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The Spirits Of Elvis And Sinatra Reunited Me With My Dad


My mom and dad never married. They separated before I had the chance to remember who he was. I grew up knowing him through glossy black and white professional photographs of him sitting at his piano, and a book proposal he had once written when he was an editor back in the 70's. I had never spoken to him in person and was unsuccessful in locating him once I became an adult. I had come to terms with this situation and had let go of needing to know him. I suppose it was right then and there that God felt I was ready for that to change.

In the spring of 2007 before I had my 32nd birthday, Elvis came to me in a dream with a message. We didn't speak to one another, but our internal language spoke volumes. We accompanied each other in a small diner, sitting across from one another in a little booth. In his hand was a large manila envelope that he had given me and I was returning it to him. He sat it on his seat next to his leg and we exchanged a pleasant smile. He then reached in his pocket, and pulled out all the spare change he had, giving it to a group of children behind us who were hungry, searching for their next meal. His generosity was touching and within moments, he was gone.

Shortly after this dream, I was watching a special episode of American Idol called Idol Gives Back where they had a telethon on behalf of the children and families in poverty in Africa and right here in the Unites States. They raised billions of dollars that night and it was a memorable event. But the most memorable part for me, was the unexpected duet that was performed on stage. Celine Dion came out on stage, singing an old Elvis song and if that weren't nostalgic enough, they superimposed a real life size image of Elvis on stage where they both performed the song together in an incredible way. My eyes grew wide and immediately I chuckled, remembering the dream I had of him.

Shortly after that, my husband and I secured a location in a local min-mall, selling our handmade jewelry. And wouldn't you know it, right across from our kiosk, was a fifties style, diner type, ice-cream shop that had an animatronics model of Elvis that sang his songs through a motion sensor. I chuckled again, remembering the dream.

Shortly after that another dream came. I was standing in a back alley way in the dark and it was damp. It had been raining. Frank Sinatra had walked out of a back door trying to avoid crowds out front and before he walked down the alley, he stopped and smiled at me. The people were all around him, wanting more from him than what he could give them. I suppose that was how his life was and in the eyes of any fan, enough is never enough from an idol. But he stopped and noticed me and smiled. He tipped his hat and then disappeared into the dark.

Shortly after this dream, two women back to back came into the mall and were looking for jewelry for a special occasion. Both of them, not knowing each other, were looking for something to give relatives of theirs they had been estranged from all their life. They had both reunited with lost family members and were about to meet them for the first time. After encountering the second woman, I told her the story of how I never knew my dad and she was excited to share something with me.

"Go on the web site,, and you will find him, "she said. She told me how she found her birth mother and from there, two sisters she never knew she had. It piqued my interest and I truly felt that God was putting them in my path for a reason. I knew it was time to find my dad. He needed me, and God was showing me how to find him.

A few days later, on a Friday, I logged on to the net and brought up I put in his name, pulling up a listing of 67 matches. I had narrowed it down to his age and two states I believed he was in but the search was still too broad. So I left a bulletin message for him. It was a really nice feature of the web site. They allow people to post messages on behalf of that name of person in hopes to connect to someone with information.

That exact same day, a woman came across my post and did a search on my behalf for my family. She and didn't know each other but she generously spent her time helping me in my search. She went onto and immediately found one of my brothers! He was the oldest of the four of us through my dad and she had found a post he had written seven years prior, stating that he was looking for ME.

I was overwhelmed when she wrote to me, giving me this vital information and it was all I needed to do more searches to find him. Right away, that day, I found a web site for my brother. Within a day I was talking to him for the first time. Within three days, I had a phone number, email address and physical address of my dad. What is interesting is I didn't contact my dad at first. I spoke with my brother to gain more information before deciding to go further.

That exact night I received his contact information, Elvis came to him in a dream. He had his guitar slung over his shoulder and he sat down on my dad's bed.

"I'm going to play a song for you about your little girl. It's a song I've sung to my Lisa Marie," he said and played the song all the way through. My dad wept, saddened that he had never known me.

"I have something for you," Elvis said before leaving, and handed my dad a manila envelope. Shortly after, he left the room and my dad woke up.

Three days later I was ready to contact him. I began through email to start. My first sentence was not what you would expect but it was exactly what needed to be said. You see, my dad is also a very psychic man. I knew he would know I was coming so there was no need for silly introductions.

I said, "I am right on time, am I not?"

That was the very first sentence I ever wrote him. And he chuckled through tears as he replied, "Yes, you are right on time!"

I quickly discovered that he had just finished a three year tour, playing music from the Rat Pack and had just finished out his contract two weeks prior to me finding him. He is a pianist/singer as well as astrologer and I discovered that many of his gigs included Sinatra songs among others. So again, I got a good chuckle at the synchronicity of events and dreams.

Only a month into our close relationship, an idea burst into my mind. I was going to write a book and it would be something very special. I wanted to write a book on behalf of all the classes and workshops I taught on mediumship as well as many personal experiences I've had with spirit communication. I was ready to share it with it people outside the classroom. I had been given a message from my spirit guide that God was going to send me someone very special to help me publish my book. I thought they were referring to a fiction piece I had been working on for a year, which is still unfinished.

But within three weeks my new book was complete and my dad offered to edit it for me, which I couldn't have asked for anyone better to be a part of my project in this way. So I emailed him the full manuscript, anxiously awaiting the recommended corrections from him that would lead to the finished product, Voices Speak- A Beginner's Guide to Spirit Communication, that I have right here on my web site

"I'm going to send you the full manuscript through the mail so you can read through it and make the proper corrections," my dad said and it was just a few short days later when I got the mail that I realized how significant Elvis's message really was. There in my hands was the large manila envelope I had seen in my dream. I had sent it to my dad and he returned it to me and the contents inside were the book.

Through the weeks that my dad and I exchanged the manuscript, making additional changes and corrections, he was also sending me huge boxes of books. We shared so many similar interests and I felt like a kid at Christmas, receiving all of these wonderful texts that he had been collecting in his large library. One book in particular gave me the biggest chuckle of all. It was written by Dr. Raymond Moody and was titled "Elvis Afterlife - Unusual psychic experiences surrounding the death of a superstar." In this book, were dozens of stories in which everyday people experienced profound visitations and visions of Elvis right before and after he died. I read the whole book cover to cover in an afternoon and realized that I too had experienced the same profound visit from Elvis as well in which he delivered one of the most important messages of my life.

Everything has it's time and place and God's timing couldn't have been better.

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jools4u (guest)
15 years ago (2009-10-18)
So beautiful I cried. Xx I am so glad you found your father and brother. With love and light x Julie x
angelswhisper24 (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-23)
WOWW! Your story left me speechless. I'm really amazed and really happy that you reunited with your father again. God is powerful and he listens to our prayers.
willothewisp (3 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-23)
Debbie~ I laughed and cried throughout your wondrous story.The Godhead does work in awesome mysterious ways!
Blessed Be
selena (2 stories) (13 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-18)
Oh My! I am astounded by your story. I sat at my desk reading and I felt shivers and an intense feeling of awe... I have so enjoyed this experience and I will look forward to your book... I had no idea about Elvis though... Why has he appeared to so many... May I have your e-mail address if you visit my stories ("Fly away Pete and God is always Listening") and click on "Selena" you can get my e-mail address would... Love to chat... 😁

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