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Angel Watching Over Me


I always believe that an angel is constantly keeping me safe. I had several near-death experiences and I know that an angel was part of all those experiences.

As a kid, I was really naughty and hard-headed. Although I'm a girl, I loved playing boyish games and passing highways. I remembered how I almost got bumped and side-swept by a vehicle twice.

The first one was when I was crossing the highway. When I was in the middle of the road, I didn't bother to look if there is a car passing on the other lane. I was shocked when I was almost side-swept by a jeepney. I felt that something pushed me backwards to prevent me from getting into an accident.

The second time was when I was playing on the road just in front of our house. We were playing 'habulan' (tag, you're it!) on a warm afternoon. Two cars were moving fast towards us when I suddenly ran in the middle of the road. I thought it was the end of me! It was like someone shielded me from being crushed by the two cars. The edge of the cars were only a few inches away from my belly. My mother was outside our house when it happened. She fainted, she thought I was going to die right then and there. When she came to her senses, she was relieved that nothing bad happened to me. I thought to myself, "The cars were running fast, I could've died there! Seriously, it was like something protected me."

From then on, I believed that I have a very alert and assuring angel or guardian with me.

Last year, I almost got killed when someone trespassed into our house. I was a graduating college student. Here in the Philippines, they have a belief that graduating students are prone to accidents and tragedies.

At that time, I lived alone in our house in Iloilo since my family already resided in Manila. It was around 4 am when I heard someone whispering in my ears. I though it was just another entity bugging me (I have experiences with 'The Others' as well). When I looked up, a person (covered his face with a shirt) was in front of me holding a knife. I immediately sat and went to the corner of my bed. I shouted 'Mama' thrice. I don't know if it was my scream that surprised him or something else. The trespasser just suddenly said that he'll go out of the house. He came back in my room asking to open the door for him (this part I find to be funny). He threw the knife towards me and said that he had no intentions of hurting me. I opened the main door for him, even the gate. I have an OJT in the hospital since it was a weekday, I quickly bathed and packed all my belongings. I texted my aunt saying that I'll stay in their house until I have someone with me in our house.

It turned out that the trespasser entered our house by removing the bamboo barrel in our bungalow type 2nd floor.

I guess I could compare my experience as that of Daniel in the Lion's Den. The trespasser had the chance to do evil things but something or someone prevented it to happen.

I'm really thankful for the angel God has given me. :D

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-19)
There are many testimonies on internet: angel stories, miracle stories, NDE stories, ex occult and ex satanist testimonies e.t.c! Yes the spiritual-supernatural world exists! Glory be to God!
gifted_one (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-27)
Thank you for your wonderful response. He never fails to amaze me every time. He truly is a faithful and powerful God. God bless. 😊
Jerbear (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
It is wonderful that you know that God has placed angels around to protect you. As for "the others". If you are a believer in God and have faith in Him as the all powerful God that can save you from an eternity of torture and has promised you an eternity of love and peace with Him in heaven, then you need to tell "the others" (which are called demons) that you want them to leave and to never return. Ask God to fill you with His love and peace. To send His Angels to be with you and comfort you, minister to you and to continue to protect you. God Bless ❤
ariespam (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-12)
wow, reading your experience really made me cry. Thank you.
zetafornow (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-24)
Hi gifted one:

It certainly sounds as if someone is watching over you. I do believe that we all have at least one guardian angel, and yours seems to have worked overtime! 😁

Good luck to you.

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