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The Incredible Journey 3


Soon our time in this five star complex was coming to an end. We decided to leave our 3 trunks in the Sao Paulo free storage.

So far everything seemed to be working to plan. We did have some narrow escapes from criminals. In the crowded places there were many bag snatchers and we always had to hang on to our shoulder bag. One person was robbed in front of our eyes and the thief ran off with the person screaming. He was soon lost in the crowds of people. One evening when returning to our free hotel we watched a burglary in a deserted street. As we approached a sentry gave the alarm and those responsible just melted away. Once we boarded a bus and three stops before the whole group of passengers had been robbed of all their cash and jewellery. One guy in the front had had his finger cut off so at to get his gold ring. The police investigation had already taken place and so we joined a group of very sad and bewildered passengers hoping that there would not be second strike.

We did have fun too. We made friends with a Cinema owner some months before and he allowed us to watch movies for free. One evening there did not seem to any good films except a Russian Dersu Uzala Director: Akira Kurosawa Cast: Maxim Munzuk, Yuri Solomin, Vladimir Kremena, Alexandr Pyatkov. Produced in 1975.

It was really an awesome movie about the real agape love of a Siberian wild hunter who saves a platoon of lost Russian Cartographers, map makers from freezing to death through the night. It gave us a real love for Russia as well as for India and this was realized some 7 years later on.

Hitch Hiking is such an amazing way to travel. It is very spiritual as it requires faith against all odds. This will come out later as we progress in our incredible journey. Spiritual people are not the only ones who hitch hike but it sure helps to be in close touch with the spiritual world through prayer.

It was our last morning and we finished our breakfast and profusely thanked the manager and the waitresses who had become our friends and set off with our two shoulder bags each. Stupidly I did not have a camera and so this whole trip is without photos. I however managed to keep a log of the business cards we received from the 4 to 500 people we were going to meet on the way. Collecting pledges had not really worked out and I was a bit disappointed. I had a dream that I think was very significant. It was in two parts. The first one, I was riding in a Steeple chase against many other competitors. A Steeple chase is an English word for a horse race and although the race was long and grueling it was just a matter of hanging on. By the time I reached the finish, all the other horses had fallen. On closer look at the Horse its head resembled Irmgard my wife. No offence to my wife who is actually very pretty and does not resemble a horse. Only in this rather significant spiritual dream. The second dream we were walking on the water together. As long as we kept moving we walked quite quickly on top of the water but if we stopped we began to sink and had to swim. This slowed us down and was costly financially. It was like we needed to keep moving. Launching out into new places and changing our location daily was going to be the key or one of the keys to making this journey a success relying 100% on spiritual help all the way.

We got a lift to the exit road from Sao Paulo to Santos and then there we stood on our first leg of our trip. We had no prearranged place to stay and just left by faith. This is something we have done countless times. Launching out into the unknown trusting in the help from the Great Spiritual force of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who has never failed us.

A man stopped and was obviously going to Santos which was at the end of the highway. He was extremely nice and a Christian. He did not need for us to pray with him to receive Jesus. He was a quite famous Lawyer who worked closely in helping those convicted of drug crimes. He had been a drug addict and experienced a marvelous conversion. After receiving the Lord into his heart he said he had been weeping at the name of Jesus for a week after. Jesus was so real to him and he gave us a very generous donation and later the Lord would use him to be one of our only real supporters.

He dropped us on the sea front of Santos and this was one of our first views of the South Atlantic Ocean for a very long time. We shot up some arrow prayers and there in front of us was a three star Hotel. I have forgotten the name but it was something like the Palace.

The Owner was a very helpful man and after sharing our crazy ideas of hitch hiking a ship to India he agreed to put us up bed and breakfast for an indefinite time. He became our friend and confidant and was always very interested in the progress we would make day by day.

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