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A Choir Of Angels


I grew up in England and was raised in an old farm house which was haunted. We actually got used to the usual activities of doors opening, lights going on and off and objects moving. I often saw orbs of light pulsating on my wall, either one or sometimes two. I used to repeat the Lord's prayer over and over at bedtime praying that I would fall asleep quickly before I heard or saw anything strange.

One night around the age of 17, my door shut, I felt the side of the bed lower as if someone had sat on it. I actually held onto the side of my bed so I wouldn't roll backwards. I then felt someone place a hand on my back. I screamed and ran into my parents bedroom and had great difficulty in getting my words out. They reassured me that I would be alright, and told me to join my sister in her bed. My sister was fast asleep still.

With my eyes shut but still wide awake, I was on my back in bed. I was trying to get my heart slowed down and my breathing regular. I first became aware of the sound of singing much like a choir in a church coming from far away. I listened to it and thought how beautiful it sounded, unlike anything I had heard before and my mind was trying to figure out who was playing it in the middle of the night. Then I realized it was coming closer and closer and also the light in the room was getting brighter. I still had my eyes closed but had to open them when the singing got so loud and the bright white light was too strong not to open them. I still imagined that my mum had come in and turned on the light. I opened my eyes and sat up and there at the bottom of the bed was an angel, but surrounded by others. The white light was so bright but still I could see her. The light seemed to fill the room and block out the normal furniture and walls that should have been there. Light poured out from her face especially her eyes and I couldn't make out any features. Her arms were outstretched beside her, over her head was a beautiful blue scarf, or fabric which fell down her body. The dress or gown was full of sparkling colours of all types, that looked like that shiny foil wrapping paper you can buy. It seemed as if the colours were alive and moving. I know she spoke to me, not with words but in my head.

I was thumping my sister with my fist trying to get her to wake up and see them. I know she told me not to do that. In the morning my sister had bruises all over her stomach. I wish I could remember all she said to me, but I can't. I pray that they will visit again. I know they gave me comfort and I am so thankful. I do not fear death and believe in an after life, reincarnation and I have a strong faith in God. They were sent by the Lord 37 years ago and it is still very real in my mind.

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Rachelle (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-26)
I believe your experience. The thing that sat on your bed and touched you is frightening. The account with the light and the choir and the image of the angel is almost to much you would not believe it which I would not if I had not myself experienced something similar. I'm wondering when you experienced the choir of angels did that not frighten you? Honestly I found in my own experience the light was a shocking thing and the spirit was the scary deal, I felt like it was trying to get my attention. If these things are real what is good and evil I wonder and I feel like if it's a good thing it would not come to you in a way that would frighten or be fear induced. Perhaps the unknown is the frightening part? ❤
ziekieo (guest)
13 years ago (2011-11-16)
I loved your describtion of your guardian angel,...and how you described the colors of her gown in such detail, and how she sparkled, especially her eyes.

I had a similiar experience when mine guardian angel came to me in the middle of the night while laying on the cool grass of the forest in the northwoods.

To this day, to this very moment I can still envision the brillaint blue colors of her gown and the glowing crown she wore upon her head, dripping in lots and lots of long strands of pearls.

One day I want to treat myself to a bunch of paints and paint the image I saw. My experience changed the course of the path of my life I was on. I believe she appeared that night to comfort me and to help me to realize that I am not alone in this world. I believe that in order to be creative we have to be in touch with our creator, so I am now making a goal of doing a painting depicting my experience.

Thank you so very much for sharing your story. I feel truly inspired.

Warmest Wishes, Ziekieo ❤
listenlightlove (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-11)
Thanks, I too had a similar incident, speaking to a customer at work. This was some months after my husband had a stroke, but was recovering slowly each day. It was the way she spoke to me, very gently, quietly and praising me for my patience, strength and faith in God that all would be well. I actually vented to her with all my concerns and later I said I was sorry for keeping her from her shopping etc. She didn't seem to be in any hurry though. Finally we made our goodbyes, she said God bless you, I said the same and thanked her for her concern. Going back to my work, I turned around to look at her leaving and she was gone. I quickly went into the next aisle and the next and finally all the way up either way. There was no way she could have moved so fast. I believe she was an angel. I still think of her.
alphaandomega (1 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-10)
That's a very beautiful story, I've always wanted to experience an angel in their real form. I know they're big and tall and shine with the light of the the Lord.

I've seen angel appear in human form and just disappear into thin air.

The bible says, that we may entertain angels unaware. That's why they appear sometimes as humans, because it's impossible to look upon them in their glorious form

God Bless you and thank you for sharing your story!

Many Blessings! Michael

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