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I've recently come to gain clarity over a random and repetitive spiritual experience (hereafter called "The Gift"), I've encountered throughout my 54 years of life. "The Gift" has occurred approximately 2 or 3 times a year with no apparent rhyme or reasons in its arrival.

Although I'm now clear what the experience is telling me, I have lots of questions including: Is this message/experience unique to me, if not, what was the interpretation others got from the experience, and what actions do I take to fulfill it?

So the purpose of this inquiry is to help me understand and dialog with others who may have had similar experiences as mine and to see how best to proceed with my "calling". As I describe it to you, I may not communicate it perfect or in a proper order of importance. I'm just going to say it with all my adjectives, comparisons, interpretations, and self expression to paint the picture of the experience as clearly as it has been for me.

In short, I have had experiences of "The Gift" since I was very young. The experiences occur from out of the blue when I feel a wave that can best be described as an intense blessing from God. When it happens, I feel this intense presence of unconditional love, grace, and peace. In my experience of that, (unconditional love, grace, and peace), I'm left sobbing with joy and gratitude, humbled by the gift of the experience, and bursting with an almost painful unconditional love for any and all human beings. I'm left with the clear realization that God is with me and sending me a powerful message/blessing and that I'm to share and channel what I'm being given (unconditional love-grace-compassion-healing, etc.?) out to the world. There is also a physical experience, almost a visual experience, of the flow of this unconditional love energy/passion through my body out to others and the world. It's as though anyone I look upon when in this state I feel intense love and compassion flowing through me to them. It feels like I'm being a vehicle to heal others. I don't know how it works or direct what gets healed, but feel something being sent over to them through me. In addition while in this state, when confronted with people who have been a threat or unkind to me, I experience complete love and compassion for them without any "trying" or effort on my part.

Clearly after having such an experience, I'm left asking "how do I keep this experience of intense gratitude, generosity and unconditional love alive?" Following the "The Gift" I can be left for a week or more going in and out of the space of the experience until it fades and I'm back to my normal mind set and not being present/awake to this state.

When I say its almost painful to experience, I mean that the intense experience of love for others seems painful and unquenchable. It's like an intense yearning that has a burning feel to it because it can never be satisfied. Like an intense itch that in scratching feels both good, and hurts at the same time.

I first consciously experienced "The Gift" when I was 19 years old, but instinctively remembered at the time that I'd experienced it before. I was, "Oh...I remember this... How do I keep this alive?" Since then I have had random experiences of "The Gift", each with the same experience.

Until my most recent experience of "The Gift", I had some questions as to what it was saying. Although I always felt the unconditional love, generosity, and grace from the experience, the crying and sobbing had me wonder if it was partially from some personal emotional pain that was being purged/healed. I would question the experience by asking "how can I feel both sad and intense gratitude at the same time?" I'm now certain that the emotion is not from any personal sadness, but rather from the intense gratitude of love, grace, and blessing.

With that realization, I'm clear that I'm being led to do something with this experience. This is my unique experience and it is real. I don't need it validated from anyone. I can now see I have a life purpose to fulfill around this and it doesn't mean its meant to be some huge thing to change the world. It may be something very focused and private that I do that expresses and passes it on.

I'm starting my process by investigating if others have had this or a similar experience and if they did, where have they gone with it. Following the feedback I get and by listening inwardly, I'm confident a direction for me to take will emerge.

So, you can help me by answering one or more of the following questions:

* Have you ever experienced something like this?

* Was it a one time event or ongoing like mine?

* How long have you been able to sustain the state?

* Describe what the experience is like for you.

* Is there a predictable pattern or environment from which the experience occurs?

* Can you cause or generate it to occur at will?

* What have you done with it in the world or privately?

* Any other observations, thoughts, or suggestions you would like to pass to me?

I request that your responses not require the specific actions available only within a specific religious faith. I've specifically avoided any mention of my religious preference with the intention of receiving input from all faiths.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution to my research.

Thanks, Neil

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JAndrew (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-25)
Your experience closely matches mine more than any other story I have read in the 6 days since it happenned last week. It was my first and only experience but I can only pray I have more. Please read my story "Secrets of the Universe Shared". That feeling of universal love and unity, brought forth by the joining of an electromagnetic field of energy and the feeling heaven is what happenned to me.
scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-31)
I have also had this same wonderful experience! 3 days after Easter last year (2010), the Holy Spirit woke me up at approximately 100am from a sound sleep. I got up and walked around, went back to bed. I started praying and deeply thinking of Jesus suffering on the cross. I was in one of those deep prayful states where I was deeply moved thinking of how much He must love all of us, to suffer so much for all of us! That's when something happened and transformed my life totally!

Something made me look over towards the wall and double bedroom doors. I suddenly see this diffuse rectangular box of light, and then it happened! Bam. My life is transformed in an instant.

The Holy Spirit filled me up BIG TIME! I could immediately feel God's Holy Presence. I felt this electrical real life force enter my body around my chest area... It slowly moved throughout my ENTIRE body from top of my head to the bottom of my toes... He would flow back and forth like an electrical current that was life changing, warm, cool breeze feeling all at the same time. I felt like I

Was 100% being sealed, regenerated, healed, loved unconditionally in a way we cannot comprehend here on Earth.

For 4 full hours he moved through my body and cleansed me. I felt His Breathe of Life breathing inside of me, moving and working longer on some areas like my chest, heart, then abdominal area, then my head, brain. Not one single part of me was untouched and healed. Even my ears, neck, both arms, hands, fingers, both legs, feet, toes. It was incredible and 100% real!

The feeling of immense love was so intense, I had tears of joy, repentance flowing constantly for 4 hours. I just kept repeating, oh, I love you God, I love you Jesus, I love you, Mother Mary for being such a wonderful, nurturing Mother to Jesus when he came to Earth for us, yes, us, all of us! This continued for over 4 hours... And the entire time my husband slept peacefully, not making a sound, movement, nothing. There was no way I would wake him up, because I didn't want to miss a thing!

It was like God was healing and regenerating every single cell inside my body! I must of been in need of a lot of healing, because the intense feelings I was so

Blessed with of the infilling of the Holy Spirit lasted for so long! I could literally, honestly describe it as a real living Holy Presence actually living INSIDE of my body! Oh, it was the most amazing thing that has ever, ever happened to me! I could feel the Holy Spirit breathing inside of me... Like inside out feeling... Like waves of intense real unconditional love from God so real and strong, if He gave me even a drop stronger of his Love inside of me, my heart would give out or I would just explode from such a divine presence (of course, He always knows just how much each of us can handle!)

Although, I didn't know at the time, it was the Holy Spirit Baptism or infilling... The next day I couldn't get my hands on enough books. I wanted to learn what happened to me. I started researching on Internet... I met with my Priest, I was enraptures by God and totally in Love with Him and Jesus and The Holy Spirit from that point on! Immediately the next day, my Mother and my Husband noticed a big positive change in me. I learned that The Holy Spirit never leaves us once He has sealed us. He guides me and stays with me...I'm still learning how to have a relationship where I can understand how to communicate better with Him for the Glory of God and Our Blessed Lord.

I still feel him stirring inside of me with electrical liquid love I like to call it. The first few weeks after were the strongest when would feel Him. But I never know when He will stir. I remember one night a few weeks from the first infilling. I was sitting alone outside just thinking of how Perfect and Miraculous He is and all He created, and I felt him enter me or stir inside of me. I asked Him if it were possible if He give me a hug... He actually did! It was the mind boggling (and still is to this very day, March 30, 2011) I received an inside out hug so string you could see my clothing at my waist pinch in on each side! I truthfully tell you this! And He gave me another hug a few minutes after that.

These are my hearts thoughts... Jesus loves ALL of us, God loves ALL of us. It doesn't matter what religion you are... If you love God and ask Him to take over your life and you let Him in, He will help you transform yourself into what we are all supposed to be. Like Jesus, humble, kind to everyone, helping others, loving others, let go of being judgmental and just live for God. Love like Jesus did on Earth by example, be patient and kind to everyone you meet. Help others as much as you possibly can, praise God all the time, talk with Him in your car, in the shower, etc.

I believe if someone is not a Christian, but they love God with all their heart, and they give their lives to God truly, that God will find a way to introduce them to His only Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, somehow, someway, in God's special way. God is love. God is light. I personally now am so very grateful with every fiber of my being, that I have been given this chance of renewal and an eternity of being one with God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I now see through an entirely different pair of eyes ever since I was sealed by the Holy Spirit. I now get this intense feeling of wrongness in regards to a sin. I still have a lot of work to do, but with the Holy Spirits guidance, everyday I try to sin a little less. I still feel him sometimes many, many times a day for awhile when I'm feeling Like I'm choosing wisely regarding my life choices. When I'm feeling especially close to Him. But those times when I don't feel Him stir inside of me, those times I know 100% that I'm making poor choices and these choices are leading me further away from God instead of closer. As I close this... I feel tingling on the tops of both my ears. God is so GOOD! Praise our Lord Jesus Christ!

I pray for many Blessings for you.

In God's Love,
Florida Mom and RN
Wingrin1 (3 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-06)
I've had that experience again just today today.

Even looking at people on TV, is like looking at my them as if they were my son. Their triumphs and lessons become your own. You become so emphatic that you LOVE everyone and everything without trying, and I've cried today with the beauty and pain of it. (again that blending of dualities).
It can come randomly or it can come when I prepare myself so that it can flower naturally. Calling on it brings a glow, but not the full effect, although I believe the 'presence' is always there, which gives you a faith/knowing you are already saved and eternally loved, but you do have lessons to learn.
I too have had this quickening regularly, and for me that time is at Easter, which means new life, as well as being in the house of Aries, which is the start of the year for new spiritual energy.

homospiritus (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-06)
It's not the destination of your journey that's important, what's important is that your on one. I strongly recommend reading Dr. David R. Hawkins work. It will clarify some of your questions.
God bless you, as he has me.
Mystery (guest)
16 years ago (2008-06-18)
I know how you feel, I have had similar experiences since childhood and I'm 26 now. When this happen for me its more like I take on the feelings of the other person for that moment of what ever is happening. I'm not sure if it's an energy exchange happening. Maybe sometype of healing taking place to the pained person. What I've also noticed is that I can discern if it's an sincere emotion of saddness or not. My boss told me one day that you have a discerning spirit before I really knew what it meant. I can really feel a persons spirit. Oh, I forgot you have some questions...

Have you ever experienced something like this?

* Was it a one time event or ongoing like mine?
I think its always there, ongoing throughout different moments of our life. I don't believe there is ever a one time event, only when's the next time.

* How long have you been able to sustain the state? This "state" you refer too is probaly being at one with God in those moments. I don't feel like its a "state" this just a loving compassion I have always had for people and animals. I can't turn it on and off. It's always there. I don't believe I can do anything to intensify or detensify (if that's even a word) it. But you understand. I felt this for so called "enemies" on one occasion also. That moment really shocked me, I was thinking what's wrong with me?

* Describe what the experience is like for you.
I feel so many things, lots of empathy,compassion,wanting to help,heal, I cry, I feel emotional pain, I greive with them, I think I feel everything the person feels in that moment (only if its sincere) It's almost like I take it extremely personally like its myself who's being done wrong. I will go to help or take up for the other person (if I can, depending on situation or sit there helplessly sad) (I'm talking anybody, strangers in all)
* Is there a predictable pattern or environment from which the experience occurs? No, I take on the joyous or sad experiences of others be it people or animals I connect with.

* Can you cause or generate it to occur at will?
No, This feeling happens whenever, Its seems to be apart of my nature.

* What have you done with it in the world or privately? My daughter was really sick one night and we had a lapse in health coverage, Although it lasted temporarly, I was guided by an invisible force to heal her. She told me she felt no more pain that night. Neal, sometimes when you think your not doing anything, you are doing so many wonders. It might help to look in to helping the youth or caregiving of sometype. You will know when somethings for you to do.
* Any other observations, thoughts, or suggestions you would like to pass to me?
Pray for understanding, ask god, the universe, source, all that is, creator (its all the same) to help you to know, understand, and ebrace your gift and purpose on earth. Part of this is happening to you to because God wants us to know we are one, apart of the whole and connected to God. God is Love, and we are not seperated from this love. You just continue to spread love to the world via youself. Let go of the need to know what to do about it and when, the time is now, the answer will unfold.
Tonith (guest)
16 years ago (2008-06-15)
The first time this "gift" happened to me I was 28 years old and making a mess of my life. I had been brought up in religion (Catholic) but was disenchanted with it. I was exposed to Baptists and that left me feeling cornered because I had more questions than they had answers. I was never sure if God really existed. I wanted to believe but it just wasn't happening. In my depression about my life situation I cried out to God to show me if He was real. I asked for forgiveness and repented to God and the strangest thing happened. For about one minute I was inundated with so much unconditional love that I thought "Oh my God You are actually real". Tears poured down my face and I didn't stop crying with joy for a long time. This minute of being in His presence (I never saw anything just felt it) lasted about 6 wks. Then it began to fade. I have called upon that experience in my darkest hours and it has been a blessing to me. Since then I have had a relationship with God and am forever grateful to Him. Over the last 30 odd years I have felt a warm glow over my body at times when I hit upon a truth. It can come from many sources but it's always the same feeling. One of warmth and love. During this time my best friend's adult son passed away. I was devastated being that I had known him since he was 3.After the funeral I was a mess lying on my bed crying. Suddenly waves of comfort began rushing up and down my body. I stopped crying immediately and wondered what the heck was happening? I don't know if it was God or the spirit of this man that was sending this comfort but it was very real and I knew he was not gone but had transitioned.Don't get me wrong my own mother passed and the pain was horrendous and I didn't receive that kind of comfort again when I felt like I needed it the most. I had to work through that agony with the grace of God. In my decades of journey in my walk with God I have learned many things and agonized over many things. I feel God has been extremely faithful to me and when I doubt I know it's just the old fears surfacing and my faith should be stronger. What I can not do for myself He does for me. All I do is ask. Then let it rest in His hands. Easier said than done at times but I have learned if I do this things work out. I believe when we do this we allow God to be able to work in our lives. If you want to know what you are to do with this "gift" this might be the start for you by just asking God and surrender to whatever His will for you is. I believe silence and surrender can be the beginning of wondrous events. Let God work through you.
Maki (guest)
16 years ago (2008-05-28)
Wow Neil, I have been looking for people that have had the same experience. My experience came in the darkest most depressed time of my life. It was when I walked into the holy sepelchure (where Jesus was crucified) I was not a believer at the time. He knocked, I answered, He came in and almost killed me with love. A toned down version comes when I praise Him.
Sarah (guest)
16 years ago (2008-05-06)
I believe that you are experiencing the call of our loving Heavenly Father. God beckons and woos each one of us as his human creation in hopes that we will come running into his open arms. Only few heed the call.
If you have not explored Christianity through simply reading the Bible, I would suggest just beginning to explore this avenue. Read Psalm 139 to start. The reason I'm suggesting this to you is because of the pain and insatiable need/love that you experience. I believe that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of our God here on Earth for us to access, is the only thing that can truly fill you. If you seek other fillers alone, like other people, food, other spirits, you will likely continue to feel a void and deep yearning of some sort. God designed our hearts from his own so we will feel a hole until we realign with our creator. We can do this by being in relation with Him through prayer and desire to know Him. Knock and door shall be opened.
God is calling you - heed the call, you are obviously listening.:) You will experience such joy and freedom in exploring a relationship with God through Christ Jesus. I know this might sound somewhat holy-rollerish, and perhaps this frightens you, but you probably hear and know the truth of my words deep in your soul. Go for it!
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-05)
I have had simular experiences. I have stood near someone who has complained of a bad headacke. And by looking right into them, it suddenly isn't there any longer.

Mine just happen. I do meditate and this may bring the gift out a bit more, then if I didn't.

By reading your story, it seems to me you have a spiritual and psychic gift here, one which sometimes clases with the other. And also helps the other in ways.

Mine has been more then once, but many times only last minutes up to days. The feeling is so intense, if I am not careful to protect myself first, it can drain my own power from me and cause me to become ill.

My experiecnes, are drawning like into that person throught a spiritual door which like I said can last minutes or days. I can feel how that person feels while I am through the door of there life, and for days after. I believe each of us experience this in many different ways.

If you don't meditate that may be a souce to help strength it, it does help me. Perhaps journal what you have experience and sometimes it will lead to a pattern, and the pattern tells you what you should be doing with your life.

Good luck.

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