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The Whale, My Answer


I was jogging down the coast a distance of two miles, I would run almost everyday up this beach until I reached the jetty where I would usually stop and stretch before I head back.

So I sat there and thought to myself, "Man God is awesome he created all of this for his children; his brilliant plan is amazing." I felt very close to God at that point so I asked God a question, my question was, "God, if you are understanding my love for you right now and my gratitude for your awesome capabilities, please send me a sign." Now I always would ask that and nothing would ever happen until this day.

I know this was not a coincidence. Not even ten seconds after I asked God to send me a solid sign an enormous adult sperm whale came right up to the jetty not even seven feet away and just looked me right in the eye. I was so excited I leaped up and started praising God and thanking him.

I had been singing a song which my deceased dad had written in a falsetto voice so I thought maybe it just heard my voice and came to me, so I said, "man God I hope that was your sign lord." Then in that very moment the whale came back and blew air out of it's blowhole. This completely solidified my faith in God and I couldn't have been more grateful of God. The whale returned to me a third time and just kind of hung out right there by that jetty for a while.

One other amazing thing was, after my dad had passed away I took a tiny satin whale pin from his desk where he had his things in a drawer, he told me he bought it for me at a thrift store over the phone several weeks before he went to be with the lord. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ the son of god and am patiently awaiting the return of our father in heaven.

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Adaryn7 (23 posts)
10 years ago (2010-08-16)
Wow, that's pretty cool thank you for sharing. I can't believe you saw a sperm whale, they normally live way out in the depths of the ocean, hunting giant squid! I'm really quite jealous.


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