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The Internet And The Spiritual Good News, The Gospel


I don't know about you but I think the Internet is an amazing place to find and transmit all kinds of information. In the old days the best one could do was to make a trip to the Public Library and then climb up and down ladders and take out books hopefully the right ones and maybe use a copy machine to take down the required info. This could take all day. Now to research any subject under the sun it is just a finger tip away.

Most of my generation is too old for Internet and it is hard to find anyone who is 70 and computer savvy. The Internet is the main reason that technology in all fields is developing so rapidly. It is as I have said before the closest thing that I can imagine to be the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil that stood in the garden of Eden. I have still so much to learn but I am away ahead of most of my contemporaries.

Now this brings me on to another subject. What is the Gospel? What is the Good News? I used to think that the Gospel was just John Ch 3 verse 16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. KJV. Well that is certainly the essence of the Gospel but there is so much more to it than just that. If John Ch 3 verse 16 was all and the only truth then after accepting Jesus as Saviour it would be good to die and go immediately to Heaven.

I have found out that the Gospel is an on going process and actually gets more exciting and rewarding every day as one progresses through this extraordinary life that we have been donated. Life is a donation. Did you know that? Have you ever thought of it like that? Yes! It's a donation plain and simple! You or I have done nothing to deserve this donation. We do not have to be here. We had no say as to when our life should begin and really thankfully we do not know exactly when it will end. I am thankful not to know as I can exist with continual hope until that inevitable moment arrives, death. Hopefully not today. But it might be. Hopefully not tomorrow. But it might be. Hopefully not this year 2009. But it might be. And so on.

Although we do not have any control whatsoever about our beginnings and endings we have a great deal of power over what takes place day by day, hour by hour and even minute by minute and second by second. We can waste or misuse time or we can use it according to the Maker's plans. For each one of us time is divided up into seemingly little choices. Little choices that can have extraordinarily huge consequences. What seems a small and insignificant decision can have amazing implications and outcomes. For me the biggest decision I ever made was actually a seemingly insignificant one on a railway train 44 years ago when I asked an invisible spirit to come into my life. I simply said, "Jesus if You are there, I want You!" It took just a few seconds and then my life slowly gathered momentum in a completely new direction. I did not have to say that invisible and inaudible statement to that invisible spirit. I was not forced under pressure to accept Christ into my heart. Thank God I did! Thank God I did!

Let's get back to what is the Good News? It is not just accepting Christ. That is the beginning. It is much more handing over the controls to Him. He made me and He knows what is best for me and you for that matter. It is a really smart thing to do, to hand over the controls to Him the Boss. How does one or you do it? It is actually quite simple. Before making a decision the first thing to do is pray. Say "Jesus Lord what should I do in this situation?" Having said that try just listening to what comes into your thoughts. Many times it is quite a different thought to the one that was taking shape in your mind before praying.

Unbelievers often accuse us people of faith for using our religion as a crutch. We are too weak and too chicken to go through life trusting in ourselves and so we resort to this crutch of religion. Well! Let me tell you that they are so wrong. Jesus is not my crutch that somehow helps me to move badly crippled through this life until its inevitable end, He is my wheel chair. He is every thing. I am entirely His. He made me and has a really cool plan for my life, if and there is a very big IF, I will just let go and let Him control. A very great friend of mine has just suffered from a very tough event. His little sweet and adorable daughter of maybe 8 years old has slipped on the ice and broken her back. She is crippled for life. Maybe there will be some kind of operation? But it seems unlikely. This is what I wrote him a few minutes ago.

I just heard about your tragedy with your very sweet little daughter. I am really sad about it and I grieve with you. However she is alive and where there is life there is hope. Romans Ch 8 verse 38 clearly states "That all things work together for good to them that love God." I know you love God and I know that you and your wife will go on loving your daughter in a very special way. Maybe it will bring you two guys back together again even though that seems impossible. I am hardly one to talk and give advice as I am married now for the third time and I am very ashamed of that. If I had known then what I know now there would be no king family singers. Even my horrendous mistakes have been used by God for good because through it all through all those serious sins of mine I kept on loving Jesus Christ. He is my all in all. Without Him I am absolutely nothing. He is not just my crutch to help me walk he is my wheel chair.

People have accused Christians of using Jesus as a crutch Kruecke because we are too weak to make it alone. They are wrong we do not need him as just a crutch but as a wheel chair. Your daughter may have to be in a wheel chair for life and that is how we should be with Jesus. This is a stark reminder of how our attitude should be with our Lord. J We all love you very much. I meet so many people who have ditched their faith because of sad events which they felt were entirely unfair. This life is so short compared with the one we will spend together for eternity. No wheelchairs in heaven! No cripples only beautiful people. Try to remember that and love your daughter together with your wife much more than ever before. She now needs her mum and united dad more than ever.

This is so easy for me to say and write about. Lately I have been writing a great deal of stuff. As I reread what I have written I can see that on the whole it is all pretty good stuff and maybe you might be tempted to think that Michael King is becoming a pretty good Christian. Saint Michael King! That for most people would be quite discouraging and is anyway very far from the truth. Everything that I have written has been conditional on keeping ones or my eyes on Jesus. Yesterday in the middle of the night all my kids were gathered in our kitchen. They had made a little mess of unwashed cups and needed a gas bottle as their one was empty. I had just gotten a refill which means going to the Camp Chief and exchanging and paying and it is a bit of a drudge to say the least. I was in a bad mood and I certainly was not keeping my eyes on Jesus or being in a prayerful mode or mood. It was like my hands were off the brake and all hell let lose.

I was screaming at them and they were screaming back at me. I was using foul language and they were of course doing the same back at me. Do you feel any better now? My poor wife was also so upset and could not sleep. She has just fallen on the very slippery ice and very badly bruised her Coccyx. She is in a lot of pain. The pain killers effect her stomach and so she has to walk very slowly around like an old suffering woman. I eventually apologized profusely to all that I had offended not least My and Your wonderful Lord and Yes there is forgiveness. Real forgiveness. Even for my horrendous errors and sins.

This reminds me of a true story about a woman who was having visions of Jesus. She went to her Bishop who was a school friend of hers and asked him for advice as to whether it could be true or not. He told her that next time Jesus appeared to her to ask Him what had been his, the Bishop's besetting sin before he was ordained? Later they met again and the Bishop asked what had happened. What had Jesus said? She replied that Jesus had appeared again and she had popped Him this question. His reply was that He had forgotten. The visions were true. Jesus says that He will not remember forgiven sins. They are blotted out. They are covered by the blood shed on Calvary. Please feel very free to make any kind of a comment. You do not have to agree. You can say what you like. You can protest vigorously. I will not mind. I will just be very glad that you bothered to read and comment at all. Be my guest.

If you really have benefited then please help support me and my family. We live very cheaply in a camp ground near Cologne. At present all 7 children live with us in separate trailers and soon hopefully they will go to USA Los Angeles. Please pray for all of us. We need your prayers and financial help. We get 320 Euro a month children money and the rest has to be from donations. We give 10% of all our meager income to the Lord Jesus. By the way this is not a complaint. We love our job and would not swap it. We just need your help if you feel that our job is worth while. Most of our cash comes from our daily forages into the highways and byways of the local towns in this area. As I get older it is becoming more difficult so here is hoping that the Lord will use my efforts on the Internet to make up the short fall.

Our Postal address is:

M King

Bech Strasse 55


Bielstein WIEHL


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awsome_hunter (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-19)
This story makes me feel better for some reason I try to help people but they never want me to help them but your lucky. Very lucky.
Faithful (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-15)
i am a student and can not really help much, but I would like to comment.

First of all I am very impressed with your computer skills, at your age. Good for you! Its funny how you said the computer being like the tree of knowledge, as I was reading my bible last night I was think along the same lines. That the tree of knowledge could be like school. It seems that the more people know (educated) the more they really dont! I love Jesus with all my heart and all my soul and every last part of me... But I feel as if though I can not reach him! I can not find him! I fasted and prayed one weekend in hopes of dreaming, seeing, anything him! I had a dream and he came into it for a very short time but when I awoke, it was like the little part where he was in my dream got edited out! I know he was there but why cut that part out of my dream? I ask him to come into my life, I ask God to send me his son, I ask his mother... I just don't know what I have done or haven't done... I guess when its my time I will see him... But for now he is very far from me.

Anyhow, thank you for your story... Your are blessed to feel that Jesus is apart of you... Almost makes me jealous.

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