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My Near Death Experience


When I was 10 years old, (I'm now 13) I got the Spanish Influenza. I was spending all my time in the hospital, in so much pain. My mum (Dianne) and my sister (Carolina) would come and visit me occasionally. This disease was horrid. I couldn't talk, I couldn't move, pretty much the only thing I could was sleep. I was fed through tubes. It was terrible.

Until I started recovering a little, though I was no where near perfectly healthy. I realized that now, I could recite God's prayer. And so, every single night and morning, I would say in my head, "God, please help me recover, please make my healthy again, please let me survive." and, after a couple months, I was fully recovered, out of the blue! There was no sign of any more tumors or that of the Spanish Influenza. I forgot to mention, I would see a little girl standing beside my bed, staring into my eyes hopefully, as if she wanted me to survive, also.

And the night I went back home, I lay down in my bed and the little girl stood there, I can clearly remember. Her expression was a smile. She seemed so kind, and so happy to know I was ok. And this disease is a life threatening disease. Most people don't survive it. But I did. Because this girl helped me.

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