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Spiritual Bhakti - The Turning Point Of My Life


On March 29th 1990 at 7:30 am morning, I was doing prayer before going to school. For a while I forget everything and I lose my consciousness and all of a sudden a heavy rainfall came. I saw in my superconsciousness that a big light, which was full of blue and golden colours like a sun in the river, along with some structure, came in front of me. I never forget that light and he told me that your birth is more useful if you follow the path of God. He said "I am always with you from now onwards and will guide you from time to time" and when my conscious returned back, after 15 minutes, I found not even a single drop of water around me. My mother was also surprised to see that it was a heavy rainfall and now there is no drop of water. After this, I got a surprised occasion to read Bible and feel God came in a similar manner.

The important words of such light and structure are "aim of my life". After this happening (now every second I feel spiritual experiences but it was my turning point) my life is totally turned and changed towards Spiritual Bhakti and Kriya Yoga and aim is to serve the world without any self interest.

Now by God High Command's grace I am having 18 years of real experience of Bhakti Vibration, meditation and Kriya Yoga.

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Surya (guest)
11 years ago (2009-05-15)
This one expereince led you to the path of Yoga (Kriya) and meditation. Kriya-Yoga is one of the different Yoga arts mentioned in the yoga scriptures and is neither a sect nor a religious community. It is much more a way to reach your true identity independent of religion and belief. Is this why you took it up. Got a bit side tracked.

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