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About The Incredible Journey


This is a personal letter to you all to try and explain, THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL. By writing the Incredible Journey in about 15 to 20 installments there is a purpose. Most of us believe in God and the Spiritual World at least to some extent. Maybe our faith is mainly Hope rather than Faith. We are all getting older and that inevitable day of our departure from this material life will come upon us sooner or later.

On this three month trip, some 24 years ago, God was put to the test hundreds of times. Miracles needed to happen by the hour rather than by the month or year. Once we set out we never knew where we were going to spend the night. We never knew where our next meal would be coming from. We never knew whether we would fall sick or have a disastrous accident. We had no insurance for any such unforeseen eventuality. We were out on a limb for the duration of those three months. We were walking on the edge of a very dangerous precipice for the entire time in parts of the world that were dangerous at the best of times.

Perhaps I can hear God saying that we too were put to the test hundreds of times. Do you remember I wrote something called What if it is TRUE? I heard this statement from a Lady on EWTN and it helped to change my life. I believe for those of you who read this story, the Incredible journey and believe that I have not exaggerated or stretched the truth, will see quite plainly that coincidences do occur in life but not on the scale that we experienced them during the Incredible Journey.

There can be really only one way that this adventure could have been completed successfully and that is with the help of a very powerful DIVINE HAND. If this story will help you to find and hold on tight to this DIVINE HAND for the rest of your life, then this objective will have been reached. Thanks for reading and listening. I would really like to hear your reaction and look forward to your reply.

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