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My Visitation From The Holy Ghost


I attended a gathering of youth with church leaders at the Washington DC Temple visitors centre back in 1986 (estimation). We had a private meeting where youth and leaders could share their feelings of the experiences they had while attending this Mormon temple there.

As Mormons we believe temple attendance is very sacred and in the temple we perform saving ordinances (like baptism) by proxy for those who have passed away. I was a proxy for ten individuals and the peace I felt inside the baptistery inside the temple was divine. It's a peace you can't feel anywhere else but in a temple.

To make a long story short, our group of 35 to 50 souls, mostly teens and some adult church leaders, attended a testimony meeting the next day in this visitors centre so that we could share our feelings regarding our time in the temple.

Members of our group took turns sharing their stories and as I listened I had the personage of the Holy Ghost rest upon my body. I am not sure how long the experience was but the feelings and thoughts I had while this was happening to me was so tangible that it felt like I could cut the air around me with a knife.

I'm sure no one could see what I was feeling but I'm sure others around me felt a divine presence because there were some who were crying. The feeling as the Holy Ghost's personage resided in me was so real and special and the feeling I had while He resided in me was that I felt a great love for everyone in that room even though I hardly knew most of the people in that room accept as acquaintances.

I was feeling a divine love or I was feeling for that instance what the Holy Ghost was feeling in the moments His personage rested upon my physical body. It was an experience I will never forget and never had I had an experience that was as rich as that one was. I have had spiritual experiences before and after this one but nothing to compare to the richness of this one instance as a boy of 16 years of age.

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