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Sibling Experience With God


I was about 3 in 1966 and living in Costa Rica with my brothers. My parents were already living in the United States and had left us with our aunts and uncles until they could afford to send for us. My 6 year old brother was playing with me along with my 6 year old cousin.

We were playing near a field and decided to cross the fence and go into the field even though we were told not to. We must have crossed the fence by crawling on our hands and knees to the other side. On the other side of the fence was a heard of cattle and we continued to play as kids will do. But to our surprise from a distance we spotted a bull who was approaching. It scared the life out of us and we frantically looked for the hole to climb back out but we couldn't find it!

The bull kept getting closer and we didn't know what he was going to do. The last thing we wanted was to be gored. So we did what was the only thing we could do. We knelt down and began to pray. All I could remember was closing my eyes and praying frantically. As soon as we stopped the hole was visible and my brother pushed me through it, next went my cousin and then my brother. We walked back to my aunt's house relieved we were safe and never spoke about it again.

Six months later, my brother and I got on a plane and joined our parents in the US and we never spoke of that incident again. For me it was like a dream. Completely a dream in a far away land that always lingered in the back of my mind.

Then one day I couldn't help but wonder if it had been a dream. I told my brother the story of the bull in the field and asked him if he shared the same memory. He said yes! He remembered it better than I did but it did happen. For me it was such a validation of something I had experienced that was so magical. The hole just appeared out of nowhere. It was after our prayers. It was and always will be true to me.

I honestly don't know what to make of this experience. Since then my brother and I have had an unusual amount of close calls with death. It always seems odd that it's with him. Any thoughts on this? And don't say I should stop hanging out with him. :) We are really close and there's no way I would ever stop being his sister!

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Well Wisher (guest)
13 years ago (2010-03-21)
Dear Wisdom,

Really enjoyed reading your experience...

Allah / GOD loves you very much and will always protect you from harm. Just keep remembering and praying to him all will be well.

Your brother is related to you by blood.
You should never consider leaving or abandoning him even if you do have these close calls with death.

Do not be frightened... You are a brave girl... Stay brave and never give into feelings of fear or doubt.

Allah / GOD is always with you... In times of trouble.
eternallygrateful (guest)
13 years ago (2009-07-31)
All: What a blessing to realize at such a young age how God was working in your life. I must have ben a teenager before I realized God's existence and his purpose for me. Near death experiences and His direct involvement are too many to count. But I appreciate every additional breath and moment.
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
14 years ago (2009-02-25)
Dear Wisdom that is a great story and shows the enormous power of prayer. Thank you so much for sharing it. It is an inspiration to everyone. Have a great day and of course it is wonderful that you feel so close to your brother. My kids feel the same way about each other most of the time. It is one of their strengths.

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