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Was This An Angel


In all our travels through over 40 countries, we met some very nice people and on one occasion I believe we met an angel. Let me tell you the story. We (My wife and I) had to hitch hike to a Christian Convention about 100 kilometres outside Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hitch hiking was and still is a way of traveling we often use. It is for free and one has a great chance to talk the driver about spiritual things.

This was in 1983 and as is normal for that particular time of the year it was extremely hot and we seemed to get stuck about half way and it was the middle of the day. We were by a bus stop and the people waiting were looking at us in a kind of negative way. "Why can't this silly couple get on the bus instead of sticking out their thumbs for a ride?" You could almost hear them thinking.

We found a little bit of shade and I was praying for the Lord to at least allow the sun to go behind a cloud. I was a little discouraged. HH is not always easy and there do come difficult moments, and this was one of those moments. The Lord did allow the sun to disappear.

Then at last came the lift. The man was going to the very place we wanted and so we just had to settle down and enjoy the one hours drive.

Five minutes later the car stopped. We had turned off the Motorway down an exit road. Sure enough this place also had the same name as our destination. My heart sank and we thanked him and got out.

I shot up an arrow prayer of disappointment to the Lord but no sooner was it out of my thoughts than a truck driver beckoned to us. His truck was pointing the wrong way but we felt compelled to obey him. His truck was very dilapidated and as we sat down beside him, he introduced himself as Elias, Elijah in English. We told him where we were going and he said quite ridiculously, "I know!" Then he started up the engine and turned the vehicle around.

His exhaust tail pipe was missing so we could not communicate except when his foot was off the accelerator going down hill. We knew this stretch of the road quite well and knew most of the restaurants along the way. We managed to explain to Elijah that we needed a place to get something to eat. Again he nodded just as if he already knew. A little later he stopped at a Churasceria that we had never been to. He told us we would get a very good meal there for free. We got out thanking him profusely and entered the empty restaurant where scores of tables were prepared for hundreds of guests. The owner met us with a big smile and I forgot to mention that as the truck drew off I noticed it had no number plates.

Brazilian road police are quite strict about such matters as number plates and excessive noise of motors etc. So that too was definitely odd.

So he sat us down and offered us a menu. We quickly told him that we were missionaries and he was completely at ease and just smiled and then treated us royally. At the end of our free delicious meal we left full of thanks and well refreshed.

I think it was the first vehicle that passed that then stopped and took us to our destination. When we told our story to our friends at the convention, many said it was an angel encounter and to this day I believe it was just that.

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IndigoGIRL (9 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-06)
I liked your story Vegabondfaith, but (even though this comment/question may not have anything to do with your story, sorry!) have your ever heard of people having the ability to see or feel the presence of angels? I mean I sort of do, I can see them sometimes, or even just sensing them, but would you know if this is common among some people?
AAAAngeLLLL (2 posts)
12 years ago (2009-01-03)
Wonderful and exciting story! I really loved reading it. Thank you for posting it. Angel encounters are some of the most precious stories out there. They offer such comfort, knowing God is involved and in touch with us when we may not even know it! Hugs.

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