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A Christmas Story - Three Wise Angels


It was December and nearing Christmas, I was 11 years old and the day that we were going to get a Christmas tree and I was excited. Though we didn't know at the time that it had been snowing heavily, so when we arrived to the area to cut down a tree it was getting quite deep and our tires got stuck in the snow. Mom was freaked out and my oldest brother who insisted I be quiet and stay in the car, was trying to get the car unstuck. I was ok with that until I looked out the back window and panicked, there was a nearly straight drop and it was not my plan to stick around. After begging and pleading he let me out.

My Mom was fretting, while I had calmed down considerably and realized my Grandmother was walking ahead with our poodle puppy in tow and boy she was a very happy bouncy pooch. It was many miles away from the empty Rangers Shack. My Grandma was a very strong and a kind woman, not one to react to a situation, She was a responder, rather than seeing a problem, she saw an opportunity for other possibilities. After I ran a bit I could see her in the distance. I always felt safe with her and it was starting to get colder and it was going to be dark soon.

After a short while Mom and my brother Mike caught up to us and we all started walking together. After slushing around in the snow for a while, a jeep appeared out of nowhere driving toward us.

Yeah! We were rescued. Once we got in the Jeep and started to get warm and comfortable, one of the Rangers told us we were very lucky and that they did not customarily drive out to this area when it was turning dark. They took us to where the car was stuck and towed us out, then strapped our tree on the car and they followed us to safety. There were three of them and they told us their names and which Ranger Station they were from, the one most near our home. At the time we were living in a very small town in Coastal Oregon. When we got back home and settled in for Christmas, we baked cookies to take to the Rangers.

When my Mom and Grandma got home from the Rangers Station they were dumbfounded to be told that there were no Rangers or men with the last names we gave them anywhere in the area including outside of the area. Ours was a town that had less than 1500 people at the time and not many Ranger Stations in the vicinity. Grandma fondly referred to these three men as the "Three Wise Men". I have considered them to be Angel Helpers.

I hope you have enjoyed my story.

It is one I have not shared with many.



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vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
12 years ago (2009-01-06)
Hi I wrote my story but I didn't call it the Angel Elija but WAS THIS AN ANGEL? What do you think? Look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me on email michaeljaffrayk [at]
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
12 years ago (2008-12-13)
That is a really awesome story and helps me to have more faith in the intervention of Angels and reminds me of an event which happened to me and my wife in Brazil some 25 years ago. I will make a new blog and post it. I will call it the Angel Elijah. I already wrote the story up in a book I am writing called Vagabond Faith so I will copy it out and maybe you will like it too.

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