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I'm 42 years old and was a LPN in a psychiatric hospital for a total of almost 10 year. During the years, I've heard the past stories about the field to some depth. One day my life took a turn and I was on the other end, as a patient. To my horror, I seen what the field was really like from a patient point of view. Incompetent to say the least.

I was misdiagnosed as psychics often are, based on 60-70 DSM's criteria and not modern day point of view. This led me to journey across the U.S.A. and Mexico to try and find myself that got lost in all of the paperwork and assumptions about who I was inside.

One thing I noticed is that when I started out, I had no idea where I was going or wanted to do about any of it.

As time went on, I ended up at Rusk Hospital in Texas. And then South Western Virginia and then Western State Virginia, each time I felt I wasn't alone in my despair, but couldn't place my finger on what I was feeling. I was abused through medications over objections that lessened my abilities as a psychic. This depressed me because I always relied on my inner resources to guide my spiritual paths.

Traveling was a blessing, as I knew it would be to me. Through all of the hospitals they found pieces of health information that was identified as Graves Disease when I came back home and things were reviewed. What a blessing to have the other hospitals care when my own hometown hospital where I once worked as a nurse, blew me off and discredited me.

Through all of this, I realized I had become more spiritual towards the past history of mental and it's patients, despite me taking a disability as a nurse. My awareness is very heightened for what people actually go through trying to tell their stories and get people to listen. Today, the field is a lot better than yesterday.

One thing I did notice and have to ask others is, I'm in tune to digital camera and sometimes see faces in the pictures. I don't think they're apparitions, it's more that the camera if bit mapping what it is picking up. I noticed that this started on the Historical Asylums pictures that I viewed on the Internet Forgotten Photography site.

Spiritual Journey

I'm asking if anyone else notices the digital faces on the pictures because I believe faces are spiritual and are not ghostly apparitions.

Has anyone else ever seen just faces? And do you find they are more spiritual than apparitions?

What do they mean in a spiritual journey? I didn't notice them until I was ready to research and begin to change things in the mental health field.

I feel that it is a calling to follow through on reporting the abuses and to try to lobby for some much-needed changes. I'm on a lot of Online Support Teams such as Nami and the ACLU among a few others. And no one around me has ever said I was crazy. Sometimes others see the faces when I see them.

The faces are not evil, they bring a lot of peacefulness to me as if I'm guided and watched over. That's my feel from the entire thing. I usually see them more in digital cameras, than standard B&W or color.

Has anyone else had experiences with seeing faces along a spiritual journey?

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Jack (3 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-30)
Dear Gina, I have read your story and I know about the abuse of some of these doctors and attorney's out there. I had a doctor give me the wrong medication for anxiety for two years. First I had depression and about five years later the anxiety followed. I got so bad that I was on the bottom, going to the E.R way to many times. But my senses told me that God would be the only one that would be able to help me now. When I asked him to come into my life. That very night, he had a messenger their for me. I don't know what would have happened to me if I didn't find him. It was like he was waiting for me to find him again.
Gena, if you are still not doing that well, God will be their for you, if you let him.
About your digital camera and seeing faces in the pictures that are not supposed to be there. I have not had that exactly happen to me, but one thing I can tell you is I was out-side at night taking pictures of the full Moon and to my surprise, when I put them on my computer. I seen orb's, round balls of light in my pictures. They were, blue, red, and white, the one's I caught on my camera that night.
Take Care, I hope you get better!
B.Rewolf (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-22)
I looked up 'spiritual seeing faces' as I have been seeing faces more & more.
In all sorts of things. On doors, in trees, rocks...anything. I believe it is the universe showing me consciousness, that everything in the world knows. Has a knowing. To be is to be & that is all that is necessary. That 'to be'is an experience, without any effort.
You cannot lie to the world, for it can see you. It simply knows.
Being truthful about who you are is rewarded as the universe says, 'thank you' for realising everything is connected.
That you are me & I am you.
That we are the same, yet we are experiencing the experience of what we are, for one another.
We have to experiece all possabilities to know the truth.
The truth of what we are is that we are individual experiences contributing to the experience of life.
The trees can feel, the rocks can see, the sand can smile.
The faces that I see...& others are simply the universe allowing us to experience this connectedness by sybolizing the personification of itself.
Mary Sweeney (guest)
14 years ago (2008-08-20)
To me your story was very moving.
We are surrounded by Angels/ancestors/loving pets.
I only know because I've seen them every once in a while. It is very moving to know we are loved and supported by them. I saw my grandmother after her death and she was solid and smiling.
There is a poem something like, " There is live and death and love is the bridge that crosses over. It just proves love is stronger than death.
GinaSciarrino (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-15)
Thank you both for posting a comment, that's how I felt going through everything, as if there was something with me all of the time. As when I started to see the faces, I felt they were special from heaven because they always had some form of meaning to me showing me that we're not alone. Even though my journey was through a form of darkness, I felt truly blessed to be able to see the other end of what was once, my career. I never understood why I left I just had a feeling that something wasn't right about the field and now I have a clear picture, to be able to advocate for others, something I didn't have before I decided to leave. I believe both of you are right, an Angel was with me. I pray that one is with you too.
God Bless
Norma C (guest)
14 years ago (2008-08-14)
To me they are Angels sent by God to help us. They are everywhere always ready to minister to us. There is visions we call and God wants to communicate to us because He loves us. I can relate to you and I just thank Him for this wonderful gifts He has given to us. You are blessed. Alleluia!
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-13)
I have seen faces on many types of pictures that were taken. Or if not pictures then little orbs. But I feel they are our Guardian Angels who are always with us.
Gina Sciarrino (guest)
14 years ago (2008-08-01)
Was this an unique experience? I'm starting to believe so because that's how I feel spiritually. I wrote another story for this site, the follow up of what I was presented with, the day after I wrote this story, but before Spiritual Journey was posted for public reading. Look for my upcoming story of Angels. It's humbling, to use a friend's word.

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