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A Vision Of Glory When I Was 6


Though you probably will not believe me, I would like to assure you anyway that this is a true story. My true story. I was six years old and the Disney's Lion King had just been released. I was in love with the film, adoring Simba and Mufasa. But somewhere, it struck my 6 year old self that it was terribly unfair that Mufasa had to die whilst Scar lived and, one night, when I was by myself in my bedroom, I started crying about it. Back then, I lived in an apartment and my bedroom window overlooked an empty creek and wilderness. I was leaning out of the window, crying to myself, perhaps for an hour or so.

When I cleared my eyes and looked at the night sky, I realized that there was a glint of light behind one of the large clouds. An innocent child, I was fascinated and stared at it as it grew larger and larger, its light brilliant and golden white, and I realized with surprise that it was taking a human-like form. Everything got so bright by its brilliance that I remember looking at the dusty walls of the apartments next to mine and realizing that they were bleached white by the light. I wondered why nobody came out to stare at the white light, because it was so illuminating - it made the night look like day. A sense of peace flow through me - my tears had dried up by then.

I saw the figure make a gesture towards me and I knew instinctively, with the trust of a child, that it wanted to say something to me. At that precise moment, my mother walked into my bedroom and told me it was time for my shower. The light immediately disappeared as though it had never been there, and though I accepted it like any child, I remember feeling distinctly frustrated that my mother had interrupted whatever it was going to say. Even today, my mother recalls that night. She remembers wondering why I was so silent that night - normally I was like any other bubbly, somewhat hyperactive, toddler. The reason why I was so quiet was because I was trying to use my 6-year-old mind to figure out not what had happened (I accepted it without hesitation), but what the person was going to say to me and if I would see it again.

For many years, I have been pondering this question and I may have finally found some sort of answer. I realize now that it does not matter what it was going to say - I knew already. It was a message of comfort and hope, something to soothe my troubled 6 year old self. And I was soothed.

But who was it? Children tend to have a spiritual sense that is increasingly distrusted and perhaps altogether discarded as they enter adulthood. But I trust my 6 year old self, who need immediately that it came from God. I knew this even though I came from an atheist household.

I have never seen the vision again - but I begin to think now that it is a good thing. One thing for certain - if I saw a strange apparition of light now, I would immediately think it is a UFO and start freaking out at the prospect of my imminent abduction! There are some things that only children can understand.

But I think the message is this and it's not just for me: God loves and cares for you and all your worries, no matter how trivial others may perceive it to be. After all, He did send an angel of light to comfort a child crying over the injustice in Lion King! (And this is not even mentioning the fact that he sacrificed his only Son to save us!) If He cared that deeply enough, He would surely care even more for your more significant worries. But like I said before, He works in ways most suitable for you. I know that, despite never physically seeing Him again, God is still working his magic in my life so do not be disheartened if you have never encountered such a direct vision, because it just might not be the right help for you.

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Roseline (guest)
13 years ago (2010-04-15)
Thank-you so much for your story. I was having such a bad day, but this showed me that God will always care about me.
nancy (guest)
13 years ago (2010-03-26)
GOD is good and loves us all. God always cares about how we feel. GOD BLESS

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