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In a dream that was at the time perceived as waking life, I was in a music studio on a plane, hovering a few hundred feet above the ground, in a sudden change of experience, the plane began to free fall and spiral down towards the earth. I caught a glimpse out of the window of the ground drawing nearer, and instantly closed my eyes to try gain a form of meditation empty spiritual consciousness and accept the fate of the moment.

I had no perception of timing and did not know the moment when the plane would hit the ground. In this closed eye silent moment I felt a powerful explosion from within, with only the smallest burning overwhelming which flowed into a wave of quiet modest peaceful bliss. In the moment of change from burning to peaceful bliss I felt no understanding of time or space and did not feel my body from the moment I closed my eyes, as the explosion settled into the peace.

I cannot describe but can very intensely remember the moment that followed, it was one of no thought or sensory perception, just nothing but I felt half aware of this moment but not aware in any understandable sense. I did not question or think, just waited, after a short time I felt a growing feeling spout, from this moment I could not understand or expect to understand. I then awoke into the remains of the crash where ambulances were bagging bodies and locking them in a van, I then shouted that we were still alive and that is all I remember.

If a dream is in your mind, then it is no less real than any other part of your life, and when dreaming a dream that you think is real, like many, until you wake up, they play deeply into your emotions and can change you just like all other experience.

I don't know whether I experienced death, however I feel that I died for real as every moment was real. I have been having spiritual experiences for a long time and have been meditating daily for a few months. This experience has not yet played a significant role in my life however it remains as significant in my mind as any other memory and I can remember the physical explosion from inside of power and force and heat to a silent peaceful bliss which felt almost feather light in comparison to the heaviness of the burning, it was a complete fade from the 2 extremes in a short time.

I cannot explain the inexplicable. Anyone else died when they had vivid dreams?

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Carlos Aponte (guest)
14 years ago (2009-05-22)
I just had a very similar dream. I was in a house with a dee jay playing music in a small room and realized that I was in a small plane that lost control and was spiraling down. I knew I was going to die and accepted the outcome. I did not experienced the feelings you described but the beginning scenario was the same.
Sept (guest)
15 years ago (2008-09-11)
I dreamed about being in a car as the vehicle went off the cliff I heard chanting in a language I have never heard before. The chanting was very fast and rapid.
I thought to myself I am dying, this is the process of death and rebirth and braced myself to feel the impact of the crash. I awoke from the dream. It brought to mind the priciple of death and rebirth which is a shaman principle. As far as others dying I have had dreams of family members passing. If I prayed the situation of car accident occured but it looks like pray/manipulating energy intervened on their behalf. Thanks for sharing your store.

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