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It was late summer 1997, and I was in the bath. I was relaxing, almost to the point of nodding off to sleep, when suddenly a calm stillness came over me because I sensed a presence. It was as if I was waiting for somebody to speak to me and yet no one was there. Then the following words came into my mind; 'A member of the royal family is going to be killed or assassinated.' I had heard voices before, but never really paid attention to them thinking that it was just my wandering mind, but this time it was different, it was specific.

Later that day, I was working in the kitchen of our bed and breakfast in Brittany, France when a friend of ours, Noel, asked me what I'd like to bet on today - you see, to pass away the time spent preparing meals in the kitchen, we had a little board on which we wrote our make believe bets on topics such as what the weather was going to be, who'd win the football, in fact anything we could think of. There was no money involved; it was purely a fun game of chance. I told him that I wanted to bet on a member of the royal family being killed or assassinated, and he laughed and said "OK a million to one". That was the 28th August 1997. The morning of the 31st August 1997, he was shouting to me and my wife Wendy from the bottom of the stairs to our bedroom. "Jon, Wendy, have you heard? .... Di and Dodi are dead." At that precise moment, what had occurred a few days earlier somehow made perfect sense.

Noel was understandably a little nervous with me for the next few days and on the night before leaving to go back to England; he asked me what I thought the future had install for him. Why not, I thought - as long as no one gets hurt. I didn't seem to get much detail through at all, but told him that in two months there was an important time for him and also that he would own a black sports car, which appeared to us all that unless he won the lottery this was going to be impossible. Noel left and the weeks rolled by.

Then out of the blue, he telephoned explaining that two months after he had left France, he'd met the love of his life (they are now happily married) and that his elder brother, on returning from a trip to the USA brought him a somewhat bizarre present - a scale model black sports car.... And things just went on from there.

Over the years these experiences came and went, like strange visits from the unknown, but I didn't do anything about them, and to my error continued to ignore them.

In early 2002, we were having dinner at home with some friends, when for no reason at all, I fell into trance. Now I knew nothing and had read nothing about the phenomenon but all the same, I fell into a gradually deepening trance. I began to hear voices, have visions, speak in tongues, gave verifiable mediumistic evidence and to channel. This went on for three hours or so during which I was 'given' three insights into planet Earth, visions of her past, present and future.

Over the next few months, I unknowingly and naturally developed as a trance medium. Every time I meditated, my guide James would come in. These sessions, in front of Wendy, friends and colleagues alike, would typically last for several hours.

Later that year, we went on summer holiday with our two children to Cornwall. One evening while browsing the local freebie newspaper I came across what was described as "Spiritualist Meeting at Wadebridge Town Hall 19:30". I knew nothing about this type of evening, and was still ignorant about mediumship. Anyway, we decided to go. When we arrived, we followed the signs and eventually entered a small room with about thirty other people present. The service started with a hymn which was followed by an address from the medium, Margaret Preece. She was a lady in her early fifties, smartly dressed and well groomed, who spoke words that at a deeper level seemed to make perfect sense. There was a real charge in the air and every time our eyes met, a powerful exchange or recognition followed.

Then came the part of the service when the medium was to speak. She appeared to have entered a higher state of consciousness, and began with the words "Now first I need to speak to this gentleman" and pointed in my direction. There were two ladies in front of me, and so I turned to see who was behind me, but the medium continued "the gentleman in the stripy shirt who knows I'm coming to him". I was wearing a stripy shirt and couldn't get out of this one, and a part of me was aware that she was going to speak to me. Feeling slightly embarrassed but curious, I prepared myself. She continued by telling me that I was going to open a spiritual retreat in France, that she could see that I had been working with trance, mentioned that I could 'introduce a medical type healing' and said she was 'pleased to see a younger medium beginning his path'.

I attended both private and college courses and was lucky enough at one point to be tutored by the Rev. Brian Robertson, who is Canada's foremost medium, inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher. A humble and gifted man, it was he and others who encouraged me to bring to awareness a new musical healing technique called Spiritone. The healing worked by the person indicating which notes from the piano they resonated with and then I would enter an altered state whereby 'classical' music flowed quite naturally from consciousness. What was most remarkable was not the fact that I didn't even have grade one piano, but the profound effects that the healing produced. Most people were and are moved to tears because they experience a depth of connection to spirit through themselves that they cannot explain in words. It simply reflects the spirit in understandable terms to that individual, like an encoded message of peace, harmony and love.

It is remarkable how spiritual life has a way of creating movement from literally any occurrence. In the hot French summer of 2005 another bizarre experience was to shape the life of my family further. One Wednesday in June, we returned from a weekly shop with the kids who wanted to get in the small above ground pool in the garden. As we needed to unpack the mountain of bags from the boot, we said "ok as long as they watched out for each other". Anyway, we would be walking pass the pool as we took the shopping in.

About half way through the unpacking, I came out of the house to notice that Georges, my son was nowhere to be seen. I asked our daughter Holly and she said he was in the pool. I couldn't see him, so I rushed over to the pool to find him face down and motionless in the water. Like any parent, my instinct was to jump in and grab him, which I did. He didn't move. In a second I turned him on his head and shook him. After a few seconds he spluttered and coughed up loads of water. He was a bit shaken and explained to us that he had drunk too much water and fallen asleep. We were so lucky - but it wasn't over.

Unbelievably, two days later our daughter was nearly attacked by a man in black wearing a mask and armed with a hunting knife who had lain in wait for her to get off the school bus at the end of our road. Fortunately, a local farmer passing by chance on his tractor who knew Holly managed to scare off the attacker. What followed was a police search for the man with dogs, fifty soldiers wandering around the village, helicopter searches, local and national TV news journalists and general mayhem.

That night, after the police interviews and videos, we finally managed to get the kids to sleep. Then, while talking to Wendy, my thoughts went out to what we could do to resolve the matter, as our daughter, our son, ourselves and all the local community couldn't relax until the guy was caught. Again, I fell into trance and revealed that the matter would be resolved within seven days. We hoped and prayed that it was true.

On day five, the police raided a suspect's home in the early hours of the morning and found the entire disguise as well as a range of machete type hunting knives. He was a convicted rapist, released after psychological analysis had decided he was no longer a threat to others. He received a custodial sentence and the whole episode provided a platform for us to leave the area in order to begin a new life.

At the end of 2005, I gave up all 'business' ventures to open with wife Wendy and co-founder Sharon Jeffries, the Dubon Centre of Healing and Awareness in Gascony, France. During this time other innovative healing methods such as chakratomic toning have been brought to awareness and mystical experiences have continued to occur.

In 2007 two pivotal events were to definitively shape the rest of my life. The first was during a retreat in the beautiful Pyrenees of southern France. Lucky enough to have a week alone in a small isolated mountainside farm, I spent a great deal of time meditating and contemplating, sat quietly on the small granite terrace, enjoying the peace and calm of the place. I regularly recorded notes on the size, colour and layers of the auras of eagles and vultures that daily visited the small rock face behind the house. It was stunning to be so close to true nature.

On the fifth day, I was enjoying the tranquility and wonderful view from the patio when I felt a presence near me. Looking around I couldn't see or hear anyone. Still sensing that I was being watched, I closed my eyes to reveal a man standing about five metres away from me, with his lower arms outstretched in a traditional gesture of love and welcoming. He was there, at what seemed like a couple of feet off the ground, not saying a word, yet conveying so much peace and love. Looking to the left of him provided the best view because there was a glowing white and golden light radiating from directly behind him, particularly from around his shoulders and head. I could see that the man had a dark complexion, a dark beard and was dressed in a simple woven full length tunic, tied with a narrow rope like belt across his waist.

I watched this vision for some while, in absolute peace and stillness. Then I began to feel words arising as if from nowhere. These words were not spoken by the man but words that I instinctively felt were for me to say to him. So I said the words to him, knowing that it was meant to be that way. I was now standing with my arms in a reciprocal greeting, speaking words that I cannot remember, other than the overriding sense that it was a dedication from my soul to help fellow man. The whole process contained three or four sentences, and yet it is not the words that need to be remembered, but the pure intention behind them that makes the whole experience so memorably powerful.

Because of the way in which this episode arose, there was no need to identify the man, other than to have a firm discernment of him being real and true to my senses, which he was. He was there in the same sense as if his physical body was there, and yet he was not a physical entity. He was a spiritual being radiating a message. The sacred books of the past would call him an angel, for I believe he carried a message from God. Those unforgettable moments seemed more real than anything I had ever experienced, and they impacted me on all levels of my being.

The other most impactful experience I have had in my life occurred at home in spring 2007. There is no other way to describe it other than to say I 'received' a near death experience. I say 'received' because it was a spiritual gift which enabled me to perceive the reality of eternal spirit in a direct and consciousness altering fashion. It was nevertheless a shocking experience, particularly for my wife and it took a while for it all to sink in. My old process of thought became replaced by a new enlightened state of consciousness and I began to write. I didn't choose the words; the words chose me, as I consciously entered a state whereby I perceived myself, everybody and everything that exists as whole and complete, sensing the interconnection of all existence. In just six days, a book was written.

The purpose in writing all of this is to share the reality of oneness, for it is through this state of consciousness that the world can be changed for the betterment of all. In oneness, it is truly possible to instantaneously heal, to immediately relieve illness and suffering. It is possible to recognize yourself primarily as spirit and not as a body or a mind with a body. If you search, you can discover what you are, and when you discover what you are, which is a spiritual being - you will have remembered.

The most shocking discovery that we make when we experience this state is that it is present at all times in each one of us and yet most people are often too busy or too sensible in their minds opinion to explore what is the greatest treasure that life can reveal. If you have a spiritual experience, follow it through, take the path that is unique to you and true to your heart, it will be an experience which reveals a personal journey with the same eventual destination that we all have in common ... home.

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Elder (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-26)
Thank you for this wonderful revelation. It highly resonates with experiences I have undergone but which to this day have been baffling to me. I have found it difficult to share because of my professional background which runs counter to this and also the skeptism that family and friends have expressed towards such experiences. I am constantly asking God to provide the corect avenue for me to express and share my experiences for I belief what has been happening to me is real and not a fantasy neither am I going "crazy".
Angel Wings Heal Oneself (guest)
16 years ago (2008-07-05)
I have been scouring the net for a month now trying to find anyone whose spiritual awakening resonates within me. Thank you for your insightful posting.
Once again, with time, looking deep inside, the answer will come as to the path meant for me.
Thank you for your wisdom.

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