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A Heavenly Visitor


While back in Germany in 1995 the leader of our Missionary movement died. By this time I was only a loose kind of third order member of the Missionary group and was running my own little sect called Your Team for Jesus operating in Ukraine. I would like to recount an event, which you might find interesting.

The whole of our team in the summer of 1995 were camped in our caravans in a field in the middle of a forest belonging to a sweet German supporter, close to Nuremberg. Miraculously we had been able against many odds to obtain visas for the Ukrainians. At that time Ukrainians were very unwelcome in Western Europe. It was very isolated and the only passers by were the foresters in their Niva van, once or twice a day. Timothy our faithful disciple and myself drove into Zirndorf the other side of Nuremberg to check the mail at our P.O.Box.

It was in this mail that we learned of the death of our missionary boss who had died peacefully in his sleep aged 75. Yes, we were sad and came home with this news. However while we were away an extraordinary old man had passed by the gate of our field full of encouraging smiles. We were in the process of Packing luggage onto the roof our Camper van. He stopped for some time at the gate of the field and waved his stick crazily in the air for quite some minutes in a very unusual and familiar way. Everyone saw him but just politely waved back and then after quite some time of smilingly observing, he walked off.

When we prayerfully considered what had happened I for one believed that this could have been a heavenly visit from our Don Quixotic Leader. Maybe there was a message. Now that he was able to see the Splendour of TRUTH, maybe this was his last effort to give encouragement to us to continue on our journey home to the Catholic Church.

At that time we were definitely not Catholic in the slightest way of thinking. God who lives in the eternal present knew the future and may have given permission to Old M to appear for this brief moment. In the three weeks we had been there we had never seen any one walk by and in the next few days no one ever passed by this remote spot again.

I would be very interested to hear if any of you readers have had similar experiences. Please let me know. Be my Guest...

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