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I'm changed forever by this one night, jesus appeared to me in his spiritual loving spirit while I picked up the pocket sized bible to read it for the first time seriously. It was almost four years ago when I was seventeen. If I could paint a picture as to what I was feeling that night when I picked up my bible to read it, and when the spirit and love of Christ entered my body, well, he made it glorious! Internally, inside of me, Jesus was glowing, and illuminating everything inside of me, he, the lord Jesus was radiating all of his light and precious spirit from within me, no one saw it but me, as I laid on my bed reading this little bible.

But everything changed, I felt the rivers of the power of the lord god to be deeply replenishing me, and invigorating me, changing my spirit from a spirit of hate, which is what I had a lot of, into a very peaceful character, for I was full of the love of god. God was clean and when he had entered into me, he made me clean, cleansing me by the water of the word, which is Jesus, the magnificent god almighty. The lord is a river to those that thirst for him, he will replenish the dry ground and bring you to become a fruitful field in no time, just so grateful was I for that time the spirit bountifully came upon me, to bless me with his blessing, which was Jesus, my creator to shed his light upon me and in me, to the point to where I saw him, spiritually, and his kingdom did I see it with the spiritual eye, or anointing that Jesus had opened in me to see.

I was filled with god, and he is not to be spoken of with words, but you are to experience Jesus revealing himself to you and In you, Jesus Christ declaring to you of his marvelous goodness. All of you can be ready to experience him. I'm just speaking forth my experience, which to me was a very happy time for me, god is good and gracious, forgiving and full of mercy, loving all and waiting to show his power and spirit in you, so you can experience him, Jesus Christ as I did. He will appear to you in spirit, and his love will mightily roar and come upon us and change our ways. How excellent is the spirit of the lord. This is for all you devout Christians out their, whose faces are set towards the holy city of our god. Jesus is our leader, guide, supporter, king, lord and everything, god is our life, refuge, strength, hope and glory! I praise you Jesus!

In the midsts of all your glory, do I give you oh lord alone do I give the glory to you and may the kingdom of god prosper forever and ever, be of good cheer said Christ. We are all a mere nothing compared to the glory of out infinity god, that created the universe with his own strength, power and wisdom. Oh precious are you, the power of the sun and our whole world is at your hands, to do what you will with it, this I understand, as from one who has tasted the lord, and felt and do feel his eternal powerful presence, for which I adore the god of this universe, blessed are you god, for sharing with me the fullness of your eternal house, may their be many more times where I dwell richly within your presence, to my joy and yours, and to all those who come into union with my spirit. May the lord god make his eternal kingdom known unto the hearts of men, that we may stand perfect in his presence forevermore, so he can radiate his light upon us at all times, even forever and ever even unto all eternity, shine your light upon us! In Jesus name amen.

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kingdomdreams4life (guest)
10 years ago (2010-09-20)
My email is below if you ever feel the need to talk to me or Brandon we live on the other side of the country in Greensboro, North Carlina.

Email: kingdomdreams4life [at]

kingdomdreams4life (guest)
10 years ago (2010-09-20)
Hello Jesse,

It is good to read that others are experiencing God personaly within their hearts. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, God is teaching and raising up babes who will declare the great and mighty Day or the Lord in due time. "Those who hunger are God's chosen people."

To those who are being nourished in the wilderness to declare the Lord's truth the way of the cross has been the missing piece to union with Christ and the Father, but now that we have the way let us arm ourselves and endure to the end.

My friend Brandon and I have been reading Hall's website for a while now and we had the opportunity to save your message that was posted before it was taken down, we still review it from time to time. We hope to experience some of those things you have already experiened in the light soon.

May you have a blessed and wonderful entrance into the kingdom.

Peace,Love, and Joy,

BrandonL (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-09-20)

My name is Brandon. I'm a seeker of our Lord Jesus just like you. I too found Hall's web site (over a year ago) and I communicate with him for help on this spiritual journey.

When your writing was published on his web site before it was taken down, I was so excited to see another young person on the same narrow path. My best friend is also taking this narrow path.

A few hours ago we were rejoicing over the love and power of our Lord Jesus. Let us keep seeking, listening, and obeying so that we will all come into in union with one another in spirit and with our Lord Jesus Christ.

The love of God is unexplainable in human words. The experience you described, I also have experienced. A feeling beyond what words can possibly describe.

O Jesus, we are here to serve you with our whole hearts. Count us worthy of being your sons. May you receive all of the glory.

IndigoGIRL (9 posts)
10 years ago (2010-07-06)
Your story is wonderful! I too love Jesus with all my heart, I have been judged on being a Christan by some group or rude wiccans 😢. They have been giving me trouble for a long time now. But what they don't truly have is a God that will love them, I have been given a few (or many many gifts) by the Lord. I am using them for good don't worry!lol.

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