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God And Satan


I was a young girl about 16 when one night I laid down to go to sleep. It was as if I had just closed my eyes when I was whisked from my body and standing in a place that looked like a battle field.

I looked around and suddenly to my left come what I interpreted as Satan, and looking nothing like people always thought he did. He was half grotesque looking but at the same time he had almost human features. He moved closer but never got too close! I took a step back and turned my head and there standing beside me was Jesus, again looking nothing like I had expected, but he was so beautiful and he had a glow about him without actually glowing.

I turned and looked at Satan again and then I turned and looked at Jesus again and I knew then why Satan never got close to me. Suddenly Satan spoke and he talked about past and present, and he pleaded a good case when he talked about himself. Then Jesus put out his hand to me and with no words spoken I heard him tell me that I have a gift that Satan wants, and if things get to where I can not handle them he will be but a touch away.

Jesus then pointed at Satan and Satan disappeared. Jesus pointed down and when I looked I realized I was out of my body, and as soon as I realized it I was back in my body and was waking up.

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Daydreamer (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-11)
That must have been a scary experience for you. Luckly you didn't get hurt. God will always protect you no matter what happens to you! 😁
ZiShu (1 stories) (27 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-04)
Ah so you were transported into the spirit world, possibly near the deeper layers where the battles of God's armies vs Satan's armies take place.
Satan can actually take any form because he originally was an ArchAngel. Then again most spiritual beings can take any form they like, even other Angels of God.
Jesus was already what I expected when I saw him but more of a brilliant glow.
I have never been to these deeper layers of spirit world battlefield, but I have been on closer layers to the real world. I have a friend whom goes to that battlefield all the time and join God's side in the battle with Angels.
Nadine (guest)
14 years ago (2009-12-29)
That's actually quite an... Out of world experience. That's not something an 11 year old girl would just say. I yearn to have some 'dream' like that.
But tell me, what do you usually find unique about yourself...?

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