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I was living in Kona, Big Island at the time and my life, at best, was lost. I was married, my 3rd and it was going down faster than the other two. I had always had the Creator as a someone to talk to most my life for advice and times of hardship. At this time in my life I was at an end and didn't for the first time know what to do.

I didn't have the money to move out on my own and, having the 5 little dogs my wife had to have and never took care of, I couldn't get an apartment. I loved those dogs and still take them everywhere I go.

One night at my lowest, lying on the couch I fell asleep, when I awoke it was midnite and there was a power outage. I got up and thought I'd go out and sit on the rocks and listen to the surf. We lived 40ft from the water and the moon was beautiful on the ocean. I walked over and sat on this large flat rock and started asking the Lord Father for advice and opening my heart like never before, I started crying, not remembering the last time I had for it was in my youth.

I told him I would turn myself over to him and be the son that he wanted me to be. No more lying no more cheating, talking bad about others and to live with my wife knowing that I was given her as a great lesson and a mirror for myself.

When I finished I said "Lord Father, it starts Now" and as I hit the rock with my hand a light that look like a large laser beam came from above me and went west over the ocean to the horizon in 2 seconds, it remained over me for about 3 to 5 seconds then the tail followed until it was gone.

I sat there with my mouth open and tears running down my face. About 30 seconds after that I realized that I was in darkness from the power outage and had for some reason a feeling of fear, all the homes being dark. But as soon as I thought that all the light flashed on.

I can say that to this day I have keep my word and its been around 6 years. I read a great book called "Embraced by the light" by Betty Eadie. In it she states to have a near death experience "I saw many lights shooting up from earth like beams. Some were broad lasers beams others resembled the illumination of small pen lights, and some were mere sparks. I was surprised as I was told these beams of power were the prayers of people on earth."

My life is much better and now we live in Sedona Az and many great things have happened since then. I hope to tell some of those stories soon.

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jamieboy222 (2 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-26)
I read this story again today 11-22-2012 and read one of the comments about aliens, first I'd like to state I've had many exps since then and I know that's not the case. The light was actually a HUGH light maybe 20/30 ft wide right over my head and was at one point over me all the way to the horizon as far as you could see and very bright, if it were aliens me being on the beach in kona on Alii Dr 2 miles from town many many people would have called in to reports this, but the next morning not that I had ANY doubt, I found nothing in the news at all. If you truly apply yourself to your spirit half you too will develop exps that will let you know we are just growing children.
Brifischer05 (guest)
13 years ago (2009-07-28)
Whether or not this was extraterrestrial, it happened at that time for you by God. Thanks for sharring your story, it is an inspiration for others including myself. God bless and take care.
enlightened (guest)
13 years ago (2009-07-26)
I am sorry to deflate your spiritual exaltation but what you describe bears uncanny resemblance to phenomena associated with a sudden appearance of unidentified extraterrestrial objects.
BeautifulDay (guest)
13 years ago (2009-07-21)
Seems everyone falls and feels lost at one time or another in their life. So nice to read a good positive story. We need more people sharing their spiritual experiences. It fuels hope and faith! Blessings

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