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Jesus In The Clouds


One night as I was dreaming I became aware I was dreaming and then I was out of my body and standing in a crowd of people looking up into the clouds as if they were waiting for something. I looked up and suddenly Jesus appeared, but it wasn't really Jesus but the Antichrist appearing to be Jesus. I recognized him right away and I screamed at the people that it was not Jesus but the Antichrist, but no matter how loud I screamed it seemed that no one could hear me.

I looked up in the clouds again and an evil face grinned down back at me. I tried to make the people hear me again but to no avail.

I looked up into the clouds again and the Antichrist gave a thumbs down. I looked at the people and they believed that they were actually seeing the face of Jesus because they believed he would appear in the sky to save them.

I looked back up at the clouds and the face of the Antichrist appeared and now he wasn't looking like Jesus, so I looked over at the people but they couldn't see the Antichrist face but only that of Jesus.

I knew at that point that the people will not accept anything other than what they want to believe, and they would not hear me because I was not flesh but only a spirit, and I knew that even though I had seen the face of the Antichrist that no one would believe me because they were blind by their faith.

I looked up into the clouds again and there I saw devastation! I lowered my head and closed my eyes to the sounds of the dying, and suddenly I was back into my body and waking up.

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Lash (guest)
3 years ago (2021-01-06)
I had a dream... Happened just recently before the year of 2020 ended. In my dream I was at the front yard of my house doing like some hide and seek with my kid. Then all of a sudden I looked up and saw a blazing ball of fire slowly going down from the sky. Then right next to that was a huge dragon and he seems like he is talking or something. He stands still up in the air and then a face of a man just appeared next to that Dragon. After that I saw a cloud opened up and A God like being is in there. He was sitting on something and then I saw people like they're sort of flying and then I woke up.I've been thinking of my dream since then...
Shayna (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)
When I was 18 years old I was a heavy drug addict... My drug of choice at the time was Ecstasy I had a very high tolerance to the drug and I think I was on about 13... I didn't even give them time to kick in... & I was asking my best friend for more... He refused and said let's go for a walk then maybe you will feel them... So we went to the park near the college in Barrie, Ontario. There was a double slide there so we walked over to the slides and we each layed on one... We were looking up at the clouds... Suddenly the clouds seemed to go away... Then he appeared... It was like no cloud picture I have ever seen... It was so detailed... Now I am not really a religious person (until now) But the man in the clouds looked like all the old pictures that portray how Jesus looked... We both layed there frozen starring at what we saw in the sky... I could see every hair on his head... His long beard... His wrinkles... His robe... Everything! He was waving his finger at us... Like he was saying no or don't... It lasted in the sky for a minute or two... While I was staring at this phenomena I guess I started crying there were streams of tears coming out of my eyes... Once he left the sky I looked at my best friend and we finished each others sentences saying "did you see that"... I got up and started running out of the park I was a little scared... On the way back to his house I started overdosing on all the E I was on... My friend did not now what to do so he took me to my boyfriend and just left me with him... I almost died that day in my room... I felt so messed up... It took me about a year to be able to look at the clouds again... Cause I never really believed in anything until that day... Its still a little scary to me...
Now I have told this to some people but they always look at me like I am crazy I believe that was god or jesus' way of telling me not to take anymore e or I would die... (I never got the other pill I was bugging for)
He saved my life
But when I tell this to people they say I was hallucinating off the drug... But if I was hallucinating how come my best friend saw it too? I know enough about drugs that no 2 people hallucinate the same thing when they are high
But I want to know what he was saying no too? My best friend was a rather evil person so was he waving his hand at the fact we were together or was he really saving my life and saying don't take anymore...
I guess I will never know but I am beyond thankful I experienced it I am still not sure what I believe but I know there is someone watching over us all who loves us <3
Hallucinations are usually the walls melting or just weird stuff when your eyes play tricks on you... This was so real and so detailed and we both saw it and I felt everywhere inside of my body my eyes were crying and I had no control of it. It was so real and so scary at the same time.
I just want to know if anyone else has seen what I saw that day at the Georgian Fields?
My email in kisses.n.kerosene [at] Please email me if you have had the same kind of experience
vince guest (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-10)
That is a very special experience and a true blessing to be able to see the truth even though many others do not. Are your friends and family close to God. I speak of God often to anyone I know. But it is too easy to defend the Lord our God. He needs no defense, and is all powerful and almighty. Now a days it is cool to blaspheme or take the name of the Lord in vane. They unlike you, honestly can't see the truth. They know not what they do. Be thankful and ask God what's next. Where do you want me to go now. I have many people who I know who are so far from God I just pray for their soul. Talking is useless for most. For only God can give you that grace. He may use me as a way to reach that person, but it is His Hand, His Love. His Glory.
Daydreamer (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-11)
That was a weird dream telling you about something. I think that dream was telling you to stay close with your faith and ignore those who say otherwise. 😊
Fay (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-07)

My heart really pains me to see how multitudes of people around us are so spiritually blind. The devil is deceiving many and they fall for it. Those people you saw are sinners who do not want to repent from their sinful deeds. They see everything sinful and are inclined to follow it. Ofcourse they are devil worshippers. You don't have to join an occult to be called a devil worshipper. If sin is ruling your life and are not doing something about it, you are agreeing with the devil the father of all lies. You are his worshipper you are not worshipping our true God, the creator of the universe. People woke up. Repent of your sins. Note: Repentance- means you are not going to go back to your sinful ways again. Every thing about you is made new.

By worshipping the devil you are willingly applying for your passport to be cast into hell. The Devil was a very good Angel of God but was cast out of heaven because of pride. He wanted to overtake God His creator... A rebel. Initially, God made hell for the devil and other rebellious angels who were cast out of heaven, that at the judgement time they will be locked up in Hell and never to disturb God's people again.Note; people, hell is also for those who are rebellious about following God and His commandments, the rebellious ones just like their father the devil. The devil wants to take many with him, he does not want to go to damnation on his own. He wants you and me, please do not give Him the chance. Hell is real and there will be eternal torment. By refusing to worship your Creator through His son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for you for the forgiveness for your sins, you are consequently, worshipping the father of all lies. It's either you are God's or of the devil. You can't be in the middle. I emphasise, by not worshipping God you are destined to be cast into an everlasting lake of fire. I am not trying to scare anyone but, Hell is real and Heaven is real it is up to you to choose where you want to go.

If l were you l will choose to walk in God's ways because if the bible is true about God surely, lwill have nothing to lose but, inherit eternal life rather than be cast together with the deceiver (another name of the devil) in hell.

You don't have to go to a church to know about God. God is not found in a church only. God is everywhere. If you are sceptical about his existence, call out to Him always though Jesus Christ ask Him any questions you might have you'll surely hear from him. Halleluah! To know that He is a true and living God. Ask Him to plant you in a church He wants you to be in. Let Him be in control of your life. You will never be disappointed. He loves you, He has you at His heart. Worship Him.

God bless you.
Fay (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-07)
Wycliff Nyamanya
I think you had an encounter with God and He may have left you a special gift of the holy spirit or His power in you. God is faithful, go to Him in prayer and ask if it was really Him and ask Him to use you through what He may have already deposited in you. You need to show williness that you want to be used of Him.
Also continue praying so that, the enemy will not snatch that special gift or power away from you. If God chooses you, you are His, He is with you and will appear to you again some day to show that He hasn't forsaken you.

If it was the devil, who usually use some tricks to try to look like a saint as evil as he is, he would have been exposed in the end.

I think it is a good dream.

May God use you mightly.
Stay blessed
wycliff Nyamanya. kenya (guest)
14 years ago (2009-12-28)
That sure sounds funny. It happened to me once, but mine was just the opposite. I was not alone in a vast field when a face appeared from within the mountains, I couldn't remember exactly who was around but all I knew is that there were people with me. The face looked supreme, I could only see up to his shoulders and the rest of his body sunk behind the mountain. He just looked on not smiling not talking every one was waiting for something to happen, like a miracle, we all stared up for several minutes. Then suddenly, a flash of very bright light that we all had to shield our eyes with our arms. To my surprise when the bright light went off, I realized that all of it had been transfered to my palms, shocked, I decided to ask God the meaning of that, He was gone. I woke up and up to date I have never gotten a correct interpretation of the dream, but I hope that some day God will appear to me again and this time I won't cover my face,...

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