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I will quickly write here a weird occurrence that involved my cousin. Is this just coincidence? When you have so many billion people on this earth I suppose there is a chance of it happening.

My cousin already had three children. But being all boys and wanting a girl so bad she decided to adopt a Chinese girl. When they got her home whenever she would pick things up she would always pick up two things for some reason.

Being the globe trotters they are they took her back to China when she was like two. And went to the orphanage she was from. Whilst there at the orphanage they found out something very unexpected.

Now, here comes the funny part. They thought they recognized her name but it appeared to be spelt wrong. They named they daughter Eva and when they looked they found a Evy with the same last name. They then found out Eva was a twin, and that Eva's twin's parents had named there child Evy. So these twin girls, one here in Australia, and one in England with both parents not knowing their girl's where twins, some how ended up being named Eva and Evy. How this happened is like trying to explain the miracle of life. I can't.

Peace and Love to All



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dylancasey (4 stories) (22 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-12)
could someone please translate this for me? I've never been to Chile. I'm not that good with computers. I only know one language. I want to learn another language one day soon.

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