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Sudden Spiritual Awakening Or Something Else?


My name is Jason, I am 14 years old and I have experienced bullying since the start of year 5. I am now in year 9 now.

For all those years I have been bullied, abused and violated by bullies. Usually just for the purpose of annoying me. It started to happen so much that the teachers that where at the scene of the bullying didn't even care anymore. I was once hit in the eye with a large rubber band. The teacher just looked at me then looked away. Soon I had begun to not even care what happened to me. Pain, emotion, I felt them, but I didn't care about them anymore.

The bullying increased again, but this time I didn't care about happened. I nearly got into a massive fight. At one time I was tied up with industrial strength wire and then had insults thrown at me. After that incident I began to feel depressed, I hadn't seen a doctor about it, but I knew the truth in my heart. After a while I just went with the flow of things, I copied the way people act; how they move, think and talk. Then I had finally gotten a girlfriend, but the trouble was that she was very far away from me.

So we used various Internet services to chat to one another. We met a couple times and I loved her dearly. The first true emotion I had felt for a long time. We kissed a couple times; she was reluctant to say that she loved me. After I time I began to wonder why. She then broke up with me because we were to far apart.

When she broke up with me, something very strange happened to my body. I got a headache, but not the usual headache; it felt as if my mind was growing, like it was evolving. The feeling stayed for a few seconds then my body went cold, I got Goosebumps over my body. I felt no emotions at all. It felt as is that part of me had died to give way for something else. Whatever it was, was quickly taking over my body. I let the thing do its work. After that had finished. I just went silent. My mind was racing with words, some words I didn't even understand. That night I slept with no emotions; I wasn't sad, angry or depressed. Then I knew I'd never be the same again.

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Cara (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)
Hi, I was once in your shoes as a child who was bullied. I had boyfriens as a 14yr old but to tell you the truth I really needed JESUS. Noboby can take your pain away and give you the love you need like GOD, trust me I have been there. Read my story on this web site titled, GOD Saved MY LIFE. True story, jesus was there for me during a very hurtful time in my life wouldn't of made it through without him. I was saved by his grace at age 16. I know Jesus loves you believe in him confess him get saved, he will take all your pain. Don't look to others to fill the void look to Christ... GOD BLESS you... Stay strong...
CuriouslySeekingSpirit (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-26)
Hi Jason,
I know exactly what you mean, I had the same experience, as far as the way I felt once I became spiritually awakened. A sense of peace and calm overcoming me, changing my whole view on life by making me see things from a whole new light. An inner wisdom that felt awakened inside of me. Overcome with the strength to accept things as they are, but having no fear because I suddenly felt like a different, stronger person. I didn't just think... I knew faith was going to always carry me through and I still feel it. I feel myself growing every day, learning new things about the world around me and more importantly new things about myself. When I try to look back on the past, it almost feels like that person wasn't me. My memories of the past do not affect me anymore, not painfully like they used to, and I realize how far I have come. You are very lucky to have awakened to this beautiful blessing at such a young age. I am 22 and began my awakening about a year ago and most of the spiritual souls I have come across were even older when they finally started becoming aware. I have heard that 2012 may really be when the world transforms and everyone will be more spiritually aware. It seems to be happening all around us right now, people are realizing there is more than just themselves. We are all in this together. I hope that is what's happening. The world has gotten so bad in this day and age... People have forgotten the true meaning of loving one another. If we are all in a stage of awakening that means the world will be transformed and perhaps people will be able to coexist in peace and harmony once again. Thank you so much for sharing your story, yours is the first one I have read that seems to match my exact feelings of awakening. Sometimes my faith gets shaky as yours might to, it helps me when I write down the experiences that got me here. Remembering the strength within... The strength from God. God bless you and keep spreading your message of enlightenment. I have found many people I thought were nothing like me... Really opened up when I shared my story. It gives me hope that maybe I am changing the world one person at a time and in the future it would be amazing if everyone could put their ego behind them and open their hearts to be themselves in an understanding loving world. If we all share our experiences with the ones who have yet to see the light, just imagine how the world could change. Take care of yourself and if you ever need a friend to talk to feel free to email me laura.jeffers1 [at]
V (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-23)
That sounds shocking, but can you tell what happened after that?
Like being more sensetive.

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