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A Light Bulb Suddenly Flashed


I would say that God will always love, bless, hear, protect and save His children especially in times of trouble. That's His promise if one will read the Psalm 91 from the Holy Bible. I have a copy of this Psalm, printed in a handkerchief, but in my language since this came from my Parents who acquired it the first time when they went for prayer rally some years ago.

I've been reading this Psalm every morning before I get out of my house and reciting the Holy Rosary in the night. I may not be a good Catholic (because I don't go to Church here) but my faith to God is stronger than other people who claim they will be the only one who will be saved (other religions) when the world ends because they go to their worship houses most of the time.

This incident that I will relate to you happened recently about almost two weeks ago, though it correlated with my present health condition wherein I need to go for surgery when I receive my schedule from the hospital.

Last 03 June, I was approached by one of my colleagues and told me that in another emirate of UAE, there is this lady, not a medical doctor but can heal people through her powers. He said that this lady is single, different nationality and very hard to find since she's always busy attending to other people's needs. He also said that it's his sister who knows this lady so if I will agree, they will go the following week to see her but he asked me to give him a photo writing my name and my mother's name at the back which I did since in my home country, we are familiar with Healers who really could heal. I proved that fact because when I was hospitalized in the early '90's, actually in two incidents, I was healed by a Healer using my sister as proxy.

After two days, this same colleague came back to me and said that he and his sister went to the place of the lady, gave my photo and the lady did some ritual, burned incense sticks and meditated on the photo and after some time, the healer opened her eyes and said that the pain of the person in the photo (that's me) is not only in 1 part of the body but in two or three parts and it will take some time to heal because this has started long time ago (as I remember, I mentioned these things to my colleague before). He also said that he was asked by the healer to buy 1 bottle of rose extract from store and that she'll bless it and he has to come back after 1 week.

(Actually, in our country, the patient usually goes to the Healer and if the former can't be present, then the proxy (blood-related relative) will be treated in absence of the one who is sick like what happened to me in the early '90's. The healer won't entertain anybody not related by blood to the person who needs to be healed).

While telling me what happened during their visit to the Healer, he even said, the Healer told him that she will write in Arabic some words to be read to me while I am putting the blessed extract on the affected areas then wrap around it with a green cloth. So he told me, he will have to go to my house on Thursday night and do this ritual by reading to me the Arabic words since I do not know the language. He even said that when I apply this medication, I should be cleaned, meaning I shouldn't have my monthly period. When he was saying this to me, his face was bright and one could even feel his happiness and excitement but something made me uneasy when he said he must go to my flat (I have this personal house rule that no man can enter my flat unless the person is a relative or my boyfriend).

Suddenly, an idea came to my mind like seeing a light bulb suddenly flashed then I told him that there's no need for him to come to my flat since my boyfriend (who happens to be a middle-eastern, Muslim too, though the mother tongue isn't Arabic, is very fluent in Arabic and he can help me with this ritual since he comes to see me every Thursdays (that's the weekend in the middle east). When I said like this, I saw the face of my colleague became dark (as in a gloomy sky when the rain would fall) and the facial feature turned into like a devil.

He immediately got upset with me; he asked me why I have boyfriend and why he visits me on Thursdays? I said what's wrong with that, I am single, my boyfriend is single and we don't mess around with people. (There was a time before, in the office, this malicious colleague told me that in their tradition in marriage, he being a Pakistani, if a lady is still single, she is not allowed to have a boyfriend otherwise people will look at her as a "prostitute"... this colleague is very much married and have children. His family is in his home country... Really this is very irritating, what a crooked mind they have since they were implanted of such kind of idea by their forefathers, it doesn't mean that all women who goes on a relationship are dirty women).

I even told my colleague that I am also a Psychic but not a healer and my sense of feeling and smell are very strong and I will be able to sense if somebody wants to mess around with me.

So after that moment, he left, so furious of me then I realized that this colleague just wanted to take chance on me. After several hours, I came across with him in the corridor and I noticed that this colleague could not even look at me straight like having a trouble with his conscience (if he has conscience that I could not be sure of).

I told my mom about it when I called her up last Friday, 13 June, and she said that I am right, this colleague must probably be making up a story to take chance on me. My mom said, stay away from this kind of people and I should just wait for my schedule at the hospital. I told my boyfriend too about this colleague and he was upset and assured me that he'll double-protect me as much as he can to keep me safe from this kind of evil creatures and with God's help, nobody will harm me at any cost.

I was able to get back my photo yesterday, 14 June, (as I have early assumptions that I might be bewitched if I don't get it back, as you know, evil people will always cheat everyone to get even) from my colleague. I was feeling good when this was over. Whatever the enemy will do, I'm very sure, he will not win over God's powers!

See how God protects us from evil people? I know when the time comes that I have to undergo surgery, God will be my Doctor and do the surgery well and I will not have a hard time recovering even I am just alone in my house. God will always look after me and send me my Guardian Angels and other Spiritual Aid to be on my side. He will not let me suffer as Jesus, His Son, already suffered for me when He died on the cross to pay for my sins.

I shared this story and would like everyone to always Trust in God no matter what happens. I am in the UAE for 10 years now and I would say, God never left me at all. He loves me as I am His Daughter.

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-21)
GOD helps all people, the good and the bad, (so they can become better). But I must tell you, that if you live in sin, and don't repent, then you leave an open door for the devil, and sickness will follow, because God wants to save you. Sex out of marriage IS a sin.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-14)

God has never left you and has always been with you. You only have to seek him inside and there you will find that the Heavenly Father has always been there.

For you cannot truly know God without until you know God within.

My belief in the Father is very different from modern religious teachings (dogma), as I love the Heavenly Father with all my heart and soul and seek him within me whenever I need to talk, if one listens for the answers to the question one poses, they are always there without fail.

God will always protect his children, regardless of what and wherever they are, everyday I saw a prayer that ends with "...I am safe, everywhere..."

I celebrate the life and teachings of Jesus, not his death and in doing so celebrate the wonders of the Father in Heaven.

You were protected from this man, not just by God but by the truth and goodness that lies within you.

Love and Light to you and yours

Maria216 (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-24)
Hi Partisan, thanks for sharing your comments.

So far, all I can say is we all have our beliefs and we must respect them. I am a Catholic and a believer of Christ as well as Mother Mary, Guardian Angels and Saints.

As to my surgery, I walked out from the hospital that day (22 June 2008) and vowed never to come back. The hospital staff gave me the reason to doubt them. So I'll just have myself treated when I go back to my homecountry, which will be very soon, I mean before this year ends, for good.
partisan (1 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-21)
I think it is wonderful that you know Who to be grateful for, to in this kind of a situation, and that you know well enough that God will be with you throughout your operation. I know the teaching about Jesus paying a price for other's sins, and do not believe it because it makes no sense at all to me! But God's love is always true, and that's what counts! May your operation go perfectly well.

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