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My Angel's Love


My husband and two children recently left our current home to live in California to pursue a career that has been pointed for us. I need to stay back here until I can get licensed to practice my job out in California. Father's day 2010 they left, my husband got his freedom so to speak. I am alone in my house, I panicked at first because I wanted to be with them, I was all shaky then I thought well maybe I am hungry too. I sat on the bedroom floor and cried the boys rooms are empty, I felt empty... That night I rearranged what is now "my" bedroom, and fell asleep. No nightmares, just a deep sleep.

Upon wakening and before opening my eyes the next morning I felt the presence of a man but even more than that was the unmentionable amount of love pouring out of it onto and for me. While he was on top of me it was not sexual in any way, I felt no weight of him but I felt his hands under my shoulder blades they were gentle and warm... I felt his face, the stubble of a shadow rub both sides of my face and cheek. And while he never spoke a hearable word to me, I could hear from him in my head, in a man's voice it was going to be alright everything will be ok, you will be ok. With this enormous amount of energy of love and kind and gentleness.

I opened my eyes and woke up and I knew I had met him again... I've met him two other times this was the third.

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