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John Of God And My Story Of Spiritual Healing


In August 2008 I traveled to a small town in Brazil on a sort of pilgrimage. I was seeking whatever blessing may come of this journey and in particular relief from phobias related to food intolerances and cumulative stress. This had become a considerable problem in my life - an unlikely candidate or so I thought, but limited by fear - and although other healing modalities had helped, nothing had taken me back a few years to when the problem didn't exist.

So I journeyed the 6,000 miles from Vancouver to see the Brazilian miracle man dubbed John of God [in Portuguese: João de Deus]. John of God is a trance medium through whom spirit healers perform their work. There is no charge to see him.

I've been interested in metaphysics and studied spiritualism most of my life, and I was able to sense when the healing began. It began in the capital city of Brasilia even before reaching destination. Fortunately for me my abundantly capable guide knew just how to approach this journey for maximum benefit, and on our first day our touring included three sacred sites before carrying on our way. The healing had begun!

John Of God And My Story Of Spiritual Healing

What I would soon come to witness in the little town of John of God will be impossible to explain in this one brief story, but it was all nothing short of powerful and moving. Miracles have been known to happen there. I briefly met with John of God. Did I experience healing? Yes, I certainly did - I haven't felt phobic since my return, thank God. Did others? Yes, they have told me they have, some even from life-threatening conditions.

Some people sought physical healing and relief from serious or painful problems, while for others the trip was more about emotional healing. Regardless, I met people of all ages and from all around the globe who had traveled there for help and in my opinion no-one leaves that precious little town without being changed for the better. Since returning home my meditations have been deeper and more meaningful and I look forward to doing them with regularity. Even my prayers and affirmations somehow have a much sweeter feeling to them, as though they are coming from more deeply within and with even greater reverence.

What I experienced clairvoyantly, was another magnificent blessing. I wish that everyone had seen what I saw: Saints and other beneficent spirit beings. [I feel a duty to state here though that it is not necessary to be clairvoyant or to even believe in spiritual healing in order to experience benefit - a young New Jersey man on a return visit to Brazil confirmed that when he spontaneously shared his healing story with me. Ideally one is sincere, is interested in a fairly quiet although fun retreat, and is simply open to possibility.]

John of God (born João Teixeira de Faria) has said: "I do not heal. God is the one who heals."

I so look forward to returning to this marvelous little town in Brazil - a town where an abundance of lush papaya trees, gorgeous small green parrots, and a bounty of quartz crystals are all sights to behold amid the ever-warm Brazilian smiles.

...If you have made such a journey (or consider doing so) and care to share your thoughts with me, feel free to make contact.

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zan (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-22)

I own the newspaper Times Square Chronicles

May I re-publish your story?

Much light,
sheila_verily (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-02)
Hello Kiwi and thank you for your kind message. You're quite right, I have noticed other improvements since returning home! I'm pleased to tell you that my guide was Gary Walker and he can be reached through his website: The website provides considerable information about the John of God healing center in Brazil plus Gary is very helpful and friendly should you wish to email him for further information. (As well he is fluent in both English and Portuguese.) Gary is very intuitive, professional and fun too - in fact, he far surpassed my expectations. The trip was brilliant, and I hope you get to go to Brazil. If there is anything else you would like answered, please don't hesitate to write me again. 😊 P.S. The food in Brazil is delicious!
kiwi (guest)
15 years ago (2008-11-30)
Hi Sheila Verily, WOW! What a wonderful trip you experienced! I'm sure you have had more changes since you have been back home. I am interested in this kind of journey myself and I had been sourcing some information to help me on my way. When I read your article I was inspired to write and ask... If it is possible to obtain the contact website of your guide and anything else you believe would benifit in helping me have a comfortable introduction to this journey please?
Yours Gratefully

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