused, abused, manipulated, overtaken or controlled, it is our Inner
Guidance system, inherent to our being, It is the greater intelligence within. Instinct, Intuition and
Gut feelings are but the surface of it... You take the Steps to Inner Knowledge, by Marshall Vian Summers, it will awaken and build a bridge to this deeper Intelligence within.

If your searching for your purpose I suggest you find and listen to the New Revelation for the Human Family. It is huge, very Vast 9250 pages and continuing, You are here at this time in Humanitys Evolution to find the New Message and to gain access to the greater power within you. You are here for a reason. The Messenger is in the world, he is not a God, or to be worshipped, he is not to be made into a diety, he is just a Messenger like all the other great Messengers.

He is here to give a great Message to the Human Race, to empower them and to move them to a greater level of conciousness... Just like the other messengers did.

The Angelic Assembly that watches over the world is made up of the former Messengers, they are assisting and behind the Revelation and the Messenger. They have told him to Record the Revelations, so that they are in their pure form and will remain that way, untouched now and unmanipulated by man.

Your purpose is to find the Messenger, the REvelation...
Just go check it out, don't jump to assumptions or conclusions but read it take it in, then you will have enough information to make a solid reasonable conclusion.

TheOtherSide (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-31)
The purpose of life is to fulfill the unfinished business. What is un-finish business? One- pay back what we borrow in the past/present. Example: money or promise. Two- forgive all those borrow or done us wrong. Three- practice spirituality so that after death, you don't reincarnate again in this earth. Fourth- pay back your parents for having you. Like taking care of their needs, emotions, and monetary issues if possible. The most important thing is do not let sorrow or pain appear in your parents' eyes or heart because of you. Lastly, the last un-finish business is that you need to do good deeds and forward those good deeds to save those in the vital world (earthbound spirits) so they could move on to heaven, out from hell or reborn as a human with a good life.
musa (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-20)
One might say myne one is very clear. I am a musician. No it is not that simple. Just like the old tasterment it had to be raplaced for it was week. So was I under the vision of music I never became the christian I meant to be. Should you want to say something musacyril [at] is where you can contact me
musa (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-20)
We mught have somthing common. When I was young 4 some reason I used to believe that I am very special. When I accepted Christ they told me that I am very annoited. That no demon will be able to stand befor my worship. I always felt like and believed I am the 1. The chosen 1, but no one said that to me. The are few miracles I have done in Jesus name but very few. My vision was to be a singer, I love music, crazyly. But my life even after receiving Jesus was full of spiritual problems. When I read mathew 17:11 I thought that was me, but I now know him (google search "william branha") after realizing that if saved God in a better way I could get better result, I took the janey. I lost music love in the procces. Which is how come I am right where you are: what should be my vision, what is it that I was born to do? Unfortunetely I lost christ as well
Estra (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
Your purpose and God's will for you are one in the same. Trust your inner guidance. You are already very tuned in. What do you love most in the world? What has the most meaning for you? Your purpose is always something you love doing and something that utilizes your natural talents and abilities. Give yourself time to sit down and make a list of the things that you love, the things that make time seem to fly by. Ask for help from your Inner Being. Right before you go to sleep is a great time for that--especially since you have already had experiences of guidance while sleeping. That is actually very common--most people just brush it off, but you have had some profound experiences with it. Life is not supposed to be a struggle. We are meant to live with joy. We are here to grow and expand in new ways--to become more. We will all do that in our own unique ways. Follow your path of joy and you won't go wrong.
piu181514 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-29)
i do believe, trust in god... THE SUPREME POWER... And I do believe in what you say... You know god has sent us with a purpose... YoU need to identify it... And I hope you have found it... You are very lucky indeed... Sometimes it happens to me that anything happening now seems to have happened before... Noone believes me.

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