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This story is not so much about a spiritual experience as it is about my personal awakening to the true nature of the universe that surrounds and sustains us. I am a 47 year old man living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. My home rests in the rain shadow of two mountains. The United Nations has cataloged this eco-system as unique due to the rain shadow effect.

Many years ago when I was but fifteen years of age, my family moved to this area. As time went on so did I. I moved to different places all across Canada, living, learning, growing. Always something brought me back to this place. Eventually, after many years of study at university I moved back to Vancouver Island to raise a family. For seventeen years I lived and worked still learning, still growing. I began to realize that my projections for what I wanted were beginning to manifest in a way that was not random. I also realized that it had a lot to do with how I projected my desires. I began to understand that projections made with compassionate and honorable intent came very quickly. This kind of projection cannot be done half way. How can you be half way in your own mind. If you are not totally honest with yourself then nothing happens, you just sit there wishing things would go your way with absolutely no result. It is the total dedication to honesty and compassion and love that created the effect.

After many years I began to feel a pressure building in me. I felt the need to vocalize my thoughts but always fell short in my writings. I realized that I had to change my personal situation in order to free my mind to express what I was feeling inside. When I did this it was as if a tap opened up inside my head. I began to write in a fit of expression. At first it was a continuous flow of words and ideas, every thing from work to respect to spirituality to god.

Later I added some structure to it. By the third time I had a short book that described all the lessons that my life had taught me to this point. It was then that I began to really understand the truly deep spiritual nature of our universe. I am a man who fully embraced the scientific method of evaluating the phenomenon of the universe. I spent eight years studying engineering and physics at university level. What I have begun to realize is that as amazing as science is and all the great things that it has done to enhance the human condition, it is but the beginning of the adventure.

I have felt the touch of the spiritual universe, felt the vibrations that indicate the step into the spiritual dimensions. I have not made that leap yet but time is on my side. The most amazing thing to come out of my awakening is the realization that I have now, at the age of 47, just begun my journey down the path that we call life. My new life partner and I joke about how great it is to be only two years old. We now base our age on the date of our independent moments of awakening, which began simultaneously six months before we meet. That was two years ago and the things that I have felt in that time, be it increased health or feeling the spiritual universe vibrating softly in my mind waiting for me to make that leap, it has been worth waiting for.

For a long time I fretted over what my legacy to this world would be, no more. Now I know and feel my life, my destiny before me, still mysterious but no longer doubted. It is an amazing time to be alive, to participate in the unification of the physical and spiritual universe. Many old souls are manifesting to participate in this, the Indigo Children will be most prevalent but they will rely on us to show them the path.

In the mean time we each walk our paths to enlightenment as individuals yet growing closer as your web site proves. I am blessed to live in a place that radiates spirituality, it is what always brought me back. Years ago I did not feel this but now I do and it fills me with wonder and joy.

In closing I just want to say that I found your web site while exploring string theory. The extra dimensions in string theory correlate well with descriptions of the various levels of the spiritual universe. Our science is getting closer to the true nature of the universe then they imagine. It will all start to come together soon, 2012 is just around the corner.

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Kelly (guest)
15 years ago (2008-05-16)
I am 31 and going through the awakening myself, tho at times I am having trouble letting go of the old life... I do know it'll be well worth it, glad to know there are others out there and that I am not alone.
Suki (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-08)
I too am 47... And experiencing a similar awakening. It feels wonderful. I am in awe of all that is.

I enjoyed your story.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-05)
I truely loved this story, well written and how the awakening has changed your life. And you telling of where you live must just be so awesome to live there. I live in the country and it's far better then the city, but I must say where you live sounds like "Almost Heaven".

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