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Fly Away Pete


Living in the county is considered by some to be quite a blessing. Some say it is because there are so many beautiful trees, others say it is the fresh air. For me it has been the picturesque landscape, vast areas of billowing trees and green grass. Everyday as I make my way home from the city I enjoy the quiet and peaceful scenery as I drive by. In the evenings it is the sounds that surround me, that sooth away the long hours spent behind a desk or in a stuffy office.

Many evenings after dinner and clean-up I sit in the front of my home and enjoy looking at the beautiful trees on my property and just listening to the sounds of all the birds. It is at this time of my day that I truly connect with God and all the beautiful things he has made. It is sad to say that it is only when we are still, that we can connect with God and the Universe. There are so many birds in the country; I had no idea that there would be so many always close by. It is not necessary for any alarm clock here, the country birds are alarms enough.

Sitting in the front of my home one evening I was approached by a bird. When I say I was approached I mean just that. I sat on a small ledge facing a beautiful Birch in my yard, when this small robin walked straight up to me and started to make all these unusual noises. I could only sit there on that ledge in utter shock. He was 2 feet in front of me and he was rustling his feathers and he continued to make those noises at me. I can't for sure say it was a chirping because it was not. I can only describe it as a throatier sound.

I sat waiting patiently for that flight for fright that would surely take place at any time now. I mean he had been standing there for almost 10 minutes. I finally moved my hand slowly at first and then I lowered it in my lap. What he did next was even more amazing, he came even closer. "Well hello there" I finally said. He only stared at me and started to chirp louder this time. I couldn't believe it, he was the bravest little bird I ever saw or he truly had gone mad.

I leaned right over this time to see what he would do; he craned his neck up and fluttered his wings at me. I laughed this time, I was so amazed. This was just outrageous. Was he trying to tell me something, was I suppose to follow him like in the movies when Lassie barked at someone when he wanted them to follow him. Why he was here and what was it about me that made him seek me so.

At some point he turned from me and flew away into the birch tree. I finally stood up and made my way cautiously to the tree where he sat. I could see he was watching me. I just don't know why he wasn't frightened.

I think we have all experienced moments where we have been in the presence of a creature or animal and have felt absolute awe at their majesty and beauty. Once, while visiting Muskoka my sister in law and I were taking a nature trail when suddenly she stopped with such force that I almost toppled her over and myself. I was about to complain about this interruption in our walk when I saw her eyes glued to a near bye spot in the woods. There standing only 10 feet away from us way a small doe. She was staring straight at us. The air was so still and time seemed to stand still as we all watched each other. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. There was this halo of mist around her and the sun seemed to shine on her regally.

I remember feeling slightly frightened because we were in the woods and there was simply no telling what an animal would do if they felt threatened. This was a moment of absolute awe for a creature that belonged to God. The Doe had been in a realm of serenity and natural bliss and we had trespassed, yet it had let us in, if only for a few short minutes before bolting. The experience left us both amazed and we walked away that day feeling almost as if we had uncovered a small secret and only her and I shared it.

But I found myself troubled and mystified. Why this small creature had allowed me into his world, or better yet he had come into mine and did not appear one bit troubled, afraid or apprehensive was a mystery to me. Many nights seemed to go by same as the others I would sit on the ledge and he "Pete" as I called him would come out of the tree and speak to me. Some times he would start to make those strange noises and at other times he just appeared to play the game of coming very close and then retreating. Some nights he would just fly by me coming so close to the top of my head that he would often evoke a screech from me.

This continued for 2 months, and as more time went by the experience that Pete and I seemed to share became a common thing. One night at dinner I mentioned to my family about this little bird and I laughed as I re-told the story of this brave little bird. They seemed only remotely interested, as I find much of the world simply does not stop long enough to fully enjoy Gods true nature and spirit, which exists in every living thing.

Genesis 1:20

"And God said"," Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky".

The next night I went out to sit on the ledge as I always did but Pete was not there. I looked in the tree and in the Mulberry bush he liked to sit in. I looked in the hydro wires and it all seemed so strangely quiet. The next several nights seemed to go just the same, me looking for Pete and him not there. I felt so alone and the quiet seemed not to still my mind as it had always done before, now the quiet without Pete's chirping and presence left me longing for his company.

I never knew what happened to Pete, it still troubles me now. I long to just see him, I am not quite sure why this should upset me so; I mean he is only just a small little bird. But my soul and my spirit tell me something else. Pete wanted something from me; I am not quite sure what. But I know if he had a voice he would have told me. Maybe he just flew away and left, perhaps to find another spiritually enlightened person, for I know that he knew that God had touched me and that I could feel him.

But I will not forget the moment when God allowed me to listen closely and to have a relationship with one of his creations of the universe. I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people in this world, both big and small. But I will not forget the very personal dialogue I had with a very special creature named Pete.

Franca Linardi

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gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-29)
Such a sweet story, and something to think about. Little bird was important in your life, and kept you close to heaven and earth.
Jyot (guest)
15 years ago (2009-09-12)
Hi Selena,
I just lovvvvved the way you have told off your experience! Really. And I would like to share a pic taken by me of a sparrow when she looked rt into me. For a looooooooong time! 8) my email id is jyot.antani [at] If you okay, I would want yours, so that I can share the pic wid you! Your story reminded me of that pic that I took!
Roseee (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-24)
Hello Selena, Isn't it funny how little tidbits of information lead us on a trail we hope to follow but find ourselves venturing off on an entirely different journey? I find myself here responding to your wonderful story about Pete because I'm on a journey of my own with a character named Pete. Normally, I would find that this Pete your referring to has nothing to do with the Pete I'm chasing after... And continue on my way. However; your Pete takes me back a few years and intertwines with my own special robin, a journey you might like to hear and one that we both may have encountered at seperate times. I had just returned from the store... A cold front passed through with 70 MPH winds and it was quite chilly for a spring day. I ran back and forth bringing in the groceries and my husband announced to me that I better hurry outside to see the baby birds on the driveway. I ran out to find three baby birds just hatched, no quills-only skin! One was already gone, but two were still there but barely. I warmed them in my hands and breathed on them for a bit, gathered lint and cotton to line a wicker nest basket and placed thier little bodies in it for rest. I had to try, just had to do everything I could to save these little baby's, even though everything in me said there was no way these two could survive! I found an eye dropper, mixed up milk with a tiny bit of canned dog food and found the little guys began to eat and eat and eat. Lol I hung them up on a hook in thier nest basket to stay clear of my cat Bandit. Every four hours I'd see the basket stirring and they'd eat again. A quill here and then there. Soon, a female and a male were evident and I named them Zelda and Zorro, Zelda the brave and bold of the two. Soon we were out at the birdbath getting baths and sunning, then in the garden to learn how to find worms. Then flight took place and Zelda was stuck atop of the tree all night before she learned how to come down! As it were, I failed to take them to Florida for the winter... So there they remained with thier kids. We moved, had to leave them behind with my always wondering how they are and if they are out there searching for where I went. It may be Selena, that my Zelda stopped by in search of her mother. Tears
PsiKid (2 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-11)
I love your story! Its beautiful! Sometimes we encounter these wonderful beings in our life for a reason! And even though the bird may have left, Pete did teach you something valuable. He came into your life, to show you life and how to appreciate beautiful life is for what it is. Since you learned this lesson, Pete left to teach others the same lesson. Pete leaving means you have graduated to a more meaningful life.:D
BeautifulDay (guest)
15 years ago (2009-08-03)
Selena, your story is lovely! To interact with nature is indescrible! It is as if we truly look into the Cathedral of creator. No beautful cathedral can compare. I rejoyce with your time with a lovely spiritual being whom opened up the veil.

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