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Soaked In Light


When I was 28yrs old I had an incredible experience that changed my perception and my being over night.

At the time I was living with an alcoholic and was not fulfilled or happy in my life. I had no belief in anything and didn't think at all deeply or question anything about life. This particular night I was crying, feeling alone and unhappy, with my partner laying beside me in a drunken sleep.

I was just laying on my back looking at the ceiling when I noticed a small light right in the corner of the room where the ceiling and wall met. As I looked at it my sadness melted away and I could feel my face taking on a smile that lasted as long as the experience and some time later.

This light grew bigger, it was a golden light and it was love. Love and forgiveness. Like it knew every moment of my life (which wasn't the kind of life you could be proud of) but did not judge or condemn me in any way. It was truly unconditional love at its highest. I felt full of joy and peace. I had communication with the light and it told me many very simple things.

The main message was, "All suffering comes from lack of loving one another". From this I realized nothing really matters in the material world. Things like how much money, education, travel, or things we have. The only thing that really matters is whether we love or not.

The light communicated that my purpose was to help people out of the darkness and into the light.

The messages were very simple and I will list some of them below.

Wear clothes that are of light colour, natural fibre, and loose fitting. (I always wore black tight fitting clothes back then)

The system is built on rotten foundations (I had thought all politicians were just doing their best)

Cleanliness IS next to Godlyness (I was some what grubby)

Sex has lost its sacredness and beauty (generally) and has become like another material thing. (yes I had been promiscuous)

Eat only when your hungry. (I had always struggled with my weight)

These were just simple things but the effect the love had on me was overwhelming. It was like this light had filled me with this great love and I wanted to love everyone in a humanitarian way. I lost all desire for the small one to one love of a romantic relationship to loving all. It was such a feeling of freedom and joy. I didn't want to socialize with the same people any more or go to night clubs or drink alcohol. My whole dress image changed and I wanted to look natural without the heavy make-up I had always worn. I appreciated nature and beauty, the scales had been lifted and I saw these things for the first time. I left my partner, thou we are still friends to this day, 28yrs later.

Living in Sydney at the time I went to every spiritual gathering, sect, meditation groups, workshop etc I could find. I changed my name as my birth name was now so negative to me. I became a massage therapist enjoying every moment of it, opened a clinic and talked to people about their "stuff" and god and love. I even became very good at my work practically and have helped many many people where chiropractors, physios and doctors have not been able to. My life turned from drinking and emptiness to purpose and fullfillment.

I have to be honest and say some of the old worldly ways and desires returned to me but I never went back to my old ways of thinking and behaving. Eg, I do have a few wines now but I don't get drunk. I would like to meet a partner now to grow old with. However I'm still filled with much love and compassion for all life forms and I know God is there guiding, providing and supporting me always.

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Freya (guest)
12 years ago (2010-04-01)
wow that is amazing. I'm really happy for you! God is really with us.

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